Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thirty Before Thirty

This year on my birthday I turned 25 years old. Sometimes it is hard to believe I am 25, and I often have to count back to really remember how old I am! Something about this YEAR and this AGE has made me seriously sit down and think about what I have done, and what I still want to accomplish. With that being said, age really has NEVER bothered me because although I am ALWAYS the youngest one in the group of all my friends, I have always acted about 15 years older. I am really just an old granny livin’ the life! 

Since turning the big 2-5 I decided I wanted to make a bucket list and really really really work hard to complete each task before I turn 30. If I was being really really really honest with myself, I would without a doubt instantly add “Be a mommy” as number one. However, with lots and lots of prayer, I have learned that although I often THINK I have a plan, God is the one in 100% control. I think my husband would be proud of this!  So, as much as my mom would love for me to give her a time frame… there really isn’t one. Ever since we reached the “one year anniversary” mark folks LOVE to ask us when we will ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ Well, I was always famous for saying… “In five or so years.” I have decided that my new answer will be, “When God wants us to have a baby!” So, now that I have that off of my chest… shall we make the list? 

This goes in no particular order. All tasks being added are equally important. I've actually been working on this post for a full month! It is officially a big deal to me! 

** Most recent update: January 2015
1.      Run a half marathon.
2.      Finish a full marathon. Notice I just say ‘finish’ instead of ‘run’?!
3.      Drive around with the 13.1 sticker along with the 26.2 sticker on the back glass of my ride.

4.      Leave the country for a trip with Coach.

5.      Plan a trip 100% without Coach knowing, and just surprise him one day with the bags packed.In October 2014 I planned and paid for a weekend trip to Atlanta. Coach had no idea until the last minute because he was trying to make plans. The best part, our BFFs met us there. It was an amazing weekend and JUST what the doctor ordered in the middle of two very busy seasons! 

6.      Own a pair of dogs. Yes, two!
7.      Take Coach to the Gulf.
8.      Go to an NFL game. My dream was to go to a JETS game. Well, they continue to break my heart…So any NFL is now the goal. Update: If Rex Ryan is the new Falcons coach... all my dreams will come true. 
9.      Purchase Coach’s UGA ring without him knowing. 
10.  Learn to sew. Like, really really sew. Turn the machine on, without help sew.
11.  Cook a meal straight up out of a magazine.  and I only took an iphone pic. 
12.  Visit every football stadium in the SEC. Let’s test my skills and go ahead and eliminate the ones I have already seen:
Ole Miss
Mississippi State
South Carolina
Texas A& M
13.  Go to Disney World.
14.  Zip line.
15.  Go for a ride in a canoe. (Is that what you call it? A ride?)
16.  Rent a house on the beach with a TON of friends and stay the entire week. Kids and all! 
17.  Become certified and teach a fitness class.
18.  Go camping. (Such a little task. However, my husband HATES camping. I’m not that big of a fan either. But, it would be really fun to do with my fam like the good ole’ days.)
19.  Go deep sea fishing.
20.  Take Coach to Belize and visit the school that I worked in. (I know he would LOVE it!)
21.  Go rock climbing. (This is the point my husband is reading while wondering who in the world he married!)
22.  Read the entire Bible from cover to cover in chronological order.
23.  Host a book club.
24.  Go for a hike in the jungle.
25.  Finish my degree. (I have my BS; I want my 6 year…)  Update: 1/2 way done with one! 

26.  Host a family meal at my house. Cooked by me 100%.  EASTER 2014! 
27.  Do a pull up.
28.  Swim with dolphins.      Update: Cancun 2014 ANDDDD with my BFF. 

29.  Run the Peachtree Road Race.
30.  Visit the Grand Canyon. 
Here I am: 25 years young.... 

Here I am 26 years and counting....

Can't wait to start crossing off some numbers! 

Love love, 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break 'Trip' 2013

It is officially spring break here in the south. Although the weather is on the chilly side, and rain is coming from above (I know to be thankful for the rain. I know that in the summer months we will be dry dry dry… but… my yard has standing water from a month ago that I am positive is a mosquito breeding zone!) I am thankful for the time to catch up on the DVR, sleep in, and plant some flowers! Next week the weather will be in the 80*s, so this is my attempt to state all of the positives to keep from turning bitter. 

The first part of the week was beautiful! We had a baseball game, flowers were planted, ferns were carefully hung, and my azaleas are in full bloom. Penny came for a visit and helped me with the flowers. However, I may have let my hidden talent slip and gave the secret away that I actually do like to plant flowers. (She usually takes care of this for us.) So, with this being said… a nice little trip was made to Lowe’s. My husband never sends me flowers throughout the year. I am actually OK with this. I even tell him not to spend the money. Sure they are nice, and I do love the little bit of cheer they add to the table for the week that they are alive. However, truth be known… When I don’t get over priced flowers from the florist, then I have ZERO guilt spending the $$$ that I do on flowers and plants for my yard in the spring, summer, and fall. (Yes, flowers last until the late fall here. I never bought mums because my spring flowers still looked great at the end of November.) 

So, the trip was made. The money was spent, and now I have a beautiful porch full of happiness and color. 

this is what the little baby did while we were working.

My mother in law seriously has the prettiest yards ever. (My Grandy also had the prettiest flowers.) Well, Penny was telling me that it would use less dirt in the pot if I added an old plastic pot upside down. She claims it takes less "area" of dirt. This is when I just said, Ok... did what she said, and came to realize that my husband gets his nerdy tendencies from his mom. Sorry, Penny. I still love you. Even when you are in math teacher mode.

I will have to take a picture each month of or porch! You would not believe the way the fountain grass and potato vine will grow!

On Wednesday of our Spring Break there was no baseball, and it was a gloomy day so we decided to take a little road trip. I love these little day trips that are just Coach and me. Our lives are seriously so busy. I love our busy schedules, and I know we are serving the way God intended, and I also know that one day when we have children (and another dogJ) I know it will not be as easy to just decide to go. So, I always love the crazy conversations we have while in the car. The best conversation on this trip was Coach convincing me that he is going to go and walk on at some college to play football for 4 years. He wants to be a college football star. I just listened to this little spill. I have no words. Anyway… we decided to go and visit some friends that turned into family from the Augusta area. Our first stop was to see our sweet friend Hollie at Mimi T’s. If you are in the area… You MUST shop here! My amazing talented friend Virginia makes the most amazing wreaths and is now doing very cute applique. Hollie has the antique store and it is amazing! I feel like it should be in Southern Living, only very affordable! Be sure to check it out when you are in town and tell them Carley sent you! (I am constantly sharing her wreaths!) Oh and I bought the cutest earrings, and a soy candle that I am in LOVE with! I just can’t tell you how much I love the merchandise. I also love that you are treated like family! Seriously… the best! Be sure to “like” their Facebook page!

My favorite part of living in Thomson for the 11 months that we did (Hardest 11 months of my life! Also the first 11 months of our marriage… not the hardest because of our marriage…) was the friend that I gained while student teaching. Mrs. Massey is not just a friend, she is really family. When we left Warrenton and started heading to Thomson, Coach told me that I better not cry. If I cried, he was going to leave me there! (Kidding!) I know he just know how much that little school meant to me, and how much I missed everyone. I seriously had the best experience while student teaching. I thank God daily for the friendship that I gained. So… with that being said, I got to see my role model. I had some tears when I walked in the classroom. (Crazy…sure!) If felt so good to surprise her and see her face when I walked down the hall. Pretty much the best spring break moment! 

I also got to see this sweet lady that is also a great friend now. She is one of the people that kept me sane and smiling throughout the student teaching experience. I am sad that Ms. Wood is across the street! She was my other rock that kept telling me it was going to be OK and that my ISL was going to be fine! Ohhhh the memories! 

While driving from one place to the next we drove by our old street. Oh, Cedar St. How I do NOT miss that house! 

I promised Coach that since we were so close to Augusta that we could drive to the city. How could we visit the city and not go to 2nd and Charles? This is our absolute favorite used bookstore. He picked up a stack…I mean STACK of books. He even found one by Tom Landry that was signed… for $8! When he showed me he was whispering… like he found a pot of gold or something! I picked up a CD, a book, and a cookbook. Can you believe I didn’t buy any children’s books?! 
this is him telling me NO BLOG PICTURES.

After our book binge, we decided to make one last stop at our fave sushi place. I think Coach was easy to convince because that meant we got to drive by Augusta National. It was nice to see everyone working and getting the finishing touches ready for the Masters and all the chaos. It will be crazy to be working and not in Augusta during next week. (It will also be crazy to not be working on an ISL! Can I get an AMEN?!)

 So our last stop was a little fried asparagus and Crazy Susan rolls at Takosushi. Warning: Not clean, and not paleo… just pure spring break food! 

 I know that my sweet college buddies are going to read this and message me asking why I didn't come see them. I know CRCT is approaching, y'all are still in school, and I know that me calling would probably just add some stress. SO, I PROMISE that I will plan a trip and stay at someone's house for a few days. I guess I'll float around. One night with Amy, one with Mary Beth, and another with Vicki. :)

Today we have cleaned out the DVR, loved on Dub, and took advantage of the rain hitting the roof and keeping us inside. Sometimes it is nice to do nothing. 
this little baby is just dreaming of having a sister... just sayin'

Love love,

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