Monday, July 7, 2014

Running Update

Three weeks of training have come and gone. 17 weeks until the BIG MARATHON! I thought I would keep a record here of all that I am putting myself, my husband, and now my friends through. With three weeks of the plan gone, I need to make a small confession.

 Y’all: I am worried about training once school starts in August. When school starts so does football, cross county, UGA football, AND grad school. YIKES.

 It makes me nervous just thinking about the tight scheduling. BUT… I want to document my answer now on the .com…. If I don’t run the marathon now, then I won’t ever do it. 

You make time for what is important to you. 

The Cain fam just happens to have LOTS that is important to them in the fall! (AND SPRING. AND SUMMER. AND WINTER.)

Ok. So let’s document some runs shall we?! 

On the 4th of July somehow I convinced some friends to run a 5k with me. They ROCKED it! I think I have some new race buddies! This really makes my heart so happy! (I think KNOW this is why I coach XC. I love when people fall in love with running!) 

My once ‘running partner’ is now officially retired until October. He doesn’t seem to hate it too much. 
This is a real time photo. He is doing this while I type.

Apparently he takes after his pops. Which is why I am currently BEGGING for a new running partner. Maybe a breed that is made for running. You know…. Kinda like the Weimaraner!?!? Sike.


  • Do more cross training. The scale is shouting to me that I need to lift some weights. I need to fit this into my mornings. 

  • Run with the hydration pack. 

  • I also need healthy carbs ONLY. Grad school and vacation was just a killer to my diet. Which is why I started a cleanse today. #IMissDairy  

  • Water, Rehydrate, and Spark only.  I can tell when I drink tea instead of water throughout the day.

  • Ride my bike. My muscles need the stretching.

  • AB WORK! Enough said.

  • Read my devotional.        Sometimes I start to worry about scheduling once school starts. I NEED to be 100% at everything. That’s hard. I count on a devotional to keep me from having a meltdown. Since you know… those happen from time to time. I think a tattoo of worry.less would work perfectly on my wrist. (wink wink)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I don’t really remember the month of June. Sadly, the first month of “summer break” has come and gone.

Coach had baseball and football So we would high-five each other out the door on most weekdays.

I am teaching summer school… because, well…. A vacation in December is always worth working for. (My opinion.)
photo taken last December in Cozumel :) 

I decided that this was the summer to go back to school. So there were the three weeks that we crammed a semester worth of three classes at once. Leaving me shamefully driving through the local fast food locations.
back to school friends. 

this is what livetext and fast food make me do. 

I’m also living the dream of running my first ever (and possibly only ever) marathon in November. (Which I will be updating everyone daily by posting running pictures. #sorrynotsorry)

Also, there is the family that we try to see regularly!

Oh, and the time to just be that madly in love married couple.

Oh, I got a new car! 

How did I make it through the madness that was the month of June?

You guessed it! SPARK! 

Love love, 

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