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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do What You Do. Do It Well

Here I am at the old age of  26 years old when something of great meaning hit me: Whatever you do, do it and do it well!

Gah. Such a small thought. Such a HUGE idea. What if we ALL did everything with a smile?

Am I pointing fingers? Oh gosh, I hope not. Basically, I am saying this for me. (and I want my spot on the .com to have a little more of MY heart in it.) So here it is:

Don't complain. Just don't. We ALL have struggles. Some big, some small, but they are ours. I love this:

SO true. I have it written in my Bible I love it so much.

Life can be super overwhelming. In fact, just THIS week: This may or may not be my 2nd bottle of Tums to ease the heartburn...

I worry. I worry. I worry. I am trying to get better... but what is really happening is that I am getting better about not verbalizing my worries, so my husband and BFF think I am getting better at not worrying.

Here is my promise to myself: Whatever it is I am doing:
being a wife
being a friend
being a daughter
being a mom (to Dub, and our sweet "children")
being a teacher
Cross County
Coach's Wife (this means listening to the prayers. Making chocolate chip muffins to help hurt feelings. Watching film. Missing life because of watching film. And so on...)

I am going to do it. And golly geeze... I am going to smile about it, and be the best at it. I won't complain. What will complaining do? Nothing.

I have this to smile about:

I love this guy. He's my lucky bus driver. We make an amazing team. We do life great together. #CainLife

This is my welcome home every single day. He may or may not have opened the fridge or pantry to eat everything inside... But he's always happy to see me.

Life is tough... but it can be an amazing thing when you smile and go.


Love love,

Monday, October 13, 2014

3 Weeks NO Cheats

In the Cain House we eat pretty decent. By decent I mean we don't eat junk from a box (like we did our first year of marriage. Hello 45lbs) I cook most nights, and we always have lean meats and veggies. However, with the months of August- December being our busiest months... we may or may not hit up our fave hamburger place that is literally a mile from our house once a week. Plus, if you know us AT.All. then you know we are football fans. To me nothing quite says football season more than buffalo chicken dip. I may or may not make a batch every.single.week. Oh, and I will be the first to admit my love for cheese. The more, the better. Andddddd..... the pumpkin coffee that came back in my life with the month of October. Wow... when you type out all of your food cheats, it really sounds bad. 

I already take amazing supplements. I love Advocare and everything they stand for. I know I am getting top of the line products with them. I am extremely active. I run daily. I am just about ready to run 26.2 miles. However, due to our crazy-busy schedules, I know the food I eat can be better. It's my fault because I have been lacking on what's important. I am a HUGE believer that you make time for what is important to you.

I have recently found this blog. It is amazing. She is very inspirational... and best thing: She's a teacher too. She made this chart and is inviting others to participate: 3 Weeks NO Cheats. 21 days of ZERO cheats. My cheats are easy... cheese, take out, and quick and easy processed snacks. I will be eliminating them from my gut for 21 days. I'll document as much as possible.

I am going to be researching the Whole 30 and reading this book. I am thinking about kicking this off in November. I need a little fixing in my gut, and I love the idea of dropping my no good very bad dairy and grain problem. More on this to come. I already have this book: and I love love love it! It breaks clean eating down perfectly. Check it out.

So, who's with me? 3 Weeks NO Cheats. If you need a copy of the checkoff sheet, just message me. I will get one to you!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursdays Are My Favorite.

Thursday nights are my favorite.  I am sitting in my favorite spot of the house doing my favorite thing while waiting for my favorite person (and well, PEOPLE) to come in the door. Like I said, Thursdays are my favorite.

There is a BIG blog post that is straight from the HEART sitting in my draft box. It is a major one. Some feathers may be ruffled. I have done a pretty amazing job of avoiding all "THOSE" blog posts, and well... the time is up. However, I am not quite ready for it... This weekend. Maybe.

So, I thought I would clean out my phone and share with you the ramblings that I call LIFE. (Or, well... life this week.)

The face that I get when I say, "We are having broccoli- zucchini quinoa muffins for dinner!"

My homework/ lesson planning partner.

My super awesome friends that I made go to school with me. Plus two selfies in one weekend.

The fact that I dressed up as the Tin Man for school one day.

When you miss a UGA game because you are being responsible and junk. Then your family sends you a present... the tickets to the game.....

And a cute sign with a note from D.... "We missed you..."

This kid... that is my bro-in-law. NOT my twin. I'm the nicest person he's ever known.

This picture: a new favorite.

This support system. They love us. We love them.

This is seriously how I make it through life.... :)

Happy Thursday!
Love love,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, I love you.

Happy Friday. I do love a good Friday afternoon in the recliner with the DogNamedDub by my side as we catch up on one or fifty blogs. I only have a single minute to post this sweet little blog…. I must get ready for a football game. (Another favorite thing about Friday nights.)

I recently read something that said you can tell so much about a person by what’s on their nightstand. I thought I would share mine as my Friday Five.


Jesus Calling.
Hands down BEST devotional EVER. Every single day is like, “Wow! I totally needed that today!” I also gave one to my BFF as a gift. I love it that much. (And her.)

What did we do without Ipads? I love mine. It is the holder of all things amazing. Nook. Kindle. Pinterest. Facebook. Blogs.

Garmin charger.
I love my Garmin. It is my BFF for this marathon training. It is my favorite running purchase ever. Love.

TKES Handbook. I read this once a week. I secretly love it. Shhhhh.

A picture of my favorite person. My sweet Rylie. (I miss her more than words.)

In reflection: I totally think my nightstand describes me. I am a sinner that falls daily. God is always there to pick me up, and give me just what I need. I love reading and need immediate access to the internet at all times. I’m training for a marathon and long runs control my life. I love honest people and my sweet friend the Garmin 210 is the most honest person I know. Sadly. I’m a teacher and I 100% love LOVE LOVE my job more than words can ever explain.  I miss my sweet family each day… but I know I am right where I need to be.

Ten extra bonus points for the person that names the parenting book that is somewhat hidden. WOAH: Before you get allllll kinds of “WAIT…. Baby Cain?!?” No. Sorry. However, we Cains love to read and LOVE anything that teaches. Yes, that IS indeed a parenting book under there. Confession: I read anything and everything that I think will teach me something about sweet children.  

Love love, 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


There are 567,940 things that I SHOULD be doing right now. The top of that list includes writing a paper that is due this weekend (but I have a XC meet and a football game to attend so it must be posted tonight!) cooking dinner, or vacuuming the floors. (This must happen daily thanks to a DogNamedDub.)

However, I felt like the blog needed an quick minute of my time. Here's what's up.

I just walked in the door about 17 minutes ago and made a cup of coffee. I've been wanting one since the storm started. (Plus I thought it would motivate me to write this paper. That worked well.)

Here is my life as of lately:

Cross Country. Yes. My absolute fave. I love them all. Even when they make me sad with "ahhhhh we love rain days!" Boooooo rain days! Nothing beats running outside!

My husband. Such a hottie. Especially in pink Southern Tide. (But what's new. He's always a hottie!)

My friends. They are the absolute best. I am happy they love red and black. Or maybe we wouldn't be friends?!

Family. I miss you. Please come see me soon!

First grade. I love you. You make me sleep realllllly good at night. But I love every single moment.

Running. 14 miles made me reconsider my love for running. I cried. Lots and lots. And I complained. More and more. However, I reallllllly love the time we spend together as well as the life problems we solve.

Life. Just absolutely 100% chaos. But it's the #CainLife

Love love,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Running Update

Three weeks of training have come and gone. 17 weeks until the BIG MARATHON! I thought I would keep a record here of all that I am putting myself, my husband, and now my friends through. With three weeks of the plan gone, I need to make a small confession.

 Y’all: I am worried about training once school starts in August. When school starts so does football, cross county, UGA football, AND grad school. YIKES.

 It makes me nervous just thinking about the tight scheduling. BUT… I want to document my answer now on the .com…. If I don’t run the marathon now, then I won’t ever do it. 

You make time for what is important to you. 

The Cain fam just happens to have LOTS that is important to them in the fall! (AND SPRING. AND SUMMER. AND WINTER.)

Ok. So let’s document some runs shall we?! 

On the 4th of July somehow I convinced some friends to run a 5k with me. They ROCKED it! I think I have some new race buddies! This really makes my heart so happy! (I think KNOW this is why I coach XC. I love when people fall in love with running!) 

My once ‘running partner’ is now officially retired until October. He doesn’t seem to hate it too much. 
This is a real time photo. He is doing this while I type.

Apparently he takes after his pops. Which is why I am currently BEGGING for a new running partner. Maybe a breed that is made for running. You know…. Kinda like the Weimaraner!?!? Sike.


  • Do more cross training. The scale is shouting to me that I need to lift some weights. I need to fit this into my mornings. 

  • Run with the hydration pack. 

  • I also need healthy carbs ONLY. Grad school and vacation was just a killer to my diet. Which is why I started a cleanse today. #IMissDairy  

  • Water, Rehydrate, and Spark only.  I can tell when I drink tea instead of water throughout the day.

  • Ride my bike. My muscles need the stretching.

  • AB WORK! Enough said.

  • Read my devotional.        Sometimes I start to worry about scheduling once school starts. I NEED to be 100% at everything. That’s hard. I count on a devotional to keep me from having a meltdown. Since you know… those happen from time to time. I think a tattoo of worry.less would work perfectly on my wrist. (wink wink)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I don’t really remember the month of June. Sadly, the first month of “summer break” has come and gone.

Coach had baseball and football So we would high-five each other out the door on most weekdays.

I am teaching summer school… because, well…. A vacation in December is always worth working for. (My opinion.)
photo taken last December in Cozumel :) 

I decided that this was the summer to go back to school. So there were the three weeks that we crammed a semester worth of three classes at once. Leaving me shamefully driving through the local fast food locations.
back to school friends. 

this is what livetext and fast food make me do. 

I’m also living the dream of running my first ever (and possibly only ever) marathon in November. (Which I will be updating everyone daily by posting running pictures. #sorrynotsorry)

Also, there is the family that we try to see regularly!

Oh, and the time to just be that madly in love married couple.

Oh, I got a new car! 

How did I make it through the madness that was the month of June?

You guessed it! SPARK! 

Love love,