Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Go Fish.

Ya know how Calla Cain's life is pretty much centered around football season? It's all she knows. She goes to games. Daddy is a coach. Daddy watches film. Daddy yells at the TV. Friday night he is on the field, Saturdays are for the Dawgs. Daddy loves football. It is life in the CainHouse. 
(Did you know in our vows we said, "For wins or for losses" Rather than, "For better or for worse.") 

Well.... for me, when I was little: It was all about fishing. My dad fishes. He is all about fishing. Saturdays are for fishing. We went camping... to fish. I did Father Daughter fishing trips. It's what I knew. 

Then I became an adult. I honestly haven't fished in probably twenty years. Not because I hate it... I just don't. We break down defenses in this house. We grade film. We go to football games. 

I was talking to someone in town one day about how I love our new town, but I missed the perks of ATL living: The Zoo. It was truly our favorite way to spend a morning. We never got tired of it. They said, "Oh, she will love the Go Fish Center!" I did a quick search and KNEW we had to visit. 

My parents came to visit one weekend and I knew it was the perfect time. 

We went on a Saturday morning and there were maybe 10 people visiting. It was super clean, very nice, and the perfect mixture of inside and outside. Plus... it was less than $10. 

Inside you can "catch" a fresh water fish....

 or go deep sea fishing. 

This made me laugh until I was crying. I love him. 

You can practice
your boat driving skills... 

Outside you can visit all of the different types of ecosystems you will find in Georgia. Calla was in love. 

Then you can spend the rest of the afternoon (or thirty minutes if you're 2) outside fishing at the catch and release pond. 

You fish with hotdogs... and the fish are really good at just stealing your bait. Either that or I am a little rusty on setting the hook. 

Then it happened.... she caught one! Her very first fish! When I asked her what she thought... she said... "EW! It's disgusting." (Eye roll emoji!) 

It wasn't Zoo Atlanta... but the memories are just the same. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


How is it the last official week of Summer Break (NOT the last week of Summer. You best believe we will spend our weekends in the water and eating ice cream for a few more months!)  and I haven't published one single blog post all summer? Oh... wait... we moved. And I have an extremely active almost 3 year old. (I be three in August... her current favorite thing to tell someone.) 

Memorial Day weekend was just like last weekend... right?

Here are a few summer facts:

I didn't take my "big" camera anywhere this summer. Usually it is attached to my arm for the many memories that need documenting. This summer the iphone X was my jam. And believe it or not, memories were still made. And documented.

When I grow up I want to sell ice cream on the beach. I'll charge $3 for each one and put the $4 man out of business. It's a good thing Calla Cain gets ice cream money from family for her birthday. She did a good job saving it for the summer. ;)

Our new town is simply Perrydise. From food trucks to water days, perfect afternoon shopping, and the sweetest little ice cream shop walking distance from our front door.... life is really really great.

Oh... and did I mention these views while I run?

My front porch has become my favorite place to sit in the evenings.And mornings. And afternoons. It's just my favorite. 

As Always,

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Life Is Like....

Life is like... really good right now.

We made it... May is here. Bring on the to do list that is 18 miles long.

 Rather than the millions of things that should be done... here is what the CainFam has been doing in our free time:

Lots and lots of time playing outside with our favorite CainWeims.

Speaking of the CainWeims... we LIVE for evening runs. They kinda get us all kinds of crunk.

Quick trips to the city...

Visits to our favorite Whale Sharks.

Oh.... and trips to the park where you leave your teacher rules at home and let your kid slide head first.

Love love, 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Break For Spring

It took me a week to finish this post because I wanted to use it as a photo dumping place. Here you will find all the details on the super exciting vacation we took as a family during Spring Break 2018.
Just kidding... we never left the Atlanta area. Ha!

Spring Break 2018 was a tad different than those of the past. This year the Cain Fam decided to stay home and do some spring cleaning. Coach and I have worked very hard to throw out, de-clutter, organize, and get ready for some #LifeChanges that will soon come in the summer. (More to come on that in the future.)

Here is how we celebrated the Spring this year:

Easter weekend with family.

Callahan has spent 2018 becoming more and more obsessed with eggs. We hide eggs, hunt eggs, open eggs, close eggs, cook eggs, eat eggs.... the list goes on. Calla ended her Easter season with a grand total of 5 egg hunts. Hopefully that satisfies her until 2019. We told her the Easter Bunny had to take the eggs back and bring them next year. All eggs have been successfully packed away. (All but the five that are still in the tub.)

Monday-Tuesday: Major cleaning out. Nothing was safe. Coach was able to part with two shirts from his closet. (eye roll emoji) Me on the other hand.... it all goes! (I do have a crazy problem with keeping Calla's stuff. Why?)

Wednesday: A trip to the zoo!

Would it be a break without a trip to check on our favorite animals? We actually met up with some new friends and had a blast meeting them and touring our favorite city attraction. I am to the point that I just let Calla guide us all around. She knows where the good animals are!

Coach had to take Wynn to the vet. We noticed a huge lump on his throat. I was slightly freaking out. Dub is the craziest dog ever. He gets into so much mess I can't even tell you.... yet he is pretty tough. We have been super lucky in all of his adventures. Wynn on the other hand.... sweetest stinkin dog ever. He is so calm. So kind. Never making a mess. Just so sweet. He apparently got a bug bite and blew up like a balloon and wasn't his super happy self. Luckily we have a super awesome vet that fixed him up in less than 24 hours. I am happy to report all is well!

I should also use this as a quick rant: Shelters get Weimaraners all the time. People claim they are too much to handle. Too hyper. Too much. These pups? They just need love. I mean.... hyper? These dogs?

Friday I was up early to get all the cleaning done. After naps (I say napS because Coach doesn't let a break go by without a nap.)

When everyone was up from their naps we loaded up to head to the local farm for some strawberry picking. Calla LOVED her first picking experience. She would pick and eat them all! We had to take the bucket to help her fill it. She probably ate 12 berries off of the vine.

Then we sat on the grass and enjoyed probably the best ice cream ever.

On the way home we let Calla hold the bucket of berries where she ate about 21 more berries straight from the basket. Pre washing. Mom of the year here.

Once we were home we did our absolute favorite activity ever: blow up the jumpy house, sit outside in the driveway and fuss over the Pandora station. This is where Calla sat in my chair and enjoyed 56 more strawberries... that still weren't washed. I'm winning.

This smile is the best!

Our stay-cation was just what we needed during this crazy busy time in 2018! It just has Calla Girl SUPERRRRR ready for a beach trip this summer!

Go Fish.

Ya know how Calla Cain's life is pretty much centered around football season? It's all she knows. She goes to games. Daddy is a coa...