Sunday, August 30, 2015

Callahan Ryan

Now that sweet Baby Cain is here, I feel like I need to leave an explanation of her precious name. Not only did we not know the gender,(I must admit... I did buy some bows. I just had a feeling) we really didn't discuss names with anyone. Unless you were very very lucky and I trusted you with my life did I mention possible names. Reason: sometimes people can be hurtful with their words/ opinions, as well as their facial expressions. We had very unique names picked out because let's face it... I like different... and Coach is really good at remembering names so any and every name I said, he was able to link it to something or someone and was impossible to satisfy. In fact, it was very very very rare to hear even "It isn't that bad." or "I don't hate that."  Since February we had a solid boys name picked out. I won't share it here, because (sorry family) if there's a Baby Boy Cain in the future at all... That will be the name. Let's just say some know it. Many aren't fans... :)  We had one boy name picked out and two girl names. I had it in my head that I would know when I saw the baby.

So as many know (and if you don't I'm sure I'll do a  whole birth story before 2020.) I ended up having an emergency delivery at 34 weeks. It had absolutely nothing to do with Baby Cain's health, it was all me and my body.  With this being said, once baby Cain was born, Daddy was given full permission to officially pick the name. Thankfully I 100% trust my husband (and knew I would fill out all legal documents) so I wasn't at all worried that he would use Ric Flair Cain. So, one boy name, and two girl names.

I knew which one he would pick if we were blessed with a baby girl. I knew because it was the one that I've been saying for the past two months was my favorite. So when I woke up (officially) late Friday night, my husband said probably my favorite words of my entire life: She's a girl. She's perfect, and tiny. Her name is Callahan Ryan. She has brown hair.

Callahan is not necessarily a family name. (But it is now!) However. we were thinking of family and how we could justify it as having family meaning. Coach had an uncle pass away right before we began dating. His name was Allan. Do you (kinda) see Allan in Callahan?

I also adore longer unique names that are strong and then they go by something shorter. So Callahan will be called Calla. I think it fits her perfectly.

Ryan is my middle name. It's also my dad's first name.

We actually call her Calla. I love longer names that are different, and they go by shorter names.

I also should admit: Her monogram is slightly perfect. :) That's really always the deciding factor.

So there you have it.

Meet out sweet Callahan "Calla" Ryan Cain
Born August 14, 2015
3 pounds 12 oz 

Side note: I should add that my initials are CC. My daughter's initials are CC. My favorite sport is CC. Just think sweet Calla, if you grow up to be a runner... all the shirts will have your initials on it. :) Just sayin' 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

30 Weeks

How Far
30 Weeks 

This week I drove to Atlanta to celebrate a friend's sweet addition to the family. (The Bff's sister.) I drove to Atlanta alone and only spent $30 at Hobby Lobby which was my ONLY stop on the way home. I only had one meltdown on the way because my AC was acting crazy and not really working. Turns out it was an operator error. Also, I decided that if a store does not let a pouring sweat super pregnant lady use their bathrooms because 'They are for workers only!" Then I will NOT EVER purchase a single item from you again. I almost burst into tears when I left my buggy sitting there while I walked our. Sorry Dollar General. I will NOT be walking in your doors again. 

How I Feel
I feel pregnant. I also feel like I have 10 weeks of being pregnant remaining. I also feel that I love being home for the summer. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to become a mother. I never want to say anything negative about being pregnant because it really is a gift that I am so so so grateful for. So with that being said: go kiss a pregnant lady that is pregnant in the summer. I am POSITIVE that it is HOTTTTTT when you are carrying an extra 30 or so pounds around. Oh, you're not carrying an extra 30 pounds around? Well.... I AM! 

I had a doctor's appointment this week and all was great. My blood pressure was a tad higher than it normally is, but the doctor had no concerns. I need to up the water drinking. 

Maternity Clothing: 
I live in tanks and yoga pants. 
I may wear a dress if I have to leave the house and look presentable. 
Even if I need to look presentable, I still may be in yoga pants and tanks. 
The good news is that my shoes still fit! 

Just food. 
All the food. 

This is my favorite room in the house. 

I was hanging pictures and things on the walls at 10pm one night. 
I adore sitting in this chair. 

Sweet Baby Dub: 
He loves curling up on the couch with Baby Cain. 
He also loves looking at me while I eat food. Which I should add is quite frequently.
How we have spent Summer 2015


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