Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, I love you.

Happy Friday. I do love a good Friday afternoon in the recliner with the DogNamedDub by my side as we catch up on one or fifty blogs. I only have a single minute to post this sweet little blog…. I must get ready for a football game. (Another favorite thing about Friday nights.)

I recently read something that said you can tell so much about a person by what’s on their nightstand. I thought I would share mine as my Friday Five.


Jesus Calling.
Hands down BEST devotional EVER. Every single day is like, “Wow! I totally needed that today!” I also gave one to my BFF as a gift. I love it that much. (And her.)

What did we do without Ipads? I love mine. It is the holder of all things amazing. Nook. Kindle. Pinterest. Facebook. Blogs.

Garmin charger.
I love my Garmin. It is my BFF for this marathon training. It is my favorite running purchase ever. Love.

TKES Handbook. I read this once a week. I secretly love it. Shhhhh.

A picture of my favorite person. My sweet Rylie. (I miss her more than words.)

In reflection: I totally think my nightstand describes me. I am a sinner that falls daily. God is always there to pick me up, and give me just what I need. I love reading and need immediate access to the internet at all times. I’m training for a marathon and long runs control my life. I love honest people and my sweet friend the Garmin 210 is the most honest person I know. Sadly. I’m a teacher and I 100% love LOVE LOVE my job more than words can ever explain.  I miss my sweet family each day… but I know I am right where I need to be.

Ten extra bonus points for the person that names the parenting book that is somewhat hidden. WOAH: Before you get allllll kinds of “WAIT…. Baby Cain?!?” No. Sorry. However, we Cains love to read and LOVE anything that teaches. Yes, that IS indeed a parenting book under there. Confession: I read anything and everything that I think will teach me something about sweet children.  

Love love, 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


There are 567,940 things that I SHOULD be doing right now. The top of that list includes writing a paper that is due this weekend (but I have a XC meet and a football game to attend so it must be posted tonight!) cooking dinner, or vacuuming the floors. (This must happen daily thanks to a DogNamedDub.)

However, I felt like the blog needed an quick minute of my time. Here's what's up.

I just walked in the door about 17 minutes ago and made a cup of coffee. I've been wanting one since the storm started. (Plus I thought it would motivate me to write this paper. That worked well.)

Here is my life as of lately:

Cross Country. Yes. My absolute fave. I love them all. Even when they make me sad with "ahhhhh we love rain days!" Boooooo rain days! Nothing beats running outside!

My husband. Such a hottie. Especially in pink Southern Tide. (But what's new. He's always a hottie!)

My friends. They are the absolute best. I am happy they love red and black. Or maybe we wouldn't be friends?!

Family. I miss you. Please come see me soon!

First grade. I love you. You make me sleep realllllly good at night. But I love every single moment.

Running. 14 miles made me reconsider my love for running. I cried. Lots and lots. And I complained. More and more. However, I reallllllly love the time we spend together as well as the life problems we solve.

Life. Just absolutely 100% chaos. But it's the #CainLife

Love love,

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