Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If You Know Me...

If you know me then... You probably DON'T KNOW this: Adoption is in my prayer book. Yes, starting a family (one day) is in the prayer book as well. However, adoption just REALLY pulls at my heart. Are we totally NOT at the point of 100% "OK, we WILL adopt!" No. In fact, my husband is probably watching the hair raise on his arm as he reads. (Sorry, Coach. I said the blog was about to be 100% ME!) It isn't at all about the feelings I share. It is usually the way I share my feelings. 100% open and on a blog. (For the record.) He believes whatever happens is God's will. I love that about him. He keeps me in check. Even during total meltdowns.  

If you know me then... You probably KNOW this... I often obsess over things once I get my mind on them.

Being kind.
Healthy Eating.
Being kind. (oh wait, I said that. Take note.)

The reason for this post is to share this:

So, I can't tell a lie when I say this: This Blog. This family. This lady, This baby. 

Read. Cry. Love.

It is what I do daily. I adore this story. My faith just grew this week with her posts. Again, LOVE.

Maybe you needed this story as much as I did.


Love love,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


(Before I start I should say HI to the man of my dreams that instantly clicked on the link once he saw it pop up on his feed... Not because I titled it HUSBAND... but because he is the #1 reader. It may or may not be to check my grammar.... who knows.)

My fave. 

I am sharing this blog because I am currently loving it. When you are married to a person that is as equally as busy as you, but still find time to discuss the starting five and race times at the dinner table, you do whatever it takes to make sure you are always madly and deeply in love. Which I think that we do a pretty amazing job....

When we were getting ready to say "For Wins and For Losses" or "For Better and For Worse" if you must.... we took the Love Language quiz. Get ready for the shocker: My love language is "Gifts." Insert Gasp. I know. I know.

Well, words of affirmation was not one that I was familiar with. This means one thing: I need to get better. So, here I am sharing my secrets. Coach will now be thinking, "Oh that is why she says, Can I help you do anything today?" Yup... and YOU think I ONLY read junk.... :)

Anyway... I am sharing this blog with hopes that you find something you like. If you agree or disagree with my opinion that marriage is #1 FOR LIFE... (this is me adding a part of my heart without stepping on toes. Maybe I will write about how I pray daily to keep God #1, Coach #2, and the rest #3... One day.... I need thicker skin first.)  I hope you enjoy! You can follow me on Pinterest as well. Just look under my "Coach" board.

As always,

Love love,

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