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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Baby's Room

Before Coach and I even thought about becoming parents I was known to read any and everything baby related. I am the type of person that LOVES research and articles that teach. (I may or may not HATE writing research papers.... but hey.... I've been known to write a ton few.) I read any and every article I could find about products to use, schedules, sleep training, what to expect the first months with a new baby, and any and all things about labor. I knew up to date car seat laws and rules way before Baby Cain was even on the way. I just LOVE reading information and making a choice about our parenting decisions based on my own research. I was not really one to ask advice on Facebook because that took the fun out of researching! (Plus it is always great to have some go to websites to have on hand for some great advice!)

When we found out we were expecting the research doubled and I also began to read any and every book I could get my hands on at the time. Coach and I had MANY discussions about our beliefs and what we wanted to stand firm with in our parenting. My favorite conversations we had were about parenting while I was pregnant. I am also SO SO SO glad we took the birthing classes and had discussions about those topics. Our labor and delivery was far from textbook and the entire time the craziness was going on I did not have to worry about any choice Coach had to make because we had already covered all plans. (I didn't get to meet Calla for over 24 hours after she was born. I was still the first one to meet her. Coach did an amazing job at staying strong and keeping the family.... well.... in check!) 

One major discussion we had was that we both had strong feelings that we wanted Baby Cain's room to be somewhere they spent time, slept, played, and that it was truly a functional nursery. Calla is 18 months old. We have lived in two houses since she was born. I can honestly say that Calla spends LOTS of time in her room. She has slept in her crib since the 7th night we brought her home. I suggest getting an Angel Care monitor. In fact, this may be my number one MUST have.  In the early days when we got up in the middle of the night for feedings, we fed her in her room. (I breastfed and had pumped bottles for Coach to help.Anyone interested in how we had a 12 hours a night sleeping baby at 10 weeks old?) She had tummy time in her floor while I read or played too. I have spent HOURS and HOURS in the chair in her room with her. 

Now that we have a toddler Calla still spends so much time in her room. We have toys in the living room and she plays in there some but really... she LOVES her room. We are pretty blessed that she does great with independent play time and with the monitor on I can see her play in her room while I cook dinner or whatever. This week we were all in her room and I thought I needed to document how we have her room set up and why it works so well for us. I also want to remember her room as well as have ideas for later. (If they are ever needed.) 

 See the chair? Invest in a good chair. When I say we have spent hours in this chair, I mean it. I still use is every night. I don't rock Calla to sleep, but we sit in the chair and read. I love this chair!

 Calla doesn't have a dresser. A family member had this changing table in storage so we are borrowing it. It holds 4 baskets. One basket has pjs. One basket has diapers. One basket has socks and the other holds blankets. There is also a stack of blankets in the middle of the top shelf. This can be a mess sometimes because her favorite thing to do now is to pull them all off the shelf. I also found these bucket things as Homegoods. We use one bucket for toys and one for a dirty clothes hamper. I also want to say 100% best thing we did was buy some cheap black out shades. They were so easy to install. They aren't nice and kinda ugly but they are hidden by the drapes. Buy some.
 This hutch is a family piece. Brandon's Granny had it in her house. We had an amazing friend paint it for us and we use it to store her important things that aren't for play.
 All the books and all the babies. Calla is also known to pull every single book off this shelf. We are working on how to put them back. I really don't care that she pulls them off and makes a mess. I am just thankful she has books to read and many books in her hand! We also use two more of the buckets for doll clothes and blankets and stuffed animals.

 Why do people still sell bumper pads with their crib bedding? Please don't use bumper pads! ( We have mesh ones we just never needed them.) The Easter Bunny may be bringing some art for above her bed. She also has not learned that they light switch is so close to her.
 This is just proof that she is constantly in her room playing with toys. I want to shout out to her teacher because she is also really good at cleaning them up before bed.
Calla, if you are reading this as an adult.... I need you to see that we had way too many bows. I also have a small basket that holds all of her shoes. She is also pretty good at putting her shoes up when we come home. She may be better than me in that! 

This is just what worked well for us. It is by no means perfect and I totally 100% suggest that you do what works best for YOU. You kinda have to just go with it and learn as you go! I just highly suggest reading and learning all ideas and tips that are out there!

Love love,

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Bigger the Bow... A Review

All opinions are my own. (And a few are Calla's) :) 

It hurts to admit this... but it needs to be documented. I have spent a pretty penny on Calla's bows. I buy 90% of her wardrobe second hand from consignment. I consign a large amount of her clothing that she out grows. Coach never mentions Calla's clothing because he knows I get great deals and shop very thrifty.  However, bows. Bows are a different ballgame. 

Until now. 
  Nothing says southern lil babe quite like a smocked dress and a big ole bow.  I was spending money on bows and then she would break my heart into a million pieces when she touched them with her cheesy hands, or pulled them out and pulled ribbon loose. With a growing little gal... I was determined to find well made bows that didn't pull from Calla's college fund. Thankfully I recently found CR Designs and Bowtique

After stumbling across her business page  I was looking at her ribbon choices and LOVED that she had so many options. THEN.... then my life was changed. I saw her pricing. I couldn't believe it. I ran to C's room and did a quick inventory. I quickly ordered several different shades of pink.

 Here's what I look for in a business: 
  • Quick response when I ask a question. 
  • Easy to follow rules and options 
  • Prices
  • Quality
  • Friendly service
  • Quick Shipping

I asked a question. Had a response in 30 minutes. I placed an order with my PayPal. Got an invoice in 30 minutes. I couldn't believe the prices. I was simply waiting on quality and shipping. 

THREE DAYS LATER..... I had an amazing box of bows on my porch. I held my breath when I opened the box of goods. It was all just too good to be true. Y'ALL...... the bows were perfection. It was official. I had three beautiful bows shipped for the price of ONE. I was hooked. I instantly messaged the owner and told her I was a customer for life. The bows were packaged in a box and wrapped in paper. The bows are beautiful, strong, and made with amazing ribbon. We love bows on alligator clips and the clips were covered in ribbon which is a detail often left out but I LOVE. 

The owner is just a SAHM that is trying to create orders that have great service and amazing prices. She simply rocks. 
I was telling Coach the good news and of course he was just way too thrilled for words. I joke. We agreed to allow Calla to be a brand rep for this sweet shop because we both loved that the bows were amazing quality and super reasonable. Without a doubt you will be seeing pictures of these bows in our future! 

Are big bows just not your style? No worries! You can get any size in single, double, or triple. Options are endless. 
ANNNDDDDD...... Good news: We are doing a giveaway! All you have to do is....

  • Like the group
  • Comment on what solid color you would love for free! 
I will pick a winner Monday night at 8pm!