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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

21 Weeks

How Far: 
21 weeks. 

Baby Cain is the size of a banana. Wouldn't some banana bread be delish? That's what I think about these days. All the time. 

How I Feel: 
My back is starting to hurt. I am going to get a massage when school is out. I am also going to get the OK from my doctor. Yoga would help for sure, so this is motivation to do it. This weekend I felt... huge. I legit was uncomfortable. I have 19 weeks of more huge-ness so I only complained to Coach. In fact, I cried. Then I cried some more. I quote, "I am going to sit at the hospital for 19 weeks." Coach: "Yes! That is a wonderful idea! That will make you so much more comfortable!" 
He's so helpful. 

I also struggled this week with my ummm... brain. 
Somehow I paid my car payment three times. Yes. THREE. TIMES. 
Number one customer here! 
Coach would like to think it is pregnancy brain, but for the record... no. I have always been like this. 
I also cannot find my keys. I have had to use my extra set. 
Again: struggle. 

I woke Brandon up Friday because I couldn't stop thinking about getting an IV. I think it is known that I really really really want a natural childbirth. Reason: I have never had pain medicine before. I have also never had an IV. I know I will get an IV no matter what, but I am starting to worry about it. 

I am also worrying more and more about Baby Cain being lactose intolerant. 

I blame hormones. 

I will end by saying: I really feel great. Sunday I wore a new favorite dress. I will be wearing it to the three weddings and graduation we have this summer. I felt pretty in it. It may have been the leopard wedges I wore. (to church only.) 

Baby Cain finished a 5k with a great group of running friends. It was a Glow Run on Friday night. I was worried because I have been running in the morning to avoid the heat. However, the weather was perfect! I was also kinda worried that I would have to walk some. There is nothing wrong with walking at all, I just... like to run.  It was a bit different running in the dark! Our group had fun, and I look really pregnant from the side!! 

Maternity Clothing: 
Everything. I don't even pretend to try to wear real things now that it is hot. 
I did research for some maternity running shorts: $54 a pop. Nope. 

Not having to cook. I eat dinners I don't have to cook. Other than that... eeehhhh. Somehow I have to convince my in-laws to do Mexican this weekend. It will be nearly impossible I am sure... but some good ole' Jefferson Mexican will be wonderful. 


The chair was in a million pieces. So... a million words were said. 

Baby Cain, I am sorry that we will never be able to assemble any of your toys. Ever. We promise to teach you how to run, break down film, and hit a curve ball.... but we cannot put your toys together. 

I also ordered the. absolute. perfect. pillow. 

No worries, just for decor. But... I Baby Cain had to have it. 

Ohhhhh.... and Sweet Sweet Daddy FINALLY decided to put some input into the nursery. He requested we hang this Bible verse on the wall: 

Proverbs 23:13

He's so serious. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
Just being #DogNamedDub

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I Can't Be a Stay at Home Mom

This post has been on my heart for years. It wasn't until a few months ago that the thoughts became a reality when I actually became pregnant. So the birth of this post was in the works. (Slight pun intended.)

Please know that these are MY thoughts and only MY opinions. I have MANY amazing, breath-taking friends that are role models to me in all their mommy ways. I have some of the most Godly friends ever, and I strive to love like them daily. They are some of the most jam up amazing stay at home moms in the world. And hey... I was raised by one of the best SAHMs ever.

This post is why I, personally, intend to go back to work after the birth of our child(ren). I know it will be a very unpopular post. I am OK with everyone not agreeing with my feelings. I just ask that you respect my opinion and don't email me with an anonymous comment that is full of hate. Just hear me out.

I fully understand that it is nearly impossible to make opinions and claim strong feelings on such a topic while Baby Cain is still inside of me and going to work with me daily. I 100% KNOW that it will be nearly impossible to send my sweet baby to someone else for the first time when that time comes. I have chills thinking about how that time will be here before I know it. The reason for this post in writing so early in the process is because I KNOW I will need to reflect on my feelings when that time comes. I KNOW I will need to remember the WHY.

I should also say that these current feelings and opinions would without a doubt change in an instant for any medical reason, or any reason at all that meant Baby Cain (one, two, three, or twenty three) absolutely needed me full time.

Here are my feelings on why I intend to go back to work.

First of all, let's completely remove finances from the topic. Would it be very hard to raise a family, run a household, and live exactly (or better) than we do now on one income? Yes.  However, I KNOW it can be done with discipline. Without a doubt it can be done and is done by so many people I know and love. They are all rock stars and truly amazing in my eyes. With this being said, I will remove this from the equation. Finances are not an issue, and absolutely NOT the reason for this post. So again, finances are not the reason.

I am a teacher. When I went to kindergarten, I fell in love with school. Kindergarten was my first ever school experience because my mom was a SAHM. I loved school. When I went to third grade, I fell in love with teaching. My teacher was the absolute best. I remember it like it was yesterday. She said, "I will teach you how to multiply, and you won't even know you're multiplying." That year I mastered my multiplication facts without even trying. She was the absolute best. I don't see a watermelon without thinking of her still to this day. (This was her fave and classroom theme.)

I have always loved school. I have been the kid that hates to miss school, and would be there every single day. I would NEVER sleep the night before the first day, and I look forward to returning from Christmas break. When I was in middle school I remember thinking, "How can I go to school forever?" Coach would say that I have done pretty pretty darn good at this... I know he feels like he is always editing my papers. Ha!

Here is a little background knowledge: Now to jump to my late high school and early college years and enter the love of making money. (Promise to keep finances out of this... hear me out.) I have always had a job. Working concession stands, umpiring, babysitting, camp counselor, Kitchen Collection, JCrew, afterschool, working for a mechanic, and then finally, teaching. I have always worked. Always. When we first started dating Coach would be all like, "We can never go out on a date because you are always working!" Many many times he would pick me up from Kitchen Collection to go out to eat. He would even pick up a few umpiring games so we could hang out together at the field. (Has anything changed?) I have always worked.

Now I know 100% that I am exactly where I need to be. I am where God wants me to be. I am fulfilling my calling and using the talents He gave me in the classroom. I was made to be a teacher.

I am going to return to my classroom in November because I NEED to know that I am using my God given talents. I NEED to feel the accomplishments of student's growing and learning. I thrive to see student growth in data. I just need that feeling of accomplishment to be who I am. I run off of success. I am kinda guilty of thriving off of seeing others be successful.

One of my (many) favorite parts of my marriage is that we are both in the education field. That is who makes Coach and Carley... Coach and Carley. I know when I need a push, or a pat on the back.. my husband gets it. I NEED to keep this connection. Many of my friends are also in the same field. We have a bond that is formed from our classrooms. I NEED to keep this connection. I NEED to be Carley. I absolutely cannot wait to be Mommy. I pray daily that I never EVER forget who Carley is. I fear forgetting who you are is the reason behind so many problems today. (No way/ no how saying all SAHMs forget who they are...) My point is that Carley thrives on being a part of many things, being a part of success and growth. Carley needs that.

Tonight at dinner we were discussing our philosophy on teaching. (Do normal marriages do this?) My philosophy is that I have an active role in growing our society's future. I want to make sure we give children an education that will help them grow into leaders. Our society SO SO SO needs some strong active members! I want to be part of that growth! In my classroom I know I have a part.

Just the other day I told Coach I was hanging on by a thread and I was going to take a day off. He laughed and said, "Ha! That isn't you! You'll go!" I went. Even on the most stressful days, I personally NEED my classroom. I should probably note that I am posting this at the end of the school year. Every teacher, administrator, and student is a wee bit frazzled. The end is near. The much needed break from academics is just what we all need to come back refreshed and ready for another year of growth.

Now, let's add the other part of my job: Being Coach's wife, and being a coach myself.

Remember when I said I love seeing others being successful? I can't put into words the feeling I get when I see a kid run across the finish line and check their arms where they will find their personal best time and then check the clock... and when it hits that they just KILLED a PR. Gah. Favorite. Feeling. EVER!! Or when a girl makes a lay-up on a fast break and puts our team up by one with a minute left to go in a game. OR EVEN BETTER..... when I watch my husband on the field fulfilling HIS dreams. Being a part of these moments... well.... best. part. of. my. job. If I leave coaching, I will miss. miss. miss. miss these feelings. I NEED these feelings. I NEED to see this growth and success of others.

Our busy schedules are prayed about daily. We pray we never do too much that it keeps us from being 100%. I pray that Baby Cain grows up seeing us working hard and giving our 100%. I pray that Baby Cain sees Mommy and Daddy using the talents God gave is in a positive way. I pray we pass the drive to want to work on to Baby Cain.

I live by this: "Be strong and courageous; for your work will be rewarded." 

The final word: 
Be where God wants you to be to glorify HIM. That is different for so many people. Not one person should judge you for where you feel this place is. Just whatever you do, do it 100%!

Romans 12:6-8 In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.
1 Peter 4:10-11  Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace

Love love, 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

20 Weeks

How Far: 
20 Weeks. 

Baby Cain is the size of a mango. A sweet, sweet mango.

I made a BIG check on the pregnancy goal list this week. I ran my way through the first half of pregnancy. Despite the "Good luck with that!" and the "I wanted to be active too... but I didn't. You won't either!" and the "Just wait... You'll give that up!" I made it. Now I just get the "Is that safe?" and "Are you harming your baby?" and my favorite, "Your baby will come out crazy like you!"

Thanks. Thanks for the motivation. 

Pictures are a bit different this week. I wanted to celebrate being at the half way mark of meeting sweet Baby Cain. Plus, this was a super amazing week with lots of details that need to be remembered. 

How I Feel: 

I'm still feeling 100% awesome. Just for the record: My lower back started hurting some this week. I usually HATE pillows. (Who am I?) This causes me to kick my pregnancy pillow in the floor. Well, now they thing is a must have. I think it helps my back. We also spent 2 nights away from home in a different bed and I don't think that helped. I just really love my bed. 
Some good yoga helped my back and now I am back to feeling great. (Motivation to keep up the yoga goals.) It is also getting HOTTTTTTT here in the south. My car said 97*. It kinda has me worried about how I will make it through June, July, August, and praying to make it til the end of September. Thankfully I have a pool friend with a pool. ;) 

I believe I can officially say: I. Have. Lost. My. Mind. 
This week I was really motivated. 
I made some lists. 
First, I made a list of all the supplies I want to be sure to have on our registry. I also wrote brands that I have spent some time researching. (Hours of research.) 
Then, my list making needs were not fulfilled. So... I made some more. 
I made a list of what I want in my hospital bag. 
Coach's hospital bag. 
Baby Cain's hospital bag. 

I hate packing a bag in advance and then needing something from that bag. To avoid this situation I plan to purchase extras/ travel size things to go in these bags. That way I can have the bags in the car and not NEED anything while they wait to be needed. Type A, much? I also needed to make the budget work to buy said things.... ah the envelope system. 
I feel crazy when I put my reasoning into words. 

not done yet.... 

Then I prepared a list of names and numbers to give my BFF for when I go to the hospital in case it is needed. Let's face the facts: I pray for a natural delivery. My husband is a coach. He could be coaching when I go into labor. My family lives 4 hours away from the hospital. A list needed to be made. 

Again... crazy. 

Maternity Clothing: 
Yup. Yup. Yup. 
I still wear my old shoes.. ha. 
This is my favorite dress, with my favorite shoes. On my favorite day.

Just food. I sure do love food. 


The perfect chair is here. I will be having my daily reading time in this chair. To ease all the nerves: We decided on a rocker... that can turn into a normal chair. We both win. 

I also booked Baby Cain's newborn pictures. For those that think this is too soon: The photographer that I fell in love with only books 4 sessions a month to remain flexible for due dates. We grabbed the last opening for September. So now I sleep better at night knowing the perfect photographer will be making precious memories of our newborn babe. Priorities folks. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 

He officially became the perfect dog this week. He is 100% in his own bed and I LOVE IT! I'll just wait for my diamonds, Coach. 

This weekend was Mother's Day. I have never felt more loved and excited to be a mother. My sweet friend sent me my first ever Mother's Day card in the mail. After the tears I thanked God for our friendship, the road that brought us together, and then again for the path that we are now on.I love you, Crystal!  God is so good. 
Then the weekend became even more perfect with the time with family on the lake, by the pool, a service at Southside, and then lunch with family. Baby Cain was given lots and lots of love. 

Coach also gave me my first ever Mother's Day gift. It was perfect. I fell more in love with him when he said, "You need one. Yours is full of writing." Ha. Yes. So true. 
Gah, I can't wait. Absolutely cannot wait.

We are also reading this:

It's amazing. I am going to make a post all about this plan soon. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

19 Weeks

How Far: 
19 weeks. 

Baby Cain is the size of a large tomato. 

How I Feel: 
I feel great. Rolling over in the bed is a struggle. I miss sleeping on my stomach. I feel like all I do is move from side to side. My favorite place to sleep is on the couch. I am taking daily afternoon naps. Weekend naps are around 3 hours. Bring on the "Sleep while you can!" comments. 

Running is still happening, but I do it in the afternoons more than in the mornings. I should gt back to morning runs. I have an amazing running group to run with in the mornings. Plus, when summer comes, my runs will have to be early to avoid the deadly heat. So my goal this week is to run in the morning. 

Baby Cain is on the move. I feel the most movement after a run, after a brownie, after a spark, when drinking lemonade, and at church with the loud music. In fact, the music was prettttyyyyyy bumpin' Sunday and we had a major kick... so hard I almost wet my pants. 

We can't feel anything from the outside yet. I am super excited about this. So far the only involvement Coach has experienced in this pregnancy is the fetching of the lemon water... 

1/2  of a Spark in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon is just what we need to make it...

Maternity Clothing: 
Pants. Love them. 
Dresses love them. 
I purchased my first pair of pants and probably my only pair of pants that I'll buy. I just needed some white pants for the summer. 

Food. Brownies are still a daily thing. I also get Hangry rather quickly. Just ask Coach. 

Nothing new to report here. I have some ideas going, I will probably act on them in June. The big goal is to have the majority done by mid July. I am just talking about the BIG things. This week I need to call the company doing the bedding and confirm the pieces I want. I am being kinda difficult because I won't be using a bumper pad. I also can't decide on a quilt or not. I'm telling ya.... decisions decisions. 

Oh, and I found the PERFECT photographer. I am SOOOO excited about that. We will only be booking a newborn session. She is perfect. I can't wait. Don't think I didn't swing the birthing photo session by Coach. He said no. Then I never mentioned it again. The ONLY thing he has been firm about is the hospital trip. Everything else he has been alllll.... Whatever you think. Not this. So I'll let him have it. And I'll teach him to use my camera. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
Well, with me growing and moving all night.. and my huge pillow... Dub has been kicked out of our bed. This is HUGE for him. He was NOT happy. So Dub had his first ever night in his own bed. He did great.... 

This week was a great week. The school week was awesome. The weekend was perfect. Although the baseball coach in our house was a HUGE grump... a day at the beach finally put a smile on his face. It was an amazing weekend with friends and salt water. While sitting on the beach we looked at all the kids and discussed parenting. I am sorry Baby Cain, if you are a girl you'll be wearing a turtle neck to the beach, and if you are a boy you will forever have a short, clean hair cut. You'll be raised on 90s hip hop, you'll have an amazing knowledge of random movies, and you'll probably hide your face when your father starts dancing. He will be at your prom, (where you'll be wearing jeans because those dresses are way tooooo expensive (his words). Bless you if you even think about dating before you're 20. He doesn't get worked up about much.... but some things.... Oh, and someone PLEASE ask him what Baby Cain's first Halloween costume will be.... We argued about this for 30 minutes. 

I am reading this book. I am going to finish it today then re-read to make many notes. It is perfect. I am ordering a few to give as gifts. 

Thanks to the book I am now praying for God's will. We may joke that we want Baby Cain to be active in sports. We may joke that we want you to be a bookworm, 360lb lineman, or a baseball player that bats 1000. Really, we pray that you live a life to fulfill God's plan that He has for you. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

18 Weeks

How far? 
18 weeks. 

Today I fell in absolute love. 
Don't get me wrong, I've loved this sweet baby Cain since the day we saw a gummy bear. However, today.... well today we saw a baby. A sweet baby with fingers, toes, a spine, a brain, a perfectly beating heart, and what I firmly believe are runner's legs. 

Baby Cain was also 100% MAMA with the legit movement from side to side and up and down. We had NO problem seeing movement this morning. Sorry, Coach. Baby Cain is going to be a bit like me... never sitting still. 

Today, we had our 18 week anatomy scan. 
We BOTH took the day to spend together, and ended up being at the doctor's office for roughly three hours. It was totally 100% worth it. 

Oh, and they could easily tell if we had a Baby Boy Cain or Baby Girl Cain. 
No worries, we will NOT have a gender reveal. I guess you will have to wait until September.

How I Feel: 
Awesome. I think the weather has been key. It has been awesome all week. However, tomorrow we should get a ton of rain. 

I have had SOME hormones going crazy. This has caused lots of evening runs. It is either run, cry, or punch folks. Luckily I pick running. Maybe some crying. Mostly running. 

I have a HUGE goal to run the majority of my pregnancy. I just know that I feel so much better when I run. I also am spending some time lifting some weights to focus on my arms. I want to feel strong. 
I will just do these things until my body says otherwise. 

I did get pretty upset this week several times. I had my feelings hurt and now looking back... it was silly. Really silly. I learned that people will be people. What ever happened to loving each other? I just got upset because I 100% try to be an amazing friend and be there as much as possible for anyone and everyone. Others, ehhhhh... 

I also had some minor cramps. They didn't bother me, just had me worried. I would just drink water. I am drinking a gallon a day and the doctor said that was great and cramping is normal. Things are growing. 

Maternity Clothing: 
I LOVE this black maxi dress. It is on rotation and I have had it on three days this week. 
BUT, when I don't wear maternity... we have a HUGE bump. Well, HUGE to me.

I have looked forward to a brownie each day after school. I made a pan on Sunday and I am fighting the desire to make more. They were amazing. 
I also cooked FOUR nights in a row and ate each night! They were actually pretty decent meals. 

I am loving fresh tomatoes as well. I will be hitting the farmer's market in the morning. 


Another goal, praying in that room. 
Next week I am purchasing the chair. 
We have the arrangements made to have the two furniture pieces painted. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
Will you sleep in the nursery when Baby Cain gets here? You are kinda taking up too much of my side of the bed!

This morning my heart was so full. Thank you, Lord for the perfect blessing and picking US to be parents. I cannot put into words the feelings and gratefulness. God is so good. I also felt so much peace this week. Prayer and truth = amazing! Yes, faith and ZERO fear. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

16 Weeks.

How far? 
On April 10th, Baby Cain is 16 weeks.

Baby Cain is the size of an avocado. 

How I feel?
This week was Spring Break. Although Coach was VERY sick, I felt GREAT all week. I totally understand why ladies call it the "Honeymoon phase." I have energy, (but love a nap in the afternoons) I want to eat food, (real food) and I am loving being pregnant. 
Yes: I love being pregnant. 

This week was perfect because family was here and together we enjoyed food, the lake, and each other. I made a trip to purchase some plants, we won some baseball games, I had a TON of naps, read 4 books, AND made a trip to the beach with my girlfriends where we enjoyed each other's company as well some great laughs and food! We didn't travel light! 

Maternity Clothing: 
I need to document that I wore a maternity bathing suit for the first time ever this week! I wore lounge stuff all week so nothing fancy. 

Best Moment Of the Week: 
Coach feeling better after spending 4 days in the bed. Oh, and all the activities mentioned above! 

Food. Just food. 

Hello, fabric! I ordered some fabric samples. I have the sets picked out and ready to go. We have decided one set for a boy, one set for a girl. I am calling this week to discuss options with the designer. Yay! 
We also officially have a crib. 

I found THE CHAIR and I will order it May 1st. (I made a vow to only purchase one big item a month to keep track of spending. We are super strict on the budget right now. Post to come.) 

Sweet Baby Dub: 

With THE big appointment approaching I am praying for faith. My BFF said, "Can't have faith and fear." With this, I am FULLY trusting God. 

Love love, 

An Award.

Happy Weekend! 
I will post an update on the bump shortly. However, this post has been needing to be finished for a week... so that is the goal this afternoon! 

Who knew folks actually READ this blog?! I think sometimes Coach will raise an eyebrow when I mention just how much love this little blog gets from time to time. 

With this being said, this little spot on the .com won an award! 
Thanks, Ashley! 

With this award, I was asked to answer some questions for some new readers... I love new readers so here we go! 

1/ Where is your favorite place to vacation?
The beach. Any beach. BUT..... if we are asking absolute favorite.... Cozumel was amazing. I believe it was due to our amazing resort. But, it was wonderful. Belize was absolutely perfect as well, but I went there for school and not vacation. I would LOVE to go back! Coach and I have started going on trips during Christmas. These are my new obsession. It is just the right time for needing a break and a warm beach is the perfect answer. We will take a trip break in 2015 due to having a sweet lil Baby Cain... but we have already set the ball rolling for 2016. I am so pumped because the destination will be perfect! 

2/ Do you have one book you recommend us to read?
It would be absolutely impossible to recommend ONE book. I am a HUGE reader. I read ALLLL the time. However, I am never disappointed in the Lord's Word. I try my best to pick it up several times a day. 
Need some financial guidance: Anything Dave Ramsey. 
Need some baby advice: Dr. Denmark and Babywise. 
Need a laugh: find a good blog or fifty. 
Just read. Read anything. 

3/ What is your nemesis?
Anyone running against me in a race. 
Anyone being negative. 
Someone who tells kids, "These are the best days of your life!" No. Being an adult is the best.  
4/ What is your favorite part of the day?
After a good 5am run. 
7:30-8:00 when my babies come in for the day and say "HEY MRS. CAIN!" 
Lunch with my coworkers. 
Seeing kids make PRs or score goals. 
Seeing my husband on the football field or on the diamond. In baseball pants. 
Winning a HUGE baseball game. 
Dub greeting me at the door. 
Dinner with my husband. 
Praying with Coach. 
Going to bed with a good book. 

I am a all day kinda person I guess.... 

5/ Tell us your biggest to-do on your bucket list.
Run a marathon. Gah. It WILLLLLL happen! 

6/ What is your favorite beauty product?

7/ Have you been keeping up with the Master's this weekend? If so, who are you cheering on?
I just watch to see the flowers. And remember all the great times we had when we lived in Augusta for 2 years. 
8/ If you could hold/be around/pet one animal/reptile without it harming you, what would it be?
None. No way. No thanks. 
9/ What is your favorite hobby or thing to do in your free time?
Running. Reading. Sleeping. 
10/ Why did you start blogging?
We moved away from family and friends. This was a spot to keep everyone informed. Now I just have a lot to say! 
11/ Do you have any pets? Introduce them to us!
One sweet Baby Dub. He is an out of control human/ Weimaraner. 

Love love.