Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Life.

Blogs   my blog often seems to only advertise the awesomeness and super cool things going on over here in my life. I must admit, some blogs I read I think, "Wow! Did they really just put that on the web for the world to read." Really, I applaud your guts! I am guilty of only writing what I want you to know. I guess this is the glory in social media. You only know what I have the nerve to post. (Insert evil/ anxious/ guilty laugh.)

Today sweet friends,  (Can I call you friends? You are on MY corner of .com after all.)  I shall keep it 100% REAL. Real life, yo. I really do say yo in real life. 
These are the things happening right now:
I am married to an amazing man. God created him just for me. However, do I want to throat punch him from time to time? Yes. At this moment? Maybe. "Where are the towels?" "Where is so and so?" "What's this?" "Do I have time for a shower?" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Did he just say he was busy all day and on the go? Really?!?! Yes.

But, man oh man does that husband of mine know how to deal with me. How? I am the world's BIGGEST worrier. Legit. He will also take what I am worrying about, repeat it, and then remind me how cray I am being. He also starts my car on freezing mornings. He will make my breakfast, and keep the smirks to himself when I am having a morning meltdown. Or before dinner meltdown. Not that those happen very often. He walks Dub in the morning because that battle isn't worth fighting with the monster that I know I am before and sometimes after 7am.  Thank you. I think I will no longer throat punch you, Coach. I do love you oh so dearly! I will keep you and your absolutely horrible smelling baseball socks that have my whole hamper smelling like blahhhhh. 

Together we have a beautiful Weimaraner. Isn't he precious.

This post has mad me aware of the amount of pictures I have of my dog. 

Ha. This dog is the definition of CRAYCRAY. Hyper. Crazy. All over the place. All the time. He can open the cupboard, get what he wants, leaving what he doesn't, and have a party! Today was an afternoon feast of chocolate chips and flax seed. Yes. Party, I tell ya. If you are considering getting a Weimaraner, PLEASE do your research! They are CRAZY and I guess thrive with even crazier owners. We are truly a match made in Heaven, Dub. I couldn't live without you and all the messes you leave me to clean up. I guess I shall keep you as well.

I love running. At certain parts of my day I think to myself, "Man. I am so excited to run today." Yes. Real story. Then said baseball socks need washing and Weimaraner parties need cleaning. Today I was scheduled to run 4.5 miles. Did it happen? No. Can I do it tomorrow? Yes. Am I ill. Yup. Is it causing me breakdowns over socks? Yes. Real life.

That's all I have today... I have socks to wash.

Love love,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Return.

This little spot on the .com has taken a backseat to… life. Since August Coach and I have come close to conquering the world. No. Not really. However, kinda close. Football season is a time of life that is lacking sleep, and full of football. From games on Friday nights, to Ga Saturdays in Athens. Oh, and meetings on Sunday after church.

 Plus, we attended some pretty amazing weddings… and I was the MOH of one. So, there went October.

Then came November. I finished up the cross country season by taking some amazing kids to their first ever state meet! (Whoop, whoop!) I also became the girls’ basketball coach for the first time here at home. It was absolutely amazing, and probably one of my new favorite parts of my job. (There seem to be many parts!) Oh, then Thanksgiving. So long, November!

 December. Oh, December. Full of Christmas bliss. Oh, and a small AHHHHHMAZING trip to Cozumel, Mexico. Which included making Christmas 2013 the best Christmas ever.

We spent Christmas with our families. Makes my heart smile that more and more of my family is able to be here for Christmas. (Kinda has me pumped for Easter at my house. Just sayin’)

 Knowing that 2014 was going to have little time to eat or sleep, we spent the last few days of 2013 with our family in the mountains.

Then, HELLO January! We finished up our basketball season with a heartbreaking but successful second place trophy. Oh, and Coach still had wresting and started his first ever season as the baseball coach. We had the absolutely coldest month I have ever experienced which sorta cramped my running style!

That brings us to current day, February. Opppsss… actually the END of February. We are loving life right now. The baseball field is home. Dinner conversations are full of baseball conversations. Life isn’t the kind of crazy busy where we complain, or fuss about missing time together. Trust me, I pray daily that we avoid that kind of “busy.” Our lives are the kind of busy that we love, and wake up each day talking about how exciting the day will be and what all has to be accomplished. Last Sunday we were in the 30549 and we were able to attend my favorite place: Southside. Pastor Jeff spoke right to my heart when he said, “When you get real with God, He will show you how to change the world!” Wow.

Oh, and of course this little baby is loving life!

 I have also found some great blogs to link up with. So, it is my PROMISE to post several times a week. I actually thought for a few seconds about leaving this blog alone. Then I had some messages about missing this little blurb. Who knew folks actually READ what I write?!? That brings me up early on this beautiful morning, listening to Dub struggle between who he wants to sit with: me in the living room, or Coach in the bedroom. The struggle is real.

So, until the next time I have a moment to sit at the computer…. I’ll leave you with some pictures of The Cain Life as of lately.

Love love,


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