Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cooper River Bridge Run 2012

Spring Break is just flying by TOO fast! However, I just keep telling myself that when I return to school on Monday, I only have 8 MORE DAYS UNTIL I AM D.O.N.E. with student teaching and my undergrad. WAHHOOO!

Anyway, let me just tell you about my AMAZING weekend.

Here goes...

I have recently decided that I like to run. I guess running isn't so bad when coaches aren't make you do it. Ha! Jk Mo. But anyway, I like to run. I find myself going to Academy and Dicks instead of my normal JCrew visits. I seriously cannot get enough of neon running shirts. :)

BC and I joined some friends in Charleston for the BIG Bridge Run. Here is the breakdown of our weekend.

Friday I left school and came straight home to meet BC and Penny. Penny was taking Dub for the weekend. (Lil baby cannot just stay with anyone!) BC and I hit the road at 3:30. I was a nervous wreck because a fellow teacher told me that she did not get her bib in time and couldn't race when she made the trip last year. AHHH.. We had to make it to Charleston before 8pm. It gave us plenty of time.. but things NEVER go right for me when I travel. NEVER. So, every.single.time. we hit traffic I would cry. Really. Brandon would huff... and I would pout. This is normal for us.

We made it in plenty of time. Including the hour delay we had due to all of the traffic. We even met up with our friends. We decided to go have a casual (me in my norts) meal, so we all walked downtown to a place called The Noisy Oyster. I had a grilled fish taco. Goodness! This was about the best meal of the trip for me.  After dinner we all went to the hotel. Coleman, (BC's college roomie) decided that we needed to be in the car on the way to the race at 5am. This meant I had to get up at 4am. (I had to have my vitamins, drink my Spark, eat breakfast, and be sure to use the ladies room. I REFUSE to use the blue things.) So, bed at 11pm, up at 4am. Like a Champ.

Have I ever mentioned that if I am in charge of registering for anything, buying anything, etc, that I am going to find SOME way to mess it up? Well, this lil race is no different. Unlike all of my friends, I decided not to purchase a boat ticket. I thought I would ride the bus to the start line. Ha! I was all alone, and I hated it! BC was going to meet me at the finish line which is what he always does. So, I hopped on that bus with 40,000 close friends that also made the choice to decline on the boat ride. So, I was in line to ride the bus at 5:20. I got on the bus at 7am. Ummmm.... standing.

The bus took us to the start line. The race was going to start at 8am. Well, leave it to me to be put in the last corral. LAST ONE! With grammy and gramps, and the super mommie with the 4 babies is a stroller. Yeah. I do not know how I managed to make it to the last group. Ugh.

I told you I was alone in this race. I decided to keep my phone on me so I could call BC at the finish line if I couldn't find him. Also, I was going to use it as my ipod. Well, the durn thing died at mile marker 1. Yeah. No music, and the panic of not being able to call BC. Lovely.

Well, I made it. :) I have never been so prepared for a race. I felt great! I was ready to tour Charleston! I ran my best 6.2 miles. My goal was an hour. I finished right above an hour. I ran the ENTIRE time! I. Ran. 6.2 miles!!! I am hooked on this running game! (I am currently looking for a good half marathon to register for. Know any?)

I may look a hot mess, but believe me... I felt great. Here is the group! We all did great! 

The bridge was a great place to run. I loved the view. I wish I was coordinated enough to take pictures as I ran by. But, that would mean my phone would have to work. Humph. 

After the run, I made BC take me to lunch. My 4am bagel was gone. I needed some food! I let him pick because it was just us going. After lunch we went to the room to nap. Best.Nap.Ever. I was full from a good lunch, and tired from kicking so much booty. 

We met the group later that night for some good grub, and a tour of the Charleston night scene. Here is my BFF. I do not know what I would do without her! 

We ate at this really great place called Hyman's. It was so great. They served boiled peanuts as an appetizer! 
My dinner was soooo good! It was a huge baked potato with shrimp! I could not even eat half! 
Here are some pictures of our dinner company! 

There were other friends on our trip, but for some reason, I have ZERO pictures of them. (Some folks would not smile!?) 
Sunday our friends left. BC and I went to do some shopping in Charleston and found some sand to out our feet in. Man, I love Charleston. 

It was such a great trip. I cannot wait to make another....

Love love, 

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