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Monday, July 7, 2014

Running Update

Three weeks of training have come and gone. 17 weeks until the BIG MARATHON! I thought I would keep a record here of all that I am putting myself, my husband, and now my friends through. With three weeks of the plan gone, I need to make a small confession.

 Y’all: I am worried about training once school starts in August. When school starts so does football, cross county, UGA football, AND grad school. YIKES.

 It makes me nervous just thinking about the tight scheduling. BUT… I want to document my answer now on the .com…. If I don’t run the marathon now, then I won’t ever do it. 

You make time for what is important to you. 

The Cain fam just happens to have LOTS that is important to them in the fall! (AND SPRING. AND SUMMER. AND WINTER.)

Ok. So let’s document some runs shall we?! 

On the 4th of July somehow I convinced some friends to run a 5k with me. They ROCKED it! I think I have some new race buddies! This really makes my heart so happy! (I think KNOW this is why I coach XC. I love when people fall in love with running!) 

My once ‘running partner’ is now officially retired until October. He doesn’t seem to hate it too much. 
This is a real time photo. He is doing this while I type.

Apparently he takes after his pops. Which is why I am currently BEGGING for a new running partner. Maybe a breed that is made for running. You know…. Kinda like the Weimaraner!?!? Sike.


  • Do more cross training. The scale is shouting to me that I need to lift some weights. I need to fit this into my mornings. 

  • Run with the hydration pack. 

  • I also need healthy carbs ONLY. Grad school and vacation was just a killer to my diet. Which is why I started a cleanse today. #IMissDairy  

  • Water, Rehydrate, and Spark only.  I can tell when I drink tea instead of water throughout the day.

  • Ride my bike. My muscles need the stretching.

  • AB WORK! Enough said.

  • Read my devotional.        Sometimes I start to worry about scheduling once school starts. I NEED to be 100% at everything. That’s hard. I count on a devotional to keep me from having a meltdown. Since you know… those happen from time to time. I think a tattoo of worry.less would work perfectly on my wrist. (wink wink)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I don’t really remember the month of June. Sadly, the first month of “summer break” has come and gone.

Coach had baseball and football So we would high-five each other out the door on most weekdays.

I am teaching summer school… because, well…. A vacation in December is always worth working for. (My opinion.)
photo taken last December in Cozumel :) 

I decided that this was the summer to go back to school. So there were the three weeks that we crammed a semester worth of three classes at once. Leaving me shamefully driving through the local fast food locations.
back to school friends. 

this is what livetext and fast food make me do. 

I’m also living the dream of running my first ever (and possibly only ever) marathon in November. (Which I will be updating everyone daily by posting running pictures. #sorrynotsorry)

Also, there is the family that we try to see regularly!

Oh, and the time to just be that madly in love married couple.

Oh, I got a new car! 

How did I make it through the madness that was the month of June?

You guessed it! SPARK! 

Love love, 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finding the Happiness (The First of Many)

One day (recently) I was sitting at the table working on our monthly budget when I realized something: Starting soon (today) I will begin my position teaching with the summer program, start my Masters, coach 2 sports, teach first grade, and be a wife to a coach that has two of his own sports. Oh, and train for a small marathon taking place in November. 26.2 miles my friends. What's a life that's like a marathon without ACTUALLY running one??  Then I may have cried.
And opened a web browser and went straight to JCrew. 

Then I decided OH WELL! God made me a REALLY happy person. So no matter what.... I WILL find something to be happy about to keep me being the SAME overly positive person that I am. So folks, today I bring you the first bit of small happiness that I have found:

This weekend these beauties bloomed. Just simply making my back patio a small slice of Heaven. 

Thanks to Real Deals, gift cards, and a 25% off sale, the chairs got some new highly adorable cushions. For like free. (With gift cards.)

This baby always makes me happy. Unless he's opening the pantry. Or chasing the neighborhood cats out of the yard. 

I can't wait to spend some summer evenings here... while writing a college paper, or lesson plans, or making practice schedules. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. #JustFindtheHappiness! 

Love love, 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday: The First Day of Summer 2014

I wanted to take a second to remember one of the nicest people I ever met. Like legit 100% we should all try to be more like KP and always smile. Coach and I love celebrating May 21st, but will forever have a heavy heart on May 22nd. We miss you KP! We are sending lots of prayers to Potts Farm today!

Today on this Thursday I am thankful for: 

Three (plus several of dating) years of married bliss with this stud.

A handsome Coach that understands paying $20 more dollars for a pair of white pants that are a size smaller than the cheaper ones..... And understands that manicures and pedicures don't have an envelope; they are just as necessary as food.#SorryDave

 He gets me. Like 100%.

That with this marriage came a grandmother that I love. I love how her and Coach can discuss the Braves for a few minutes then we can pass the phone and her and I can discuss Y&R. She's the best and makes up for me missing my grandmothers.

That being a runner means I can down a massive plate of pasta and easily call it "carb loading." #ThatsNotRealCarbLoading

That we bought this beautiful house from a landscaper. Ummmmm..... thank you for these beautiful flowers and shrubs!!!! I love them.

These glorious but short few days that I can somewhat sleep in and still manage to lift weights and get a good run in all before 10am. I'll miss these days starting next week.

Lastly, this week was Future Trojan Stars Baseball Camp. One of the sweet babies said they had to wear their sunglasses on their hat because that's the way Coach did it. I think I witnessed Coach's heart melt a little! I'm thankful for this amazing community and all of the 'amazingness' that is here.

Love Love, 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary! 2014

3 years ago... We were in our favorite city, then on the stage of our favorite place of worship, then danced the night away with our favorite friends and family. 

In three years I have learned....

An empty hamper means a happy husband. 

I'll never win the TV war. Just read a book. 

His Ipod is equivalent to my Ipad. 

I can't watch Coach do jumping jacks without laughing. Sorry. #truth

Life is better when you win. But I'll always be there for the loss. 

Here's to many more dances, even more wins, and an abundant amount of laughs. Because that is what we do best: dance, win, and laugh.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3 Years of Marriage

This guy....

and I went to the movies with a group of friends summer of 2005.

Now this guy.....

and I have been married for ALMOST 3 years (tomorrow). And we still can't leave the field.

We may even umpire a game together... :) 

Happy Anniversary! 

Love love, 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Running Faves

Note: Although it would be super nice, I am not paid for these opinions. You should always ask a doctor before starting a new running plan.

I think we all have our hobbies. Or, instead of “hobby” let’s refer to it as an obsession. Well my friends, my obsession is running.

Run*ning- the action or movement of a runner.

Can I call myself a runner?  Many people ask me about running. Or, well, they mention the word run (running, runner, wanna run, I ran… you get the picture) and I jump all over the opportunity to share a passion. (I think I like that word better than obsession. Let’s use that shall we?!)

Here are some things that I have learned over the past year.

and yes... a year matters

1.    Running starts in the kitchen.

You gotta eat right if you wanna run. Stomach cramps always occur for me when I don’t properly fuel my body. If I eat crap, I know I’ll feel like crap when I run. Weekends are always tricky. My long runs are on the weekends. This is major motivation to eat properly.

2.    Water. Water. Water.

I can tell if I've properly hydrated in the first ½ mile. School days can be hard because I know I don’t drink as much water as I should. I like to drink Re-hydrate to help. But nothing is better than water peeps.

3.    Buy nice gear.

Coach and I 100% believe that you get what you pay for. We always try to save money to buy the higher quality of things. Shoes, running clothes, socks, watches. Just buy for quality. Plus, when I have nice new gear, I am motivated to put it to use! Hey… you spent the money… don’t waste it! (Note: After reading this, I feel it sounds a bit snobish... I don't mean that at all. I just believe that it's worth avoiding the blisters when you buy $$) 

4.    Find some motivation.

Friends, husband, dog, Pinterest. Just find someone or something to motivate you.

5.    Good music.

I am constantly adding songs to my playlist. I’ll never tell him this, but Coach has legit the best ipod ever. I love listening to some jams while I run. It is motivation to keep going.

Here are some things that I COULD NOT live run without.

1.    The Big Girl Garmin.
This watch is a dream. It’s just perfect. I am excited to put it on and go for a run. Sure it cost more than a small diamond, but whew….. Running with her is amaaaaaazing.

2.    My shoes.
My feet are 100% runner’s feet. Not pretty. But these babies are my fave. I also have about three other pair that I will run shorter runs with. But these are the new “Carley WILL run a marathon in 2014” shoes.

3.    Nike Pros and Body Glide
Just get some. I cringe when I think about all the runs I did before I knew about Body Glide. We buy 5 bars at a time. It’s amazzzzzzing.

4.    DogNamedDub aka: My Poor Running Partner

Dub is a decent running partner, but an even better photo prop. 

 Now that you're ready to like totally go out and kill 5 miles... you need a social media account so you can take craycray pictures like these, post them, and make your awesome-ly supportive husband roll his eyes. 
First day over 90* in 2014

As always: 

Love love,