Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafty Friday!

I have never been so disappointed about a Friday before... until today. Today was our last Friday of Christmas break. :( HOWEVER, I spent the day going to my favorite store, Joann, and then came home to craft the day away. I guess it is ok that we are headed back to school. Again, I am ONLY 680 hours away from graduation!

First, I gave a pair of flats a much needed makeover. With tomorrow night being New Year's Eve, I needed some sparkle. I remembered seeing a great idea on Pinterest (who knew/ jk) about transforming some old ballet flats. So, I decided to do just that.... Here is the final product. (I took a picture of the before, but my camera is being lame and won't upload the photo.)

I'll be sure to take a picture of them on my feet to prove the cute-ness!

*I saved money on this great idea plus: 1. Although I love my Toms, I just can't see wearing them on NYE. 2. These shoes are so comfy, and now I just extended their life! Yay!

To do this you will need:
  • a pair of old, comfy flats. 
  • glitter (color of your choice)
  • Mod Podge
  • Multipurpose adhesive
  • paint brush
  • Wax paper
To do this you:
  1. use the paint brush to paint the mod podge on the flats. I did one at a time because I did not want it to dry. 
  2. place the shoe on the wax paper. This will allow you to reuse the glitter.
  3. begin shaking it. (the glitter that is)
  4. cover the entire shoe with glitter.
  5. set it aside and repeat with the 2nd shoe. 
  6. let them dry for about an hour. 
  7. spray them with the adhesive to lock the glitter on to assure full dancing potential without massive glitter loss on the dance floor. :) 
**I would do this a day before you want to wear them. These shoes of mine have a full 24 hours to dry.

The second craft I made has some purpose. I saw the idea on Pinterest. (Gah, so many ideas.) One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a Proverbs 31 wife. I feel that it is never too early to work on keeping the romance alive. Yeah, I am madly in love with my wonderful BC, and I tell him he is so amazing; but I feel that we often forget to say thank you for the little things. So, I decided to make this dry erase board to leave little cute reminders of why we love each other.
During Christmas time I had a decoration that covered the backdoor window that happens to be in the kitchen. When I took the decor down the other day I realized how I love having something on the door. I knew I wanted something that would match the kitchen and be cute year round. Here is what I created to fill the spot, and keep the romance flowing in my house.

All you need for this is:
  • Frame
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Cricut (to cut the letters)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
1. Cut the letters out. I (heart) you because
2. Glue the letters on the paper that you choose to be the background.
3. Frame the paper.
4. Hot glue ribbon on the back.
5. Hang.
6. Write sweet messages! :)

It is the easiest thing ever! Plus, it hides the random backdoor in my kitchen. Also, I mean, maybe if I keep thanking him for letting me fill his beloved DVR with The Young and the Restless, he may continue to allow me the space!

I hope everyone has a SAFE and FUN New Year! I can't wait to sparkle the night away!

Love love,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Weekend 2011

Finally! The Christmas weekend blog. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with lots of friends and family. I also hope that Santa was good to everyone. Let me start off with the trip to Jefferson that we made on Wednesday. Once we got to Jefferson we had the first family Christmas dinner. It was at W.T.'s house. (Brandon's grandfather.) We had great BBQ and stew. The best part is always the dessert: fruit pizza! Always a wonderful treat! Here are some pictures of the great night with family. 

A packed couch!

Thursday was the annual Progressive Dinner. I love it! First we went to the Simmon house. Candice can decorate like no other. No matter the season, when you walk into her house you feel as if you are walking into Southern Living. We had appetizers here, and then went to the Cain house for salad and dinner. I love spending time with friends! It was a busy day, but very worth it. 

Christmas Eve was lots of fun as well. I spent the entire day at my mom's house. We went to a book store in Commerce, and went to pick out lots of great bags at the Coach store. We didn't buy any though. :( That night we had Christmas with Mama Bette. We decided to try something different this year. We played a gift card white elephant game. It was so fun! Lauren was close to having a gift card to Home Depot! Ha! We had great food, and lots of laughs! 

Finally, Christmas Day! I am sad to say that Christmas Eve night I woke up with... the stomach bug. :( It was pretty horrible. However, I did not let that sop me from going to spend time with my family. I just sent a text informing everyone that I would be arriving after the meal. Nobody told me this, but I am sure they were all just so upset because I am the family comedian. Seriously. We went back to Jefferson and lounged around for the remainder of the evening. Monday morning we made the journey back to our little house home in Thomson. I have never been so happy to rest in my own bed. I have decided that home is now wherever my king size bed is. 
What did you do over Christmas break?

What I LOVE on this beautiful Wednesday...

Oh Wednesday... please go by slowly! I love Christmas break so much! However, I will take some time to let you know what I love must about this beautiful day. (I see that this is popular on blogs. Call me a copycat. It's ok.)

I love...
1. my AMAZING new shoes my husband Santa bought me for Christmas. I have worn them so much already! 

2. the FINALLY cooler weather... hello it is December. I like not sweating while walking to the mailbox. 

3. the great movie Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is so great! I love movies that have a deep meaning. 

4. all the time that Brandon and I have spent together this past week. I love him more than anything. He is my Bff. 

5. the fact that we made the decision to invest in a professional dog trainer this past summer... which means...

6. the plumber can work on the pipes under the sink without being molested my Dub. 

7. the plumber came today... NO MORE LEAK! 

8. this tiny little home with baseboards that refuse to remain clean. 

9. Pinterest. ha.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's Christmas Without Friends?

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I know that I am. Today was another amazing day for BC and me, and Dub too! I started my morning off at 7am! Blah. But, it was for a good reason. I had to put the loaded potato soup in the crockpot for my luncheon with my BFFs from school. Amy and Mary-Beth came over to have a little girl's afternoon and I served soup and BLTs. They were delicious. Or, well, I thought the dishes were pretty amazing. We have spent the last year and a half stressing each other out, trying to better than each other on assignments, and being each other's rock. I think that not only did we deserve a lunch together, but we needed some comfort food. The soup is amazing, cheap, and easy. It is also a crowd pleaser. Check the blog later for this recipe. :) We spent the morning laughing, and chatting. These are my favorite ladies, and I seriously love them We exchanged gifts. Mary-Beth gave us each a mug with her CUTE picture on it. It is so amazing! We laughed so hard! It is priceless. Amy gave us cute mugs with our initials on it. We also got some lotion and a Starbucks gift cards. We sure do love our coffee! I loved spending some time with the girls before our busy schedules consume us.
Here are some pictures of the lunch...

Amy, Mary-Beth, Carley

My friends know me so well! I love red and black!

MB is loving her sparkly shirt!

MB and her mad wrapping skills....

Pretty much best Christmas picture ever.

A mug with MB's face on it...  :) LOVE

Love my mug from Amy!

After the lunch I was so stuffed that I had to go for a run. Dub and I only ran two miles. It was raining and I can do lots of things... but running with wet socks is not one. Plus I had to start getting ready to go to celebrate with some more friends! We went to dinner at the Moon house. We had an AMAZING fried turkey, ham, and some potatoes. (I will run it off tomorrow. Maybe) I told BC on the way home that Santa may bring him a large deep fryer... it was so fun frying the turkey and just hanging out with friends. Plus, the turkey was probably the best I have ever had. And I come from a family of cooks. I love spending time with sweet friends!
OMGoodness! SO good!

Sweet Leslie Moon!

Oh and I almost forgot... here is a picture of the best child a girl could ask for...  :)

I know... I know... what a beauty! 

Love love,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mental Regrouping Day:1

Happy Monday! I called this Blog "Mental Regrouping Day:1" because today was the first day of CHRISTMAS BREAK! WOOHOO! This means NOTHING to my family and friends that only get Christmas Eve and Day off. However, to my wonderful husband and I, it means NO SCHOOL! This all boils down to sleeping until 8am, nice un-rushed runs with Dub, and trips to 2nd and Charles. All of this means one HAPPY Carley.

Since last night was not a school night, we invited some friends over for dinner. I was so excited because I got to cook and use my new fancy wedding dishes. Our great friends Joey and Leslie Moon came over around 6pm. We watched a bit of football, (my beloved Tebow lost :/ ) and then enjoyed a layered salad and some great American spaghetti. I also made a loaf of homemade bread and made a pound cake for them to take home to enjoy. It was a wonderful evening. Having friends at our home away from home, makes this home so much more enjoyable!

Today Brandon and I started the week off and slept in! It was heavenly. Once we were up we decided to go to Augusta. Our newest favorite date spot is a HUGE used bookstore that sells movies, music, books, and any other type of media. The prices are amazing because they are second hand. Some folks can only buy new stuff. UMMM.. NOT US! I have a NOOK, so I usually purchase books that I would like to decorate with, or books that I feel that the hard copy is just needed. You can also take your old books in to trade for store credit. I buy cook books, then copy the recipes down on my recipe cards, then trade the book in for another. (Pretty smart huh?) Anyway... we enjoyed an afternoon walking around 2nd and Charles. It was amazing. I wore no makeup, and a sweat shirt. Talk about HOT DATE!

When we left the store we decided to just drive over to the mall. UGH.... mistake! Although I am done with my shopping, I saw that the majority of the public is NOT! It was a cluster! We went to Dicks and Finish Line... Dick's is having a great sale! (Santa even picked up my Christmas gift! A new pair of running shoes will be under the tree for me. Thank goodness... you were starting to see my toe!)  You should check it out... if you are brave enough to fight the madness.

When we were on our way home we passed the Augusta National. If you have ever been to the National, you know that if you drive past it, you cannot see anything but trees and gates. :( When we got home we saw that Lou Holtz was actually enjoying a nice game of golf today in the big city of Augusta. I wish I had known this. Not that knowing would help me break past the security! I would have loved to shake his hand, and tell him to please refrain from picking UGA! :) Just kidding. No, really.

Once we got home I made a wonderful dinner and then wrapped ALL of the Christmas gifts that we have purchased. I still need to wrap BC's gift, but...  I want him to continue thinking that I haven't bought him anything.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! Look for Mental Regrouping Day:2! (Baking madness!)

Love love,

  • No school...
  • Dub ate my mascara, which means I can't wear any, which means... well that I may look like a hobo.
  • CVS having my deodorant on clearance for $1.32
  • I bought the last 2 bars...
  • 2nd and Charles
  •  The fact that my WONDERFUL husband loves the store as much as I do. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A GameDay Celebration!

Happy Saturday! I have decided that Saturday is my new favorite day of the week. BC gets to sleep in and relax all day, so he is in a SUPER amazing mood. (Not that he isn't always the best!) But... when we both get to be on our own schedule, everyone in the Cain house benefits. Even DubDub.

I am so thankful for the two week break that we have for Christmas! I cannot wait to sew, cricut, cook, read, spend time with my beautiful weimaraner, and Brandon (duh).
Jess and I at the condo

The BEAUTIFUL Birthday Lady and I

I would LOVE to have this wall in my house!
Last night we kicked off our Christmas season with a night in Athens with some great friends. If you know us well, you know that Athens is our absolute favorite city. We love love love it! It was our good friend Megan's 30th birthday so we all chipped in and got a room at the GameDay Condo. I am so in love! I believe that I would rather own one of these condos over owning a beach house. This is huge for me! Here are some pictures of the amazing condo.

For the celebration we rented a room at Shokotini. This is a Japanese restaurant in Athens. We had an evening full of food, laughter, and karaoke! It was a blast! Did I mention the wonderful sushi rolls? Brandon and I cheated on our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and said that Shokotini is our new fave! It was SOOOO GOOOD! I LOVE UGA rolls! :)

What's a birthday without cake?

Happy 30th Birthday!

Our friends were worried that she was too old to make it to the bathroom! :)

Sweet Home Alabama karaoke.

UGA and California Rolls. So amazing. 

We also ran into some amazing friends while in town. I couldn't have picked a better way to kick off the wonderful Christmas break!


Two of my beautiful friends! Erica and Whitney
I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas break! Remember... spend lots of time with family and friends and remember the Reason for the Season!

Love love,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Happy Monday sweet friends! Man! What a wonderful weekend it was for the Cains. We started off our weekend by heading to God's Country.. aka Jefferson, Georgia. Friday night I caught up with some high school friends. When I was in high school softball consumed my life!  Now that we are all grown up, married, and some with a family of their own, we decided to have a reunion dinner. We went to mine and Brandon's favorite restaurant in Braselton, Wing Slingers.  I forgot my camera on the coffee table, so I only have one picture that was taken by a friend. Here it is...
When we left dinner we decided to stop by and see a few friends on Johnson Farm. I am so happy we made the trip because not only did I get to see all of my wonderful friends, I also got to hold and love on sweet Luke Johnson! I am so sad that I did not have my camera to document the trip.

Saturday morning I decided to get up extra early and burn off all those wings from the night before. I went to a spin class. This was not my first spin experience. I had participated in a few when we lived in Washington, but this was my first in Jefferson. Dawn (the instructor) is such a sweet and kind woman... but man she will work you on some hills! I am so happy that I started my day off with a good ride. Power Yoga and spin with Dawn are just two other things I miss dearly about Jefferson.

Saturday night we went to a Christmas party at the Seawright house. We love partying with the Seawrights! Again, my knuckle head forgot my camera. I am going to get better I promise! Shannon and David have such a beautiful house and she did an amazing job decorating for Christmas. Her food was super yummy! The recipes were straight off Pinterest... so you know they were good! Brandon and I had a wonderful time chatting with friends and enjoying the season. Dub had a great time too! He had a slumber party with his grandparents!

Sunday we made the long drive to our home in Thomson, Ga. We love getting home early enough to relax and prepare for another busy week. I went to bed early enough to wake up bright and early and head to Pre-K for the last Monday until Christmas break! WAHHHHOOOOO!

Finally, I really want to read this book after seeing something similar on my friend Dana's Blog.
Have you ever read this? Let me know what you think! My New Year's resolution is to me a more godly woman and wife.

Love love,

Life Is Like....

Life is like... really good right now. We made it... May is here. Bring on the to do list that is 18 miles long.  Rather than the millio...