Monday, December 29, 2014

All In 24 Day Challenge

If you are like me then you said you would stay on track over the holiday season and NOT over eat and eat CRAP foods. If you are like me then you really enjoyed the sweets, croissants, and sweet potatoes a bit too much. Oh, and you sat in a chair near the ocean and only moved to go to the buffet line. Guilty.

So, with the New Year comes the fresh start. January is an amazing month to set some goals, and work towards those goals. As a teacher, I love setting resolutions in August and then resetting them in January. I love January 1st and the amped up feeling I get when I get motivated about something.

Here is something I am passionate about: Feeling amazing and having energy. If you know me then you know that I am full of energy. I pray I never lose this trait. However, thanks to Advocare, I know that I am taking care of my body, and properly fueling it. As well as getting energy the best way possible.

My FAVORITE product that they offer is the 24 Day Challenge. This challenge is designed to reset your body, shed some pounds, kill the sweet tooth, and get that gut functioning properly. HELLOOOOOO..... that is EXACTLY what we need after the months of October, November, and December!

Advocare is an amazing family to be a part of. I have gained so many relationships through Advocare and a GROUP Challenge is amazing when it comes to keeping on track. The company is offering some sweeeet freebies with this group challenge. Check this out:

Here is the deal: To participate in this group challenge, and get the discounts, you will need to order by Wednesday, December 31st. This will assure you get all of you supplies by the start date of January 7th. I always recommend doing a challenge with a group! Plus, this is the whole COUNTRY! When your challenge arrives in the mail, you will be given everything you need to get started. Instructions, helpful tips, and some nice freebies. (Not food, you will need to purchase food.)

If your house is anything like my house then football has been on the TV nonstop. Have you seen the Advocare commercials? I am LOVING that the company is backed by TOP athletes! Be on the look out for some of them!

You will get the wrist band, and blender bottle FREE! I love free!

If you know me at ALL then you know I NEVER start a day without a Spark. Ahhhh... Spark is my absolute FAVORITE gift to give. This keeps me bouncing of the walls each and every day! You will get two boxes with your challenge.

Are you ALL IN? Are you wanting to jump start a better lifestyle? Have more questions?

I am ALWAYS open for questions of info. Please feel free to email me:, call, or text! 

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