Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday!

I just realized that the last post I made was on July 29th. Then I realized that this is truly a clear representation of my life since July 29th. Non-stop, keep running, never a moment to sit. When I am on the computer, I am making literacy centers, lesson plans, notebooks, or reading blogs. This is NOT me complaining, in fact: I am loving the life we are living right now. It is actually perfect. Coach is a happy man, Dub is loving his life of kids visiting him for pancake suppers, and I am loving my first graders, and cross country kids.


With that being said, there are about 50 blog drafts sitting in the box. There really is so much that can be said from the Cain family. However, with this being MY day off for Fall Break… I am going to link up for a little random fun.

Here we go:

One. Did I mention that this is our day off?! Well, it is. Although we have a long weekend each month… last long weekend I was deathly sick. So, I plan to make up for it today. I have no plans that require me to get out of my pjs. NONE. Oh… because the genius (don’t tell him I called him that, Amanda) that worked out our football schedule also made this our off week. This means NOTHING to do tonight. Coach will be gone to a game.. so I am really off duty... I may read a book. GASP! Until then, it is kinda amazing sitting in the chair, blogging, and catching up on our weekday shows that we are missing because we are old and sleeping at 9pm. (Hey... up at 5am... give us some credit!) 

Two. Coffee. You know I am a Spark girl. However, when the mornings are chilly, once a week I feel I deserve the love that comes in my beautiful Butler’s Pantry mugs. Well, last week when shopping I found my absolute favorite coffee… in a bag! What?!?! I may be having two cups this morning. No worries… no cream here. Just black blueberry amazingness.

Three.  Baby fever. What?!?! Yes. From time to time I have the slight fever that rushes over me that triggers my brain and says… “Little baby Cain in a UGA onesie?!” No worries, Coach is quick with the cool rag to chill the fever with the reminder of our schedules, schedules, and schedules. Oh, and did I mention our schedules?! Ok, I am over with that rant… you can breathe now, Coach.
a little baby coach?! :) i die. 
Four. This weekend my sweet sweet friend is getting married. I cannot wait to see her say, “I do.” Not to mention it is on the stage of my favorite place on Earth... The Church at Southside. She will be beautiful, it will be beautiful, and her marriage will be beautiful. We can't wait to dance the night away with you! 

Five. My husband. He deserves a major shout out. He really should be number one in this Friday Five. He is giving up kickoff in Athens tomorrow to attend a cross country meet. Yeah. No words can explain. So, I’ll give it my best shot. I love you, and you’re the absolute BEST administrative assistant and husband! Now, go ahead and purchase those Ga/ Fl tickets. :) 

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