Friday, April 24, 2015

18 Weeks

How far? 
18 weeks. 

Today I fell in absolute love. 
Don't get me wrong, I've loved this sweet baby Cain since the day we saw a gummy bear. However, today.... well today we saw a baby. A sweet baby with fingers, toes, a spine, a brain, a perfectly beating heart, and what I firmly believe are runner's legs. 

Baby Cain was also 100% MAMA with the legit movement from side to side and up and down. We had NO problem seeing movement this morning. Sorry, Coach. Baby Cain is going to be a bit like me... never sitting still. 

Today, we had our 18 week anatomy scan. 
We BOTH took the day to spend together, and ended up being at the doctor's office for roughly three hours. It was totally 100% worth it. 

Oh, and they could easily tell if we had a Baby Boy Cain or Baby Girl Cain. 
No worries, we will NOT have a gender reveal. I guess you will have to wait until September.

How I Feel: 
Awesome. I think the weather has been key. It has been awesome all week. However, tomorrow we should get a ton of rain. 

I have had SOME hormones going crazy. This has caused lots of evening runs. It is either run, cry, or punch folks. Luckily I pick running. Maybe some crying. Mostly running. 

I have a HUGE goal to run the majority of my pregnancy. I just know that I feel so much better when I run. I also am spending some time lifting some weights to focus on my arms. I want to feel strong. 
I will just do these things until my body says otherwise. 

I did get pretty upset this week several times. I had my feelings hurt and now looking back... it was silly. Really silly. I learned that people will be people. What ever happened to loving each other? I just got upset because I 100% try to be an amazing friend and be there as much as possible for anyone and everyone. Others, ehhhhh... 

I also had some minor cramps. They didn't bother me, just had me worried. I would just drink water. I am drinking a gallon a day and the doctor said that was great and cramping is normal. Things are growing. 

Maternity Clothing: 
I LOVE this black maxi dress. It is on rotation and I have had it on three days this week. 
BUT, when I don't wear maternity... we have a HUGE bump. Well, HUGE to me.

I have looked forward to a brownie each day after school. I made a pan on Sunday and I am fighting the desire to make more. They were amazing. 
I also cooked FOUR nights in a row and ate each night! They were actually pretty decent meals. 

I am loving fresh tomatoes as well. I will be hitting the farmer's market in the morning. 


Another goal, praying in that room. 
Next week I am purchasing the chair. 
We have the arrangements made to have the two furniture pieces painted. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
Will you sleep in the nursery when Baby Cain gets here? You are kinda taking up too much of my side of the bed!

This morning my heart was so full. Thank you, Lord for the perfect blessing and picking US to be parents. I cannot put into words the feelings and gratefulness. God is so good. I also felt so much peace this week. Prayer and truth = amazing! Yes, faith and ZERO fear. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

16 Weeks.

How far? 
On April 10th, Baby Cain is 16 weeks.

Baby Cain is the size of an avocado. 

How I feel?
This week was Spring Break. Although Coach was VERY sick, I felt GREAT all week. I totally understand why ladies call it the "Honeymoon phase." I have energy, (but love a nap in the afternoons) I want to eat food, (real food) and I am loving being pregnant. 
Yes: I love being pregnant. 

This week was perfect because family was here and together we enjoyed food, the lake, and each other. I made a trip to purchase some plants, we won some baseball games, I had a TON of naps, read 4 books, AND made a trip to the beach with my girlfriends where we enjoyed each other's company as well some great laughs and food! We didn't travel light! 

Maternity Clothing: 
I need to document that I wore a maternity bathing suit for the first time ever this week! I wore lounge stuff all week so nothing fancy. 

Best Moment Of the Week: 
Coach feeling better after spending 4 days in the bed. Oh, and all the activities mentioned above! 

Food. Just food. 

Hello, fabric! I ordered some fabric samples. I have the sets picked out and ready to go. We have decided one set for a boy, one set for a girl. I am calling this week to discuss options with the designer. Yay! 
We also officially have a crib. 

I found THE CHAIR and I will order it May 1st. (I made a vow to only purchase one big item a month to keep track of spending. We are super strict on the budget right now. Post to come.) 

Sweet Baby Dub: 

With THE big appointment approaching I am praying for faith. My BFF said, "Can't have faith and fear." With this, I am FULLY trusting God. 

Love love, 

An Award.

Happy Weekend! 
I will post an update on the bump shortly. However, this post has been needing to be finished for a week... so that is the goal this afternoon! 

Who knew folks actually READ this blog?! I think sometimes Coach will raise an eyebrow when I mention just how much love this little blog gets from time to time. 

With this being said, this little spot on the .com won an award! 
Thanks, Ashley! 

With this award, I was asked to answer some questions for some new readers... I love new readers so here we go! 

1/ Where is your favorite place to vacation?
The beach. Any beach. BUT..... if we are asking absolute favorite.... Cozumel was amazing. I believe it was due to our amazing resort. But, it was wonderful. Belize was absolutely perfect as well, but I went there for school and not vacation. I would LOVE to go back! Coach and I have started going on trips during Christmas. These are my new obsession. It is just the right time for needing a break and a warm beach is the perfect answer. We will take a trip break in 2015 due to having a sweet lil Baby Cain... but we have already set the ball rolling for 2016. I am so pumped because the destination will be perfect! 

2/ Do you have one book you recommend us to read?
It would be absolutely impossible to recommend ONE book. I am a HUGE reader. I read ALLLL the time. However, I am never disappointed in the Lord's Word. I try my best to pick it up several times a day. 
Need some financial guidance: Anything Dave Ramsey. 
Need some baby advice: Dr. Denmark and Babywise. 
Need a laugh: find a good blog or fifty. 
Just read. Read anything. 

3/ What is your nemesis?
Anyone running against me in a race. 
Anyone being negative. 
Someone who tells kids, "These are the best days of your life!" No. Being an adult is the best.  
4/ What is your favorite part of the day?
After a good 5am run. 
7:30-8:00 when my babies come in for the day and say "HEY MRS. CAIN!" 
Lunch with my coworkers. 
Seeing kids make PRs or score goals. 
Seeing my husband on the football field or on the diamond. In baseball pants. 
Winning a HUGE baseball game. 
Dub greeting me at the door. 
Dinner with my husband. 
Praying with Coach. 
Going to bed with a good book. 

I am a all day kinda person I guess.... 

5/ Tell us your biggest to-do on your bucket list.
Run a marathon. Gah. It WILLLLLL happen! 

6/ What is your favorite beauty product?

7/ Have you been keeping up with the Master's this weekend? If so, who are you cheering on?
I just watch to see the flowers. And remember all the great times we had when we lived in Augusta for 2 years. 
8/ If you could hold/be around/pet one animal/reptile without it harming you, what would it be?
None. No way. No thanks. 
9/ What is your favorite hobby or thing to do in your free time?
Running. Reading. Sleeping. 
10/ Why did you start blogging?
We moved away from family and friends. This was a spot to keep everyone informed. Now I just have a lot to say! 
11/ Do you have any pets? Introduce them to us!
One sweet Baby Dub. He is an out of control human/ Weimaraner. 

Love love. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Social Media

This is an opinion. This opinion is mine and only mine. These are MY feelings and MY spot on the .com to share such feelings. I wanted to post this as a status. Then I thought about it, and I would be doing exactly what I was getting upset about. I've thought about this post for about a year or more.

Social media is probably one of my favorite things in the world. I love Facebook because it keeps me up to date on friends and family. It is a way to see news articles. I LOVE LOVE Instagram because it is a way to see pictures and also follow small businesses (children's clothing lines) as well as some amazing workout folks. Blogging has opened my eyes to something so amazing to something entirely different and I am madly passionate about it. I love reading opinions and ways of life of others. I have read some very informational posts and learned so much! It helps connect with people with the same interests as you and a fresh outlook on some new opinions that you may be forming.

For example, Coach and I LOVE the Babywise practice. However, not many friends (if any) have read the book, done the research, or feel passionate about it. Truth: Folks just down right hate it. (Folks that haven't read the books or witnessed the proper practice to form an opinion.) Blogs help you find the support and makes it possible to connect with them for support. 

Social media can be the most inspirational tool. You can be motivated to work out, lose weight, become healthier, become closer to God, better your marriage, be a better friend, cook better meals, or just appreciate what you have MORE. Truth: These are the positive feelings that I have picked up personally from social media. 

Then there is the OTHER form of social media: The negative user. 

People can use social media to hurt feelings, to get on hurtful rants, to share or make fun, to bash others. I have witnessed some of the must hurtful social media posts that are put out there to clearly call out another person... that you may or may not even know. I have seen people take pictures of others in private... and then post them to make fun of them. I have seen people make a status to call out another person and their actions. Seriously, it is going to hurt SOMEONE's feelings. SOMEONE's actions are being made fun of.

I am POSITIVE that I have said something on SM that has hurt someone's feelings. I am taking blame and 100% saying: I am truly sorry. In my adult life I am now aware of how hurtful some posts can be and I feel horrible about it. Gah, I would NEVER want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am praying that I am not using this to "call anyone out" on social media. I am calling myself out. I am challenging myself.

Here's the challenge: 
Truly love others. 

  • Love the car selfies. Someone is feeling beautiful at the moment. That can be hard sometimes in our society that places a standard on beauty. Take those selfies! Feel beautiful! You are! 
  • Don't post a rant when in a time of anger. You may not be "FB friends" with the center of the rant... but they will see it. Their feelings will be hurt. 
  • Love those "30 Days of Thankful" posts. We all need to be more thankful 365 days. Let folks have pride for the little things. I am so thankful I didn't pitch a fit for the $600 washer and dryer stands last year. Now I am thankful my husband does the laundry because it hurts to bend over. The little things. 
  • Don't take pictures of a crazy person you see dressed funny or driving you crazy in public. I KNOW I am guilty of driving people crazy in public a time or a million in my life! Have you seen me in public when I get excited about above mentioned washer and dryer?! It was like getting a toilet after years of using an outhouse! If anyone ever sees me walk my dog in the morning... this is what they will see... I may see a picture of "Look at this crazy lady! What is she wearing?! 
  • Love those small business sellers! Sell your products! Love your products! Be passionate about what YOU love. Trust me: Someones life will be benefited from your passion! I use top of the line vitamins. I am part of an amazing business that has one goal: to better lives of many! I also have some amazing lashes! I have a million monograms in my house. I love local veggies from the farmer down the road. I eat amazing chicken that I order by the ton. Share your small business! Love your small business! 
  • Be a positive poster. Not a negative poster. Post the good things. Not the negative things. This can be hard for me. I mean... Last class of the semester on the last Saturday of spring break?! Hey... at least I am finished for the semester. One step closer to the big goal. Plus, it gives me next weekend to be free of all school work! Be positive! Be positive! Be Positive! Allergies are horrible! But hey... my flowers and trees look ahhhhhmazing! It's hot! I'm pregnant! Hey... It isn't an ice storm... and I'm gonna be a mommy! Positive! 
You can use social media 2 ways. Only 2 ways: To bring people up.... or to bring people down. 

I pray I am known for bringing people UP! 

I am challenging myself starting today! 

Love love,

15 Weeks

How Far? 
15 weeks. 

Baby Cain is the size of an orange. We crush some oranges and grapefruit in this house. They are something I purchase every grocery trip. 

How I feel? 
I feel wonderful. I am 100mph during the day and then I crash at night when my head hits the pillow. I am a heavy sleeper. This has Coach convinced he will be up for all night calls.  I try to tell him things change, but then again... the man already does the laundry, dishes, and major house things.. so... I will let him continue to think what he wants. ;) 

I sometimes seriously remind myself... YOU ARE PREGNANT! 
I crave and miss a 10 mile run. So strange. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go for a NICE, LONG, 10 mile run. 

Maternity Clothing: 
I only wear maternity jeans. I can mostly rock my old stuff. I just look ummm... wide. 

Best Moment of the Week: 

I ADORE my home. LOVE LOVE LOVE our life and our family in our new home. The Lord is working on our lives because he placed us in a new church and when I look around I see friends that I adore and love like family. 
However, Southside is where I fell in love. I fell in love with God. I fell in love with preaching. I fell in love with The Word. I fell in love with Coach. I remember praying for the first time, "Lord, thank you for this amazing guy. He is absolutely perfect! Please let him know how much I love him!" I was sitting in the old building then with maybe 150 people. Now Southside has grown and has a new home. It was amazing to be a part of that first worship service. Ohhhhh... and the music! 

I also picked up some new makeup that I adore! Thanks, Penny! I ummmmm forgot my wallet in the other vehicle when it was time to pay. I would love to blame pregnancy brain.... but this happened before pregnancy as well. #CarleyBrain

Food Cravings: 
Ha. I don't crave any particular thing... just food Period. I am hungry all the time. 
I just don't crave cooking. Problem. 

Ordered some fabric samples. 
Some boy fabrics, and some girl fabrics. 
Only one person understands the excitement in this. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
Stole my pillow! And my couch! 

This is how we travel now. It will be very interesting to see how he will sit in the very back. 

Words just cannot explain. I am so excited to see how life changes once Baby Cain comes. The Lord has picked US to be parents and raise a child to honor The Lord in actions and duties. I am so thankful to be loved by Him. 

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