Monday, July 29, 2013

Small Prayer Request

I wanted to take a quick moment to ask for a prayer. Today our county went back to school, and with an 8-4 workday... comes late football practices here in the south due to the insane heat. Our team takes the field this evening from 6 til...

This means some families will eat dinner without dear old dad for a few nights. (Usually about a month.) Coach and I don't have children yet, so my household isn't as bad. BUT... it is kinda hard knowing your husband is pulling some 13+ hour days. I got home five minutes after Coach left for practice (after running home to let Dub out.) It's hot, they are all tired, and Dub and I can only have so many conversations.... So this is why I ask for prayers.

We need to pray for our team. Pray for the boys and their safety. Pray for the kids driving home. Pray for the families that are missing a Coach while they fulfill their dreams of a winning season. I ask that you don't just pray for the Trojans,(although all prayers are loved!) pray for your local team. Pray for the cross country kids that will start running in a few days. Pray for the softball teams that are also finding ways to practice safely in the heat. Pray for the teachers that are preparing for another successful year. Pray for the bus drivers as they load the bus to get children from home to school, and back home safely. Pray for the administrators as they begin the stressful journey of another year. Pray.

Please do not take my post as a negative one... Please don't think that for one second I am "negative" about the season.... I LOVE football! More than football, I love how my husband is living his dream of being a coach and in the lives of many young people. This is God's plan, and we NEVER want to live a life without coaching! We both love it... and live for it! I know that no mater how long the days, how much time is spent on Saturdays breaking down film, how many times I hear, "Carley! Come watch this block!"  or how many nights without him (I am often in bed when he gets home.) I am 100% positive we are living God's plan for us. 
The Plan is His Plan. 

give me some photo credit here... Pretty pleased with this one! 

I was listening to the radio this morning and they made a clear and valid point... our teachers, staff, students, and athletes should ALWAYS be in our prayers... makes sense to me!

So I thank you in advance... and wish your local team lots of luck this season! (Unless they are playing the Trojans ;) Just kidding.
Is this life with children? Waiting at the window for his dad! 

Love love,


Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

I think I love reading these little brain dump posts the most as of lately! Plus, writing them is pretty fun as well. I strongly believe that this is the BEST way to spend my last Friday of summer... ahhh yes! Back to school on Monday!

Here we go....

ONE. A New Running Shirt. 
I will admit, it is hard to beat a new purse, a new outfit, or some new shoes... but goooooodnesssss... A new running shirt is pretty amazing! I picked this little beauty up from Wal-Mart! $6 for a cool, light, running shirt. I may or may not be planning on going back for about 5 more. Love love love them!

shameless in the bathroom, no makeup selfie. Yay!

TWO. A New Can of Spark. 
Hello, Fruit Punch! You are just the punch I need! What did I do without Spark? Watermelon, you are pretty fabulous, but FP you are my fave! Nothing says back to school better than 52 servings of energy. Healthy energy.

THREE. Dog Named Dub. && #weimaraner
Stop being so precious. Seriously. Best dog ever. Also, I could spend hours looking at #weimaraner pics on Instagram. The sweet pictures of the sweetest dogs ever are currently filling my desire for a sweet sista for Dub. Oh, so, sweet!

FOUR. Rain. 
I am thankful for the rain, and all the water that God is blessing us with... but oh my goodenss at the humidity. Plus, the rain has created quite the marsh in my back yard, meaning the grass cannot be cut. Ahhhh..... grass! I hate tall grass and really want it cut weekly. It's been three weeks. No good.

FIVE. Weights. 
Although Coach has 4 day a week sessions in the gym... I join him for 2 and run the rest. Monday and Thursdays we have sessions together. They are probably my favorite days. Three weeks ago we started doing the exact same workouts. I LOVE IT! I mean... the couple that workout together... stay together. :) Plus, I am loving the fact that I can lift weights now... I am no longer just the weak runner struggling with carrying the groceries.

That is all I have for you today.... 
Happy Friday! 
Love love, 

Monday, July 22, 2013


On this beautiful Monday morning I actually have a bit of time to sit with the computer in my lap. I think I am slowly falling in love with having 2 extra hours in the morning to do whatever my heart desires. Which of course is Pinterest, emails, blog, reading blogs, and searching through old pictures. Why do I have 2 extra hours? Since Coach still has morning practice, we decided to continue our 6am workout. I don't have to be in my classroom until 9. My flowers are watered, Dub is resting from a good morning walk, and my blog gets some love. Again, can I ALWAYS start my Mondays like this?!

This weekend was full of nothing but cleaning, reading, DVR cleaning, runs with Dub, and playing catch up. I loved it! I also love the fact that Dub hair no longer lives on my baseboards! Now I just need some visitors this week before my house is messy again!

I thought I would leave you with some of my favorite quotes and pictures that have been saved on my computer. Happy Monday!

We were so young!(I think it was about 5 years ago!) This was at one of the MANY concerts we attended while dating.

My little brother. :)

The sweetest little baby sister!

Cousins! :) (Taylor, Bentley is your twin. This is proof!)

Love love,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Weekend Trip to Charleston 2013

At the end of June one of my sweetest friends from college became a Mrs. The thing about EDU folks... you are under a ton of stress, you are all perfectionist, and you have a TON to do while earning your degree at ASU. So, with this being said, we all became GREAT friends. Mrs. Alexander was married at the most beautiful plantation in Charleston, Sc. Coach and I knew we were going to make it a weekend trip and could not wait to reunite with all of my sweet, sweet friends!

After school Friday we loaded the car up and drove straight to SC. It was an amazing drive and it did not take us long AT ALL! (Those are the best road trips!)

It has been a year since I have seen my dear friend, Amy. I almost cried when we saw her and her husband at the hotel. (I probably did cry from laughing so hard at the texts leading up to our reunion!)

We checked in, and unloaded our bags then did what we do best... set out to find the perfect seafood location for dinner.

I love there were so many moments spent laughing! I love my friends!

After dinner we walked around the beautiful town and just enjoyed being able to see the city without 90,000+ people that were there when we last visited for the CRBR. Coach and I both agreed that we love the city even more when we can enjoy it without roads being closed and the city at its max capacity.

One fact about me is that I love going places, but I am the WORST hotel sleeper ever. I actually fell asleep pretty easily (I did have to work that day!) But, I woke up at 6:30am ready to go. I made the vow that I was going to leave my running gear at home and just enjoy a weekend. Well, of course I was up 2 hours before everyone and could have actually LOVED going out for a run while the others got up and moving.
memories! (this is to remind me that Amy takes HOURS to get ready...)

I wasted time that morning walking around in Target as soon as they opened. Time well spent to me! Then once our crew was ready, we decided to go to the city and walk the market and streets. I love the feel that Charleston gives. I could seriously walked around all day! Not to mention many of my favorite places all on one street... JCrew, Kate Spade, Southern Tide. (While typing, I am noticing that I am proving Coach's theory of double names....)
Aren't they so cute?!

At lunch we found a great little BBQ place that was featured in Southern Living. Then we hit up a sweet shop and decided that since this was a mini vacation, we were going to treat it like a vacation and have some fudge. (Or several.) Since there were so many of us, we knew we needed to get back and start getting ready for the evening's festivities.

On the way I noticed that there was a Tanger Outlet. I did a quick google search and learned that they had a Michal Kors outlet. For about a year I have been obsessed with wanting a nice, beautiful watch. I have convinced myself that I would never pay that much for a watch, and I have even bought several cheap watches. Of course, they all break, or die. We even went shopping on my birthday for the one I had my heart set on and I chickened out. I seriously just could not do it. After working the entire summer... I decided it was time that I bought the beauty.

I honestly have not had a single regret. I am in love!

Then it was time to get back, get ready, and get to the wedding!

It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! It was so amazing to see everyone and dance the night away... Seriously danced the night away! Not a single detail was left out! The scenery was absolutely breath taking. After planning my own wedding, I have some major respect for Paige! She did an amazing job! We had a blast!

The next morning I was up again at 6am without a pair of running shoes... Coach and I decided to drive to Tybee Island on the way home to visit some friends that were on vacation. It was amazing to catch up with them and spend time with their family at the beach. Coach's heart was full from visiting his very first boss that lead us to where we are now. Plus, I am always down for visiting some of the sweetest ladies that walk the Earth!

This weekend was probably the best weekend of the summer! I love looking at the pictures and just smiling at where we all are now... and how thankful I am that we never have to write an ISL again!

Love love,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Well, well, well! I am officially back in the blogging world! I had to take a (too) long break while we had our computer repaired. It arrived today and is better than ever! I am so happy I have amazing friends that are smart. (A friend from Augusta fixed our computer for us when Best Buy was going to charge more to fix ours than just get a new one.) Thanks, Aaron! You da bomb! 

I love that friends have messaged me asking if I was going to blog again... it makes me feel loved and assures me that someone other than Coach is reading. (Even though he thinks he's the only reader...)

Since is it Friday, and I am loving my <like> new computer I thought I would participate in a little fun Friday blog that I have seen floating around the blog world. Here goes...

I love my Weimaraner. No words can explain my love for this little puppy. He is the perfect before children child. I mean, even though he sounds like he is tap dancing on our hardwood floors, and sometimes needs to go outside at 3am... he is just so precious. I love him.

this is seriously happening right now as I type.... 

When a new friend asked me what my husband coached, and I answered, "Football, wrestling, and baseball." It hit me that I may never see my husband this year outside of the field/gym. Then it hit me that I suppose I will see him when he is driving my bus for XC and basketball. (Again, he is the best!) I am going to go ahead and ask for prayers for the man I love. He will be busy busy busy which means not much time for afternoon naps on the couch that he seems to love so much. We seriously would not change it for anything... we know it is what we were made for!
and baseball, cross country, basketball, wrestling.... :) 

Where has Advocare been my entire life? I just don't know how I ever managed without a morning (and sometimes afternoon) Spark. What did I eat for breakfast before I was introduced to the goodness that comes in the Meal Replacement Shake? How did I have the extra boost that my workouts need before I found these little vitamins? Advocare... I love you.

Treehouse Masters, my husband loves you. In fact, he may or may not be flipping from the Braves to the season finale. I mean, what's not for him to love?! People hiring other people to build crazy dream houses in the trees... sounds like Coach to me. Well, the part of people hiring people to build things... we for sure don't build things here. As for the trees.... The only trees we like are the hedges in Athens. (Are those trees?!)

I WILL live on the beach before I die. Living a short drive away is only a tease. I am all about a day trip... but I want to run DAILY on the sand. I'd say I'd move tomorrow... but I am going to need a few years to mature before I make a permanent residence on the shores. I am currently not nearly mature enough to go to work each day if I lived on the beach. One day.

However, for now I'm truly loving our day trips to the ocean, or sitting by the pool, or me sitting in our back yard next to the hose with a good book. As long as there is sunshine... I'll be fine.
Cain Pool. (My fave) 

Sauls' Lake (My fave) 

Day trip to Tybee... (My fave) 

My backyard. My fave. 

Day trip to St. Simmons. My fave.

Love love, 

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