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Friday, March 6, 2015

11 Weeks

How far along: 11 weeks TODAY! 

Not really feeling a BUMP.. just WIDEEEEEE! 
This week I really felt great. I will feel a random sickness come for a few minutes, but that's really all. I have energy back throughout the day. (Thanks to 5am runs and yoga.) At the end of the day I am DONE. But I really THANK THE LORD that I cam well enough to keep on trucking.... :) 
Size of baby: A sweet little lime. My favorite. :) 
Must have items:
Carbs. Seriously. I am so mad at myself for only wanting carbs. Literally. Bread. Pasta. JUNK. I can't decide if the fact that my lunchbox won't zip is a pregnant lady problem.... or an environmentalist problem. I refuse to use ziplocks.

Sports bra. I literally sleep in one. It is the first thing I put on when I walk in the door from work. 
Internet. I am a reading pro. I am reading wayyyyyy too much I do believe. I am also addicted to videos. Any motherhood video, I am watching! I get slightly nervous about being uninformed on ANYTHING... especially something THIS major. So, I am VERY well educated on just about everything and anything. Good and bad thing. 

Sleep:  I love love love a good nap on the weekends. By GOOD I mean 3 hours or more. I fall asleep fine at night, but I am usually awake around 3ish for the bathroom and then sleeping is done. It is still hard to get out of the bed in the mornings although I am up. It is also the perfect time for more reading... as well as getting up to go run. Tuesday night I was exhausted. Wednesday afternoon was my only afternoon for a nap. 
Cravings: Anything that I have eliminated from my body in the past two years... I want it now. JUNK for sure. 
Baby movement: Nothing but what I am 99% sure is gas. TMI? Welllllll..... truth! 
Gender: We currently have it planned to NOT find out. The more I think about it the more I do NOT want to know.  (This is HUGE for me because I HATE surprises!) 
Challenges this week: Running and clean eating. Although this week was better.... dairy has got to go. It is a love hate relationship I do believe. Thanks to Whole 30 I know what foods SHOULD make my body feel like. I am aiming for that clean eating. Oh, but man wouldn't some super spicy fajitas be super delicious? 
Best moment this week: 
This week was full of amazing moments. First, we got to FINALLY make the big announcement. It was killing me to keep this for 11 weeks. Plus, I was starting to show. So when we finally made the announcement, Baby Cain decided to pop out and give me a tiny bump. All the love and prayers mean SO much!

Thursday was my birthday so Baby Cain got the first piece of clothing! No worries, a big blue bow will make this a gender neutral outfit this fall!

Thursday night we had dinner with the BFFs. I am so thankful God sent us them. They are the absolute best.

First Born DogNamedDub is just as sweet and perfect as always!

I plan to spend the days off next week cleaning and moving out of my extra closet and scheduling our bathroom/kitchen remodel. Finally. This dang kitchen was going to be painted this summer but I can't decide on what I want it to look like. Crunch time. I REFUSE to be rushed nesting at 9 months pregnant. Perk of not knowing a gender.... I can go ahead and pick out paint colors! :)

I also found the perfect bag I need want. I think I am going to use some birthday cash to make the purchase. Again, gender friendly! :)

Love love.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Raisin' Cain: An Update!

We are crazy excited! We are also so loved and blessed to have amazing friends like you all! So much love and support makes me cry. No really. I cry all the time. We really appreciate the prayers! Please pray for us! I worry a TON and learning to FULLY TRUST GOD! His plans are sooooo amazing!

Here are some answers to the questions:

I feel great! If I ever feel bad it is for a few short minutes throughout the day, or at 6pm. So when it is 6pm, Coach eats cereal and I go to bed. He is really THE BEST!

We are 10 weeks! I tried so hard to keep if for 2 more weeks... but I have a bump/ carb stomach.

I was eating PERFECT..... then could only stomach donuts. And ice cream. Lots of donuts. And ice cream.

I have "bump dates" that I will share starting Friday. I am excited about those! I have only read about a million! Now I get to write mine!

Yes, we are fully aware that September is football season. And cross country season. Again: God's plan is perfect!

I am LOVING watermelon this week. I make meals out of it. Which is expensive when it is March and not July!

I took a small, short break from running, but with the doctor's blessing, I am back at it and I FEEL amazing! (I promised 3 miles or less!) It really makes me feel so much better!

I would LOVE a nap from 11-1 each day. I only get those on Sunday. :) (Thankful for early services!)

I drink 1/2 a Spark in the morning with the option of 1/2 in the afternoon but never really drink it.

I read Babywise each night and up next for Coach is The Husband Coached Birthing Plan. (Currently praying for allllll natural!) I mean.... it makes total sense right? I AM married to a Coach!

We aren't finding out the gender. AHHHHHH......

My bff is going to be the only one to know the gender. She is handling the bedding. And I love her. And she wants to know. We don't. We just want healthy. With this being said I just feel like it is a boy. I feel that way so much I know it'll be a girl! Ha. Coach officially for the first time ever said.. "She will...." last night. He caught himself because we always refer to Baby Cain as Maximus. (That's the name he LOVES.... but good ole' trusty Mama Bette vetoed that!)

Speaking of healthy.... I may or may not sneak up a few prayers for a Book-Worm Cross Country Star. I am sure God is putting that in line with Coach's prayer for a 6'7 Baseball-Playin Lineman. I'm convinced we are having a flute playing ballerina. Which will be TOTALLY fine... I just don't have a clue about either!

Again, thanks for all of the love and support! We are blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!

Love love,

C^2 & Baby Cain

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Years Keep Getting Better!

In 2004 we became friends. 

In 2007 we became boyfriend/ girlfriend. 

In 2011 we became husband and wife. 

In 2012 we became some dream chasing Trojans. 

In 2014 we became homeowners. 

In 2015 we will become PARENTS! 

Baby Cain will be here September 2015. 

Yes. I am aware that is football season

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chicken in the Cain House

We get a lot of laughs when we tell people how we buy chicken. We actually buy 80lbs at once. When we moved to where we live now we suddenly became 1.5 hours away from my favorite two grocery stores; Aldi and Publix. We would find ourselves packing a cooler and making a trip to these stores once a month. We mostly went for meat and veggies.
As everyone knows I am obsessed with local blogs. A friend of mine posted on a blog that they found an amazing company that gives a HUGE discount by cutting out the middle man. Zaycon Foods can be researched here. 

I will admit, I was supppppperrrrr nervous about ordering meat from a meat truck. I was also suppppppppeerrrr nervous about picking up the chicken.

I can honestly say that the entire experience has been awesome at every pick up I have participated in. In fact, the guys are ALWAYS super helpful, and it is ALWAYS packed with other moms picking up some cheap, healthy chicken. YES! CHEAP AND HEALTHY!

For the husbands out there that are all like, "We are NOT wasting money on that much chicken!" Well, I was worried Coach would feel that way too. Then he went shopping to pick up one pack of chicken and then he instantly fell in love with the cheap Zaycon prices. He also LOVED having a ton of chicken ready in the freezer when we need it for whatever meal calls for it. It has been perfect to thaw out for his football meetings, tailgates, neighbors needing supper..... I LOVE having around 40 packs ready to go!

It comes in a HUGE box. The chicken isn't frozen when you pick it up. When I get home Coach and I bust the chicken into 2 breasts per freezer bag. Then we pull one bag out at a time. (We usually just need two breasts per meal.) One unit order would probably give you twenty bags of chicken.

Zaycon Foods does offer other foods depending on the region you live in. I have only tried the chicken but we are ordering beef the next sale because the man at the last stop highly recommended that. He did not like the waffles or the bacon. I feel like he was being totally honest because he actually did say don't get those two products. This made me trust the chicken even more.

If you are local to me then you do have to drive the 1 hour to pick up the chicken, However, you can look up your area to check for a spot near you. It is SO WORTH the drive to us! I also learned that if 60 orders from one area are placed then Zaycon will start delivering to that area! So, if you are interested, join the list and we can possibly get a delivery here! Please use the reference link that I am providing. I think you will LOVE the awesome chicken that is cheap and HEALTHY!

There is a sale in March! I've already ordered my units! Can't wait! 

Love love, 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mascara Review

I LOVE big lashes. LOVE. I thought I was working with some GREAT mascara in the past. Well, then my friend Laura introduced me to something that was a game changer. Seriously. I am sure you've heard all the shouts and praises.... but if not, I am here to share!

Younique mascara is my new love.

It comes in 2 tubes. First you put your old regular mascara on those lashes of yours. Then you let that dry. Then apply the first tube (the long one) then the short tube that is the fiber blend.

Here is some proof. (How awkward are these eye pictures?)
The left is with Younique. The right is with my old mascara that I thought was great. 

The left lash is ahhhhhmazing. 

Like I said.... awkward.

If you are interested in this amazingness you can check it out here. Laura is an awesome lady. (I love supporting awesome folks!)

Le me know if you have any questions! 

Friday. Not FRYday.

I am linking up with some of my favorite blogs for the 5 most random thoughts that are in my mind at this time. Simple enough for me!

One. Whole30
Here is the main idea. (Yes, Friday and not FRYday!) I am on Day 13 right now. I feel super wonderful. I will have to post on this all on its own. Yesterday I was ready to bash some heads. Luckily I kept that under control with an amazing dinner of bison burgers and this super amazing coffee recipe that I found in the book, It Starts With Food.

Two. Morning runs.

I am officially a morning person. This is HUGE for me! If you are thinking about joining a group run, I 100% recommend that! I was superrrrr nervous about running with people but it has for sure been a game changer. Some amazing ladies are part of this group and we keep each other accountable. Plus, this makes my day so much better! I am loving it. Even in the freezing cold temps!

Three. Wallpaper confession.
I think I am in love with wallpaper. Whattttttt? I remember saying, "Who uses wallpaper?ugh... such a pain! SO tacky!" NOOOOO! I think I am loving the crazy prints thanks to HGTV. I think this summer we may finally wallpaper our kitchen.... I think I have lost my mind.

Four. I think I'm a hippie.
Not like 100%... but y'all... I am seriously falling in love with the simple/ natural way of life. Seriously. I am now obsessed with the research and literature out there about our generations diet/ medicine consumption/ and other crazy not so positive things our generation is known for. (I've been reading a ton of literature behind vaccinations.) Yes, I am officially THAT PERSON. Did I just lose friends?

Five. Excuses.
Excuses are about to drive me crazy. Literally. I think in my old age I am starting to notice things that REALLY REALLY bother me. This is currently number 1.

Love love,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Clean Greek Chicken

So many folks are  cleaning up their diets! This excites me when I get texts saying, "Where is the flax seed!?" Love. (And then I say a prayer because remember that ONE time....) 

 I also get the text and call on day 4 when you are sick of chicken. (Many folks don't like pork and don't like fat that also comes with most pork. The literature that I have found isn't against pork in moderation, and love when it is farm raised and fed naturally.)

Here is my new favorite baked chicken recipe. I found the original recipe here. I had to modify it because with the 24 Day Challenge and Whole30 way of eating, cheese is out. However, one day... this baby will be covered with some feta. You should also know that I never measure anything. Really. I live by the pinch/ dash/ sprinkle method of life. I am a rebel.
Greek Chicken 
You'll Need: 

2 large boneless/ skinless organic chicken breast. ( I use Zaycon and LOVE IT!) Coach cuts the huge chicken into small cutlets. I think they cook better. I am funny about meat.

Red Wine Vinegar




Garlic Powder

Salt/ Pepper

Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Onion (I had a ton of vidalia onions. However, I got a purple onion and I am glad I did. It MADE the flavor!)

Sun dried tomatoes

What You'll Do: 
Mix all of the dry ingredients in a small bowl. 
Lay chicken in a casserole dish flat. 
Cover the chicken with some sprinkles of red wine vinegar. 
Cover the chicken with the spices. 
Slice the purple onion into rings. Lay all the rings on the chicken and around the chicken. 
Lay the cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes around the chicken. 
Bake covered (with foil) on 350* for 45 minutes. 

Uncover and enjoy! It was great the next day for lunch as well! 

I served it with roasted carrots, and an arrangement of colors. It was amazing. It is my favorite (baked) chicken recipe. Coach approved but still prefers chicken and mushroom rice.  

Let me know if you are interested in tonight's Jalapeno/ Cilantro Baked Chicken. It was also delish.

Love love,