Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday.

Here it is 4:30 on Friday, and I am in my pajamas. Legit. This Friday isn't just any old Friday... IT'S SPRING BREAK! WHHHHHOOOOOOOOO. The level of excitement is just too much. TOOOO MUCH. 

We have BIG plans for the week off. Are you ready for it?! Sleeping late!!!!! Gah. So pumped!! 

Fridays are my favorite days to blog. I love Five on Friday. I love having a reason to write meaningless posts of great randomness. 
  I give you... Five. 

When I pulled in the driveway at 3:30, a red truck was in the driveway. It startled me for a minute. Then I remembered that I am indeed married to a man that just so happens to drive a red truck. It's just soooooooo unusual for him to beat me home. Well, now we sit here watching our current "watch it every single time it is on TV" movie: Armageddon. I'll cry at the end. I always do. 

This dog. He is a mess. All of my sweet friends are posting great pictures of their sweet babies... I am just like: Oh, here is Dub! Isn't he PRECIOUS?!?!? #obsessed  

This shirt. Nothing beats a baseball tee... well, maybe a baseball tee with a monogram?!? Thank you, Mom! 
 mirror selfie. I can see my husband huff with disapproval. 

My closet. I fall more and more with this house every single day! However, I'm madly in love with my closet that is super wonderful and free of bossy/clean freak husbands. I just shut the door... and I'm like: "What out of control mess?!"  Love. Love. Love. 
Super awesome uncle made these for me!!! :) 

Our house in general. We are slowly adding pictures to the walls now. I am sure it'll change before the summer... but we have Larry hanging and some super amazing patterns going on... 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mr. vs. Mrs.

This is just a simple quick post to document some more of this "First House" experience. Today I shall bring you a brand new edition of, "What Makes Mr. Happy Vs. What Makes Mrs. Happy."

They always say it is the little things that make two couples perfect for each other. Here is our perfection.

What makes Mr. Happy: 

Shelves filled with red & black, books about winning, and autographs. 

TVs properly hung in their place on the wall for maximum viewing potential.... 

...and finding $40 cash while moving!!!!

What Makes Mrs. Happy: 

Deliveries from this new fave store that are on time and very very helpful and polite folks... 

deliveries that contain a beautiful much needed brand spanking new washer and dryer... 

and my absolute favorite part.....

See that "sanitize" setting?!?!? Ahhhhh. Perfection. 

Now, for the things that make us BOTH happy....

Friends that are super wonderful and help us do things like build shelves and hang TVs. 

Sooooo happy! 

Love love, 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Pictures of Before

Thank you Lord, and our amazing school system for the winter break. We needed 4 straight days of working on the house, and moving. Also, praise the Lord for beautiful weather, and super wonderful friends that help move the massive pieces of furniture. Gah, this town is just absolutely amazing!

Nothing could be possible without P& D who drove our new furniture down and helped with the painting. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. (See, no comments about how my painting wasn't good enough.)

Now, for pictures of this little home sweet home.... All of these pictures are before we have anything moved in. I will be updating you once we have Jerry Rice pictures on the wall, and a few more Carley touches added.

My entire house is really being designed around one chair. This bad boy will get a post all on its own when it arrives. I get butterflies when I think of how perfectly it will go in the livingroom. Oh, now for the tour...

First, this is the big wall in the livingroom. It WAS a very pretty but very bold teal.

 Well, Jarvis Jones' helmet may not go so well with teal. So, I spent one afternoon deciding on colors.

Then, late one night after a baseball game, my sweet friends came to keep my company while this went down...

This week I turned 26. Here are a few of my birthday gifts: 
the house charm from a BFF. I cried. duh. 

paint and new door knobs. happy birthday! 

whooooppppp whoooopppp. 

Now, it looks so much better! Here is a little glimpse of what the new space will look like.

 This is Coach's favorite part of the house. His "room." It had to be painted... so here is the before...

 Here is a look at the "during" process of arranging his things. I need to add that he worked for an hour doing this. The explained the reasoning of why a book was placed on a certain shelf. Yes. True story.

 Great room. 
 Dining room. 
 Front door. 

 Fire place, and the home of our TV. 

 I LOVE this brick. 

 one of the bedrooms. We won't be doing anything with it for a bit. :) 

 Guest room. Yes, I am leaving it this color for now. 

 Guest bathroom. I am keeping the color, but changing the decor a bit. 

another room we painted was the master. this is the before. 
this is the during... 

 Master bathroom. 

 Kitchen and breakfast area. 

We absolutely love this home. I can't wait to look back in a few years and see how much we have changed. I guess that is the best part of a blog. I get to document every step of this little journey! We greatly welcome all prayers as we take this step! Thanks for all the love and support!

Love love,

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