Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's May or May Not Special

This past weekend was spent winning football games, cross country meets, dinner with friends, 3 hour naps (both days), and lots of just loving the cooler weather that has arrived. 

Friday night we won our Homecoming game. Go Trojans! Saturday morning we had MS XC meets for boys and girls. Go Trojans! Saturday afternoon I took a 3 hour nap while Coach watched film. He tried to make me feel guilty about the absence of HIS nap due to our slow computer. I must admit, I had ZERO guilt. Saturday evening was filled with an AHHHHmazing dinner at our dear sweet HC’s house. All while watching my beloved Dawgs forget that they were playing a team that was 1-6. However, we pulled out a win. So, I am all smiles here. (Actually, I am all smiles because we watched the game in a public setting, and Coach’s blood pressure was forced to stay at a non-heart attack level.) Sunday was filled with cooler temps in the morning, divine coffee, and a puffer vest with boots at church. I also had another 3 hour nap. Coach ALSO tried to make me feel guilty yet again for the nap since he had a football meeting. Again, I must admit, my lack of guilt has me worried. Sunday evening was consumed with cheese pizza and a broken heart from the Jets. I did not wear my Sanchez jersey to school today. 

That was our weekend. Pretty speedy I know. However, this post was not necessarily meant to be a weekend recap. Saturday night, while enjoying time with our friends, my husband, being the loving, caring man that he is, informed me that I have a problem with saying, “May or may not.” After hours upon hours of recollection, I have come to the conclusion that my loving, caring, kind, smart, intelligent husband must call me out on the FEW things that I do to the extreme because… well… I am just so outstanding, he feels that he needs to find SOMETHING to give me a hard time about. About six months ago he said that I use too many emoticons when typing and texting. I have seen someone about my problem and I am working on that little struggle to become a better wife. Since obviously this over usage of emoticons keeps me from fulfilling my wifely duties. Obviously. So, now it has been brought to my attention that I may or may not use may or may not in conversation too much. Three times in 30 minutes I believe is what he calculated when bringing it to my attention. This my friends brings today’s topic of blogging…. 

Things I May or May Not Be Doing… 

I may or may not have a problem with Blogger changing my words. Chaperone has an e at the end, but when I enter it into blogger, it took it off. When I added it back, it said it was misspelled. Ahhhhhhhhh… See, it has it highlighted now!?!? E or no e? Help a girl out spell check!

I may or may not spend too much time doing everything else, and often simply proof read too quickly. Please dear friends do not hold it against me. I swear I am an educated individual. I simply do not spend the quality time I suppose I should when ‘blogging’. 

I may or may not be married to the Grammar King.  

I may or may not be lost now that I get home at 3:30. No practice has me all confused in the time aspect of the world. 

I may or may not throw my summer flowers away. They still look great… although I love mums, do I really want to spend the money?
I may or may not already have three Christmas gifts ready to be purchased from Etsy. 

I may or may not be getting everyone’s gifts form Etsy this year. 

I may or may not have wanted to use may or may not in the little blurb above when recapping my weekend. 

I may or may not have SLIGHT baby fever. Monogram bottles are to blame, along with Pinterest in general. 

I may or may not beg to fill this fever with another dog. 

I may or may not leave my phone off starting at 8am so I cannot be bothered with emails and other annoying green flashes my phone makes. I can honestly say from 8-3, it’s just me and pre-k. 

I may or may not be putting off buying a new phone because I now work for my money and it is just SOOOO hard to part with. However, my back account may or may not represent that feeling well. Is it October 31st yet? 

I may or may be planning on making a pumpkin pie from scratch this weekend. 

I may or may not be picking pumpkin pie as my choice because I know I am the only one in the house that likes pumpkin pies…. May or may not be a bit selfish. 

I may or may not have a serious love for Gatorade. But lack of love for the Gators...?? It’s a situation. 

I may or may not be taking this to the extreme.

(Not matter what… I love you Mr. Cain. I will try to seek help for my problems…I also am only posting this because it will be a laugh for Coach. He needs to laugh more during this time of year...)

Happy Monday y'all! 

Love love,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits and the "Scatteredness" of My Brain

Oh Happy Tuesday wonderful readers of the world! It is Homecoming Week here in the south. I love the school spirit, festivities, and fall weather that comes along with this week. Coach on the other hand would probably like for me to take a moment and remind everyone the reason behind Homecoming. The game. Let’s not be distracted now….
However, to my sweet babies… Homecoming is a week of playing dress up. Monday was “Hat Day.” I decided that I am going to try my best to wear a hat each day this week. I may make a hat policy in the classroom. I love hats. Legit.

Today was “Camo Day.” I was not at school today.  I was actually a tag-along chaperon for the high school’s FFA trip to the Expo. They asked Coach to go and ride the bus that may need to leave early. I volunteered myself to be the female chaperon on that bus. I may have not slept last night because I was so excited. I love the FFA. It has such a special place in my heart. So, Coach and I rode the bus with 30 kids. 2 hours there, 3.5 hours of walking around, 2 hours back, XC practice, and now I am in the recliner avoiding cooking dinner like it’s the plague, and I am contemplating digging my sweats out of the box in my closet. I was convinced that I would never need them in the south. Wrong. I want them on now. It is a wonderfully crisp evening here in TC. 

i think we need a baby dairy cow...

or a mama dairy cow...

please stop.

More randomness: I really, really, really have a strong desire to own these boots.
image from

 Like to the extreme. I have a serious problem. The problem isn’t that I want them so badly. The problem is that I look at them and the price tag, and think that I would be too afraid to wear them outside of my house. I would probably scuff them up on the playground or get them dirty walking on the football field. (And let’s be honest, those are my two most frequent locations that I visit. Playground + football field.)  I really want them, BUT….. my lifestyle is not very TB approved. I feel as if TB would want me to flaunt these beauties in NYC… Aren’t they beautiful? I have issues. I am aware. Proof of my issues:  probably that I look at them daily when I’m on the computer. I just feel like my Pinterest closet would be that much more realistic….#sigh

I meant to post about this last week. Time flies when you are meaning to post. Well, our FCA had their annual “Fields of Faith” meeting. People were invited to come worship on the field one evening. It was a great turn out! I loved it and the time we spent with the youth and folks in the community.  My super stud husband was one of the speakers. I even took Dub so it would be a family event. Coach talked about his hate for losing, and then turned it into living your life to win. I love him. Seriously.
"I seriously despise losing. Ask my wife."

just listing to his pa.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. Can you believe is will be Wednesday tomorrow? Homecoming week is flying by! 
this is seriously what he is doing right now... love him. 

 Love love, 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Friday, I love you oh so very much. Why do you always seem to hide from me?
Dear Off Week, You sorta have my Friday evening off a little. I mean, there is this man sitting on the couch in gym shorts watching ESPN at 3:30pm. I normally have afternoons to catch up on Y&R. Now I am forced to sit here and blog and answer questions about my day.
Dear Husband, I love you. I really do. I hope you understand the wrench you have thrown into my afternoon.  However, you are seriously the best bus driver ever. ;)
Dear “Girl’s Night”, YAY! I am ready to CRUSH the salad bar at our local fancy restaurant. (Yeah. Salad bar is the highlight of the evening. Did I mention it is Off Week?)
Dear friends that are posting crazy insane-ness about the Luke Bryan show last night, Yeah, I got up and went to work at 7am this morning. I may or may not be absolutely envious of your fun…
Dear Dub, as long as you chew anything and everything that I accidentally leave out, we will NEVER convince your daddy that you NEED a sibling. Human or doggy.
Dear debates, please come on earlier. It is SOOO hard for me to stay up past 10pm. True fact.
Dear online jewelry auctions, I want ALL of your perfect wardrobe pieces. Why do you have such precious items? I am TRYING to save! It also does not help that I have joint checking. Every single purchase is secretly tracked!
Dear loaded potato soup, You were really good. Too good. I should only make you once a year. My diet agrees. My stomach… not so much.
Dear Fall, please stop teasing me in the mornings and then laughing at me in the afternoons. I love wearing my sweaters. I would like to wear them ALL day. Please and thank you!
Dear Christmas, I’m ready for you.  
Dear 5am on a Saturday, you will be here so early tomorrow. However, I will be so excited to see you. My XC runners are going to KILL the meet that we are headed to.
Happy Friday!
Love love,

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