Monday, February 23, 2015

Chicken in the Cain House

We get a lot of laughs when we tell people how we buy chicken. We actually buy 80lbs at once. When we moved to where we live now we suddenly became 1.5 hours away from my favorite two grocery stores; Aldi and Publix. We would find ourselves packing a cooler and making a trip to these stores once a month. We mostly went for meat and veggies.
As everyone knows I am obsessed with local blogs. A friend of mine posted on a blog that they found an amazing company that gives a HUGE discount by cutting out the middle man. Zaycon Foods can be researched here. 

I will admit, I was supppppperrrrr nervous about ordering meat from a meat truck. I was also suppppppppeerrrr nervous about picking up the chicken.

I can honestly say that the entire experience has been awesome at every pick up I have participated in. In fact, the guys are ALWAYS super helpful, and it is ALWAYS packed with other moms picking up some cheap, healthy chicken. YES! CHEAP AND HEALTHY!

For the husbands out there that are all like, "We are NOT wasting money on that much chicken!" Well, I was worried Coach would feel that way too. Then he went shopping to pick up one pack of chicken and then he instantly fell in love with the cheap Zaycon prices. He also LOVED having a ton of chicken ready in the freezer when we need it for whatever meal calls for it. It has been perfect to thaw out for his football meetings, tailgates, neighbors needing supper..... I LOVE having around 40 packs ready to go!

It comes in a HUGE box. The chicken isn't frozen when you pick it up. When I get home Coach and I bust the chicken into 2 breasts per freezer bag. Then we pull one bag out at a time. (We usually just need two breasts per meal.) One unit order would probably give you twenty bags of chicken.

Zaycon Foods does offer other foods depending on the region you live in. I have only tried the chicken but we are ordering beef the next sale because the man at the last stop highly recommended that. He did not like the waffles or the bacon. I feel like he was being totally honest because he actually did say don't get those two products. This made me trust the chicken even more.

If you are local to me then you do have to drive the 1 hour to pick up the chicken, However, you can look up your area to check for a spot near you. It is SO WORTH the drive to us! I also learned that if 60 orders from one area are placed then Zaycon will start delivering to that area! So, if you are interested, join the list and we can possibly get a delivery here! Please use the reference link that I am providing. I think you will LOVE the awesome chicken that is cheap and HEALTHY!

There is a sale in March! I've already ordered my units! Can't wait! 

Love love, 

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