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Friday, January 16, 2015

Mascara Review

I LOVE big lashes. LOVE. I thought I was working with some GREAT mascara in the past. Well, then my friend Laura introduced me to something that was a game changer. Seriously. I am sure you've heard all the shouts and praises.... but if not, I am here to share!

Younique mascara is my new love.

It comes in 2 tubes. First you put your old regular mascara on those lashes of yours. Then you let that dry. Then apply the first tube (the long one) then the short tube that is the fiber blend.

Here is some proof. (How awkward are these eye pictures?)
The left is with Younique. The right is with my old mascara that I thought was great. 

The left lash is ahhhhhmazing. 

Like I said.... awkward.

If you are interested in this amazingness you can check it out here. Laura is an awesome lady. (I love supporting awesome folks!)

Le me know if you have any questions! 

Friday. Not FRYday.

I am linking up with some of my favorite blogs for the 5 most random thoughts that are in my mind at this time. Simple enough for me!

One. Whole30
Here is the main idea. (Yes, Friday and not FRYday!) I am on Day 13 right now. I feel super wonderful. I will have to post on this all on its own. Yesterday I was ready to bash some heads. Luckily I kept that under control with an amazing dinner of bison burgers and this super amazing coffee recipe that I found in the book, It Starts With Food.

Two. Morning runs.

I am officially a morning person. This is HUGE for me! If you are thinking about joining a group run, I 100% recommend that! I was superrrrr nervous about running with people but it has for sure been a game changer. Some amazing ladies are part of this group and we keep each other accountable. Plus, this makes my day so much better! I am loving it. Even in the freezing cold temps!

Three. Wallpaper confession.
I think I am in love with wallpaper. Whattttttt? I remember saying, "Who uses wallpaper?ugh... such a pain! SO tacky!" NOOOOO! I think I am loving the crazy prints thanks to HGTV. I think this summer we may finally wallpaper our kitchen.... I think I have lost my mind.

Four. I think I'm a hippie.
Not like 100%... but y'all... I am seriously falling in love with the simple/ natural way of life. Seriously. I am now obsessed with the research and literature out there about our generations diet/ medicine consumption/ and other crazy not so positive things our generation is known for. (I've been reading a ton of literature behind vaccinations.) Yes, I am officially THAT PERSON. Did I just lose friends?

Five. Excuses.
Excuses are about to drive me crazy. Literally. I think in my old age I am starting to notice things that REALLY REALLY bother me. This is currently number 1.

Love love,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Clean Greek Chicken

So many folks are  cleaning up their diets! This excites me when I get texts saying, "Where is the flax seed!?" Love. (And then I say a prayer because remember that ONE time....) 

 I also get the text and call on day 4 when you are sick of chicken. (Many folks don't like pork and don't like fat that also comes with most pork. The literature that I have found isn't against pork in moderation, and love when it is farm raised and fed naturally.)

Here is my new favorite baked chicken recipe. I found the original recipe here. I had to modify it because with the 24 Day Challenge and Whole30 way of eating, cheese is out. However, one day... this baby will be covered with some feta. You should also know that I never measure anything. Really. I live by the pinch/ dash/ sprinkle method of life. I am a rebel.
Greek Chicken 
You'll Need: 

2 large boneless/ skinless organic chicken breast. ( I use Zaycon and LOVE IT!) Coach cuts the huge chicken into small cutlets. I think they cook better. I am funny about meat.

Red Wine Vinegar




Garlic Powder

Salt/ Pepper

Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Onion (I had a ton of vidalia onions. However, I got a purple onion and I am glad I did. It MADE the flavor!)

Sun dried tomatoes

What You'll Do: 
Mix all of the dry ingredients in a small bowl. 
Lay chicken in a casserole dish flat. 
Cover the chicken with some sprinkles of red wine vinegar. 
Cover the chicken with the spices. 
Slice the purple onion into rings. Lay all the rings on the chicken and around the chicken. 
Lay the cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes around the chicken. 
Bake covered (with foil) on 350* for 45 minutes. 

Uncover and enjoy! It was great the next day for lunch as well! 

I served it with roasted carrots, and an arrangement of colors. It was amazing. It is my favorite (baked) chicken recipe. Coach approved but still prefers chicken and mushroom rice.  

Let me know if you are interested in tonight's Jalapeno/ Cilantro Baked Chicken. It was also delish.

Love love,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Week of Food. Clean Food. Good. Clean. Food.

This post is for the emails, texts, and calls I get asking about food. I am NOT a professional. Not a doctor. Not pointing fingers. Just Carley. :)

 ** You should always do what works for you. I like to listen to others, then read, read, read, research, and read some more... then do what works for this house. By "this house" I mean I have to buy food that we will eat. Both of us. Coach included. On a budget.
So, this is NOT going to be perfect. I slip daily. It is impossible to be perfect.I don't want to be perfect. (I know I have a friend and husband out there that doesn't believe that.)  So, when you see something on here that may not be BY THE BOOKS... keep it to yourself. Your emails won't get answered. I think I have shown that with some Negative Nancy emails being ignored. The rule here: Be positive.

Oh, and this is MY blog. If blogs aren't your thing: Close now. No hard feelings.

Still around? Good: Here is a smile for you:

Over the past few months our nutrition was slipping. I was lazy. Practice, schedules, and games were running my schedule. I was also running weekly 15 mile+ runs and when you do that you tend to develop a "Wait, I ran for 4 hours... I can eat this huge plate of nachos!" way of thinking. So, nutrition went down.... gut grew. No good. I felt horrible. Gassy, sluggish, just not good. I would eat, then feel like I was about to burst. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

I saw on Instagram a few things about Whole30 and the science behind it. I ordered the book in October. It made a TON of great points. Then I sat the book on the shelf and enjoyed the Holidays. Including a trip to Mexico where I again ate my weight in nachos.

I have a FULL HEART for Advocare. They are hosting the All In Challenge at the start of January. I LOVE the 24 Day Challenge. I love the nutrition Advocare offers. So, with all of this going on, and the NEED to reset my gut, I re-read It All Starts With Food and the journey began. I needed the science behind what food can do for you. I am 100% passionate about ENERGY and feeling AMAZING ALL the time. Gah, I LOVE being 99mph all the time. So WHOLE30 to me didn't go against anything I was already passionate about. It confirmed: clean diet, exercise, amazing supplements = 99 mph. All. Day. Every. Day.

Here I am sitting on Day 8 and I have learned SO MUCH. Here goes:

1. When you SIT down to eat and enjoy your food, you won't snack between meals.
THIS was huge. I am famous for eating my Ezekiel bread and pbutter on my way to school. No more. You gotta get up. Get out of bed. Take the time to MAKE a good breakfast. Sit down and enjoy it. (With someone you  adore. Maybe a Weimaraner too.) More on being a morning person later.

2. The first three days of clean eating is HARD.
I wanted a brownie. So. SO. SOOO. Bad.

3. People will roll their eyes and crinkle their noses at your food.
It is unknown to them. It ain't chicken tenders and fries my friend. You are eating some REAL food. People are mean. They will hurt your feelings. Oh well. You'll survive. <---- that is a reminder to me.

4. Parties, dinners, celebrations will happen. You don't HAVE to have that cupcake/ cookie/ cake. Again: You'll survive.

5. Every 5 days doesn't need a "cheat day."
(He knows who I'm talking to....)

6. You can go out to eat. However, cooks and waitresses will hate you. True story.

7. Invest in some good food storage. Leftovers will be your BFF for lunch. If not, you'll be cooking allll the time.

8. Eat some veggies. No one cares to hear an adult say, "But I don't like vegetables!"
Are you five? 

9. Your groceries are going to be $$$. That's fine. Good cakes from good bakeries are $$$ too...... you pick.

10. It is going to take some time to meal plan and grocery shop. However, I PROMISE it can be done.
(Insert my favorite insult ever: But YOU don't have KIDS.)

That's all I have for now. Oh wait, how about some pictures of some food?    

Forget about what you usually have for breakfast. Tomatoes go with any meal. 

When your friends go to lunch on a planning day: You eat leftovers at your desk. 

Berries are great for every meal too. 

Fresh organic salsa: I put that junk on everything. 

This Greek Chicken was SOOOOO good. 

Just throw random things on a plate. It's a meal. Oh, and yes.... those are olives. I LOVE OLIVES! 

fresh picco goes on everyyyyything too! 

Stuffed peppers are ahhhhmazing. I had them for lunch too. I needed a spinach salad, but I was not feeling too hot this night. I went to bed at 8pm. 

The test of alllllllll rules: We didn't get home until 8pm. Thank goodness for a crockpot. And that Coach can't tell a difference between potatoes and cauliflower. 

Wait, cooking on a Friday night can really happen? First time in 5 years I do believe. #NotKidding

Best. Lunch. Ever. Burnt burger. (Turkey/ chicken/ beef) picco, avocado, and my lovely cherry tomatoes. 

That gallon of milk is the battle in this house. Coach won't give up a glass of milk. No matter how many rants I go on. 

Eggs with spinach and mushrooms. Organic Canadian bacon. Strawberries. 

Fave after a run snack: Banana, almond butter, and coconut flakes. The real kind. 

Ground turkey, salsa, baked sweet potatoes, and a spinach, mushroom, onion mix that I cooked in a pan with coconut oil. Oh, and my beloved cherry tomatoes. 

A spinach salad is amazing. Mushrooms, zucchini, onion, mushrooms. Cherry tomatoes. Grass-fed beef tips. (THANK YOU KROGER!)

I highly recommend reading some literature on the subject. Take small steps. Research and expose yourself to some awesome products like Ghee. :)

Until next time:

Love Love,

Monday, December 29, 2014

All In 24 Day Challenge

If you are like me then you said you would stay on track over the holiday season and NOT over eat and eat CRAP foods. If you are like me then you really enjoyed the sweets, croissants, and sweet potatoes a bit too much. Oh, and you sat in a chair near the ocean and only moved to go to the buffet line. Guilty.

So, with the New Year comes the fresh start. January is an amazing month to set some goals, and work towards those goals. As a teacher, I love setting resolutions in August and then resetting them in January. I love January 1st and the amped up feeling I get when I get motivated about something.

Here is something I am passionate about: Feeling amazing and having energy. If you know me then you know that I am full of energy. I pray I never lose this trait. However, thanks to Advocare, I know that I am taking care of my body, and properly fueling it. As well as getting energy the best way possible.

My FAVORITE product that they offer is the 24 Day Challenge. This challenge is designed to reset your body, shed some pounds, kill the sweet tooth, and get that gut functioning properly. HELLOOOOOO..... that is EXACTLY what we need after the months of October, November, and December!

Advocare is an amazing family to be a part of. I have gained so many relationships through Advocare and a GROUP Challenge is amazing when it comes to keeping on track. The company is offering some sweeeet freebies with this group challenge. Check this out:

Here is the deal: To participate in this group challenge, and get the discounts, you will need to order by Wednesday, December 31st. This will assure you get all of you supplies by the start date of January 7th. I always recommend doing a challenge with a group! Plus, this is the whole COUNTRY! When your challenge arrives in the mail, you will be given everything you need to get started. Instructions, helpful tips, and some nice freebies. (Not food, you will need to purchase food.)

If your house is anything like my house then football has been on the TV nonstop. Have you seen the Advocare commercials? I am LOVING that the company is backed by TOP athletes! Be on the look out for some of them!

You will get the wrist band, and blender bottle FREE! I love free!

If you know me at ALL then you know I NEVER start a day without a Spark. Ahhhh... Spark is my absolute FAVORITE gift to give. This keeps me bouncing of the walls each and every day! You will get two boxes with your challenge.

Are you ALL IN? Are you wanting to jump start a better lifestyle? Have more questions?

I am ALWAYS open for questions of info. Please feel free to email me:, call, or text! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If You Know Me...

If you know me then... You probably DON'T KNOW this: Adoption is in my prayer book. Yes, starting a family (one day) is in the prayer book as well. However, adoption just REALLY pulls at my heart. Are we totally NOT at the point of 100% "OK, we WILL adopt!" No. In fact, my husband is probably watching the hair raise on his arm as he reads. (Sorry, Coach. I said the blog was about to be 100% ME!) It isn't at all about the feelings I share. It is usually the way I share my feelings. 100% open and on a blog. (For the record.) He believes whatever happens is God's will. I love that about him. He keeps me in check. Even during total meltdowns.  

If you know me then... You probably KNOW this... I often obsess over things once I get my mind on them.

Being kind.
Healthy Eating.
Being kind. (oh wait, I said that. Take note.)

The reason for this post is to share this:

So, I can't tell a lie when I say this: This Blog. This family. This lady, This baby. 

Read. Cry. Love.

It is what I do daily. I adore this story. My faith just grew this week with her posts. Again, LOVE.

Maybe you needed this story as much as I did.


Love love,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


(Before I start I should say HI to the man of my dreams that instantly clicked on the link once he saw it pop up on his feed... Not because I titled it HUSBAND... but because he is the #1 reader. It may or may not be to check my grammar.... who knows.)

My fave. 

I am sharing this blog because I am currently loving it. When you are married to a person that is as equally as busy as you, but still find time to discuss the starting five and race times at the dinner table, you do whatever it takes to make sure you are always madly and deeply in love. Which I think that we do a pretty amazing job....

When we were getting ready to say "For Wins and For Losses" or "For Better and For Worse" if you must.... we took the Love Language quiz. Get ready for the shocker: My love language is "Gifts." Insert Gasp. I know. I know.

Well, words of affirmation was not one that I was familiar with. This means one thing: I need to get better. So, here I am sharing my secrets. Coach will now be thinking, "Oh that is why she says, Can I help you do anything today?" Yup... and YOU think I ONLY read junk.... :)

Anyway... I am sharing this blog with hopes that you find something you like. If you agree or disagree with my opinion that marriage is #1 FOR LIFE... (this is me adding a part of my heart without stepping on toes. Maybe I will write about how I pray daily to keep God #1, Coach #2, and the rest #3... One day.... I need thicker skin first.)  I hope you enjoy! You can follow me on Pinterest as well. Just look under my "Coach" board.

As always,

Love love,