Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big News in May 2013

So much to blog about! While my pictures from our ‘vacation’ are uploading, I thought I would take a moment to make a few BIG announcements here on this little blog… 


I am teaching summer school for 6 weeks this summer at our Pre-K. We applied for a grant, got the grant, and I was selected to be one of the teachers. I’m teaching with an amazing group of ladies, and one of my sweetest friends will be working with me all summer. It’s a win win really! 

Speaking of Pre-K….

I will no longer be in Pre-K. I will be teaching first grade in the 2013-2014 school year. I am very excited about the move, but I’m sure I will miss Pre-K! In fact, I went to visit my new room today. I know I will have a very busy summer! 

Speaking of being busy…

I will be entering my second season as the Cross Country coach, and also adding some basketball this year.
Speaking of adding sports…

Coach will be the new Varsity Baseball HC. Add that to wrestling and football. Like I said… I think we will be pretty busy.

Coach and I have really prayed about all of these blessings. We are both 100% positive that this is our calling and we are just fulfilling our calling for God! Can’t change our minds on that!!! 

Coach just handed me the remote and walked out the door for baseball workouts. Dinner is in the crock pot. Dub is snoring at my feet. Absolutely nothing is on the TV so I’m browsing for my next book to read. I’d say life is pretty much amazing on this 28th day of May!
Happy summer, y’all!
Love love,

Monday, May 6, 2013

13.1 & The Look

I am pretty sure that not a soul on the planet knows me more than my husband does. I like to tell him he doesn’t have a clue about me… but let’s face it… he is usually right on target when it comes to figuring me out. Like that time in pre-marriage counseling that I tried to fib a bit on my love language…. Yeah. It is totally “Gifts” and I tried to claim it was “words of affirmation.”  He totally knew that he doesn’t have to tell me I look great… just buy me the dress that makes me look great and I’ll buy you the matching shirt and tie. Is this bad? Probably.
Anyway… this story has a point. My husband KNOWS that I can get myself into some pretty tough situations. When he first realizes that I have made a slam dunk ehhhhh decision… he gets this look. This look is a mixture between having the words, “CARLEY! What were you thinking?!”sitting at the tip of his tongue and the cautionary glance of waiting for me to pronounce my defeat. Never. Gonna. Happen. I always cover up his look with my over the top enthusiasm. “Oh this is great!” “I’m so excited!”
Well, Saturday, May 4, 2013 Coach gave me this look. You see, since January 1st when I made the New Year’s resolution to make every day count, and pump up the cardio I have been searching high and low for a half marathon to run. Then I spent a good solid month creating my 30 Before 30 list. I really wanted to run a half marathon this year! Well, I would search on all of my fave running sites for a race to enter. They were all either 200+ miles away, or $$$$. I did not want to have to travel for a race, and I didn’t want to pay an entry fee as big as a mortgage payment to RUN! Come on! I run every single day for FREE! Why must you charge me $200 to RUN?! (Rant over.) I recently became a member of the coolest group of runners. It is a South Georgia group called “Runners for Christ.” They host lots of races from Macon to the deep south. You earn points for each race you run. PLUS, you get to run for Christ, all while donating to local schools or churches. LOVE THIS GROUP! Well, I noticed that they were having a small local race that was going to be about an hour from my house. The race was advertised like this: Run the 8 mile race, the 4 mile race, the 1.1 (Country mile) race, or ALL 3 for a half marathon for one entry fee!!! Ummmm…. YES! No traveling, no hotels, no time off, low entry fee, AND to a perfect group that deserves my $$$. I signed up without any hesitation. I had already been training pretty hardcore for the past 5 months. Hardcore meaning daily runs with one LONG run a week. I was ready! I took it as a sign of this race just being meant to be.
Race day came and a cold front came rushing into the south without any warning. Oh, and it brought the pouring rain with it. It was 47*, and POURING! We get to the race site and it is in the country! I mean…. Far out! I remained calm. Then it was time to get my bib. I go to check in and chat up with the person in charge. He tells me (with Coach standing right next to me) that I can run all three races by stopping after each race, or just run all the way through. However, if I decide to run all three, I would most likely be the only one doing that. 250 folks and I am the only one wanting to run all 13.1 nonstop. Now, several folks were doing 13.1. Just breaking it up into 3 races. (Why? No clue.)
This very moment is when I got the look. I knew my husband really really wanted to tell me that I had officially lost my mind. I get no credit when it comes to these races. He is ALWAYS worried about me. I guess it is love. I am sure holding back was painful, but all he said was… “You sure you wanna do this?” I will admit, I am NEVER the first in a group of runners. I like to hang in the middle to be sure of the route we are taking. This meant that I was going to have to trust the tiny arrows that were placed out on the road to lead me to the 13.1. So, with the look of great doubt from Coach, I start my true Carley ways. “Oh yeah! This is going to be great! I am excited to see the roads in this area! Plus, I’ll be the winner no matter what! Hahahaha.”
Well, I layered up, (it was chilly) set my watch and hit the road. I was with a pack of runners for the first 8 miles. At the finish line when everyone else was finished and resting for the hour until the start of the next race, I was the soaking wet kid that ran right past the booth. I had another 5.1 to finish! Now that it is over, and I am sitting in my warm house with dry clothing on I can say the race was wonderful! The constant dripping of water from my hat did not even slow me down. The rain was seriously pouring down on me. When training, my longest run was last weekend and it was only 10 miles. I finished that in 1:13. I was a little worried about the extra 3.1, but I had a feeling I was going to be OK. I finished the 13.1 in 2:21:14. My legs started to feel tight at mile 11, so the last 2 were the hardest. I finished the run with a smile! I kept thinking… I get to knock something off my list already! I filled my iPod with some new NeedtoBreathe (pun slightly intended!) and had it on repeat for the last two songs. I guess the fact that “I am washed by the water” was playing is quite amusing now!
Coach’s unofficial job at races is to take pictures at the finish line. Afterwards he admitted that he only got two because he was really unsure if I was finished. It took 3+ hours for my first half, and I looked like a beat up horse when I finished that one. So friends, I only have 2 little iPhone pictures. However, it was pretty much the most amazing feeling ever… I may or may not be addicted and already searching for my next one! Well, 13.1. 

Love love,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Every Day in May

Of course I would actually have time to sit at the computer and blog on the 2nd day of May to find a pretty great little blog challenge…
So, with that being said, I think I will start today, and play a little catch up… shall we?

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less
I was born in a city that my parents and grandparents have always lived in. I had a head full of brown hair until my Nanny wished it all away. Since then, I have had white blonde hair. I have always been the child that is constantly smiling. I attended the SAME school from grade K-12. I still have some of the same friends that were in my Kindergarten class! In high school I was pretty active in sports and LIVED at the ball park. I think I’ve worked in a concession stand since I was old enough to give out correct change. (Very young friends!) I worked my way through college, and ended up finally graduating from Augusta State University. Before graduation, I married the GREATEST man on the planet, and he actually grew up a few miles from my parent’s house. After graduation we moved to a small southern town so he could live his dream of coaching. Now I am living my dream of teaching, being a coach’s wife, and a mommy to the most handsome Weimaraner in the state. I have had MANY friends in my life. Now that I am older I am meeting some of the greatest friends I have ever known. My life is simply amazing because I refuse to let it be anything else! 

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.
I may not KNOW a lot about running… but I KNOW a lot about why I run, and what works for me. Since this is my current obsession, I think it would be a perfect time to post. Also, I have my first half of 2013 this weekend. BAM… gotta know a lil something then right?!
Why did I start running? Well, really, walking just doesn’t keep me in the shape that I know I need. I’ve never been a real “runner.” Even when in high school. Actually, I just played sports all year. I also hated when the coach made us run. I was usually the one on the back. Probably complaining. With that being said, now that I am an adult… I am not doing nearly as much exercising as I did then. So, I decided to start running. I may or may not have gotten the idea from my girl Danielle (what doesn’t come from Danielle, right?!) and she is a great runner that has completed some full marathons. She was my true inspiration. As well as my favorite pants not looking too hot. I began running like .1 mile and walking lots too. Then one day I just decided I would run til I was tired, then stop and walk. Then when I felt better I would jog again. So, at this point in my life, I am running about 13 miles at a time without stopping. People ask me to write them a running plan. I am not that great at it at all! Actually, you are the best running plan. Just do what you can, then push yourself a little farther. It will all come into place. I DID however quickly learn that I had to “Eat to work out. Not work out to eat!” I have spent MONTHS on figuring out what my body NEEDS to run. It does NOT need junk food. It DOES need lots of water and a good amount of carbs. 

Now running is something I am VERY VERY passionate about. Why not?! It keeps me in shape, keeps me lookin’ smokin’ hot for coach, lol (BTW: Once a lady asked me why I ran. I said, “To look smokin’ hot for my husband!” She didn’t like that comment too much! Humph!) and it has become such a great release. I am actually trying to convince myself that I am a morning runner. I LOVE the energy it gives me all day at work and when I get home, I am home! LOVE IT!
If you are thinking about running… JUST DO IT!
Love love,

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