Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's That Coming Down The Tracks?!

It’s a mean machine in red and black! This little chant is just something that we do on our walk down to the stadium on Saturdays. I thought that was very appropriate for this post, since I will ONLY be talking about our recent weekends in God’s Country… aka Athens, Ga. (Well, Jefferson, too!)

When we were praying about the move down south, we knew a move would mean fewer trips to Athens for football games. It is a 3 hour drive from our driveway to our tailgate downtown. We decided that God leading us in the direction that he was, we would be OK with missing some kickoffs. Well, with UGA being “da bomb” this season, our huge love for the city, football, and seeing our friends… we have really only missed one home kickoff so far. Can you say wife of the year?  However, the plan is to only go to one more home game, and our yearly “Bucket List SEC Tour” trip. We can’t miss a victory over the Techies, and this year we are going to SC. I have never been to this stadium, and that is on our “Before Children Bucket List.”
We have late Friday night games, and then get up bright and early to head to the land of red and black. I love our tailgate and the friends that we get to spend time with. We know that we won’t get to “drop everything and run” forever. One day in the future, we will have little league on Saturdays, ballet recitals, and what not, but for now… it’s just us (and Dub Cain, of course!). The conversations on the way to Athens are priceless. Coach and I talk about everything under the sun. With our busy weekly schedules, it is a great time to sit ride and chat. This is just another reason why I love our trips. Plus, when I am just thinking about how nice it would be to sleep in, lounge around, and have a low keep weekend, I quickly remember… It is 7 Saturdays out of the year. Coach does anything and everything I want to do the entire year… I can enjoy his absolute favorite hobby with him during this time of year. And hey… I knew this was the way it was when I said, “I do.”
Well, with all of this rambling going on… here are some of the ahhhhhmazing memories I was able to capture this weekend with my new jewel…. Did I mention that a monster was created with this little purchase!?!?

Let me say sorry in advance for the out of order photos... Not sure what that's all about. 

Is the picture thing going to happen all weekend? Yes.

Part of the Tailgate.


Add caption

Stop already

Dub Cain

Always a good thing to see...

Fourth Quarter

Cain Guys

I love this.

Red Out

 Go Dawgs! 
Love love, 

Click! Click! Click!

Fave pic of the weekend.

If you are a frequent reader, then you know I needed a new camera. Didn’t know this? Well, I said it here.
Now I am the proud owner of a lovely camera that I have no idea how to use. I do however know how to set it to AUTO and snap away. I love the sound of the “click” it makes. I cannot wait to have books and books of memories. I plan to take a massive amount of pictures at every single function, and then make a cute book from Snapfish. They are cheap, and I love the idea of sharing pictures of our family with our future children/grands/ great grands. Am I absolutely crazy? Yes. Why are you just now figuring this out?! I donno.
On the way home today, Coach said…. “I have created a monster!” I think he is already tired of hearing my beloved clicks of the shutter. Sorry, Coach!
Now, blog readers, please be prepared for an abnormal amount of pictures. I will try really really hard to not abuse the “add photo” button. I cannot make any promises. I have had the camera 48 hours, and just uploaded 171 pictures. I may need help with my problem. #sorrynotsorry

Picture #1
Picture #171

This is going on right now. Should I stop him? Probably. Am I? No. He's just waitin' on Coach.
 You know... soon I will get tired of taking pictures of Coach and Dog Named Dub. Then I'll want new props. Little Cains??? #notimesoon

Love love, 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well, I could say “I’m so sorry I have not blogged in a bit….“ But, truth be known, life is just great right now, and honestly leaving me not ONE second of blogging time. I have several great posts in the making about our many recent trips to Athens and home, but for now… let’s keep it light and simple.
I am sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera FINALLY kicked the bucket. On our first Valentine’s Day together WAYYYY back in February of 2008 (Do y'all know that  this November Coach and I will have been together for 5 years?), “BC” bought me a little red camera. It has been a trooper. Well, this past weekend I officially lost it. It may or may not turn up. Secretly, I am not upset about the camera; I am really just missing the great GA pictures I have from the games that are on the card.  This tidbit sends me into the “What I’m Loving Wednesday” post…

…. Coach finally gave me the HUGE OK to purchase the super nice camera that I have been needing wanting begging for the past few years. We knew we were going to make the investment when lil Cains came. Sorry for the burst of the many bubbles… no lil Cain s are on the way. However, why would I spend $200 + on a point and shoot and then in the future spend another chunk? So, I am patiently waiting for the camera to get here. Sorry I will not be sorry for all of the amazing quality pictures I will be taking… and posting… and printing…. Yeah.
…the sometimes inappropriate “reminders” that SOMEONE leaves on my ipad. Hmmmmm….. beeps every.single.time I open it.
… My XC team is off the chain. Literally… we are doing so GREAT even with this being our first year. I love it! I absolutely LOVE middle school kids running and learning the importance of taking care of themselves and staying active. I even have SEVERAL kids asking me to run with them 2x a week after the season… UM. YEAH!
… the cooler mornings are here. Yay! Although it still touches the low 90s in the afternoon, the mornings and evenings are super great. We actually have NO air on. (Each month we play a ‘game’. We try to get our power bill under $100. Is this lame? Yes. But this month I am SURE it will be way under!)
…I have 9 episodes of Y&R on the DVR. This is the meanest thing I can do to my husband. He hates it. I’m sorry, Coach. Well, when you give me the opportunity to stay at home one Saturday morning… I will watch and delete. 
…. Fall T.V. is back and in full swing. Thank the Lord!
… My mother-in-law is coming to visit Friday night for the game.
… this little town has blessed me with some AMAZING new friends that I will love for a lifetime!
… that Dub is potty trained and literally banging his head into my arm as I type this because he needs to go out.
That is all I have for today. I hope everyone loves lots of things on this wonderful Wednesday evening!
Love love,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Want To Remember

I know I need something to post about. Truth be told, the most exciting “blog worthy” things that have happened to me this week include football and pre-k. I know everyone LOVES hearing about those obsessions of mine. I decided to do something different. I recently stumbled across this blog. I seriously LOVE this lady. I don’t really know her. But I feel almost as if I do. Is this strange? Yeah. I know. It is. She did a little blog that I loved. I decided to follow.


Here are a few things that I want to remember that happened recently in the life of C^2.

I want to remember how proud I am of my mom. She is such a brave and strong woman. I hope in have half of her strength when I grow up. 
I want to remember how amazing it felt when I logged on to our bank account and saw the proof of 2 adults working.
I want to remember how tired I felt after the first month of my career. Yikes.
I want to remember how amazing if felt in those club level seats at the game Saturday. 
I want to remember how sad I was when I heard Cam count to 10 in English and Spanish. I mean, I saw him come into this world and take his first breath. Literally. I saw him before his mama did. I am so sad that he is growing up so fast!
I want to remember how proud I am each week after my XC kids cross the finish line in times better than the week before.
I want to remember how truly in love I am with my husband at this very minute. He is my favorite person on Earth. I am so blessed that God made him for me, and that his mama raised him to be the man of my dreams.
Love love,

Life Is Like....

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