Thursday, April 3, 2014

How I Became a Runner

**This is all about my personal experience. If you are thinking of joining the world of running, you should always ask your doctor first! 

Am I even a "runner?" It is sometimes hard to call myself a "runner." But this post is going to focus on how I taught myself to LOVE running. Seriously. It is a love.

I think it started in 2011. The year I got married. Two weeks before my wedding my BFF and I ran our first half marathon. Well, I won't speak for her, but I almost died. At the finish line Coach admitted to me that he was praying that I didn't accidentally get on the 26.2 path. No sweet future husband, it just took me about 4 hours to finish 13.1 miles.

I am not going to bash myself. I am going to sit in amazement because my body was able to finish 13.1 miles with ZERO proper training and ZERO proper nourishment. I kinda laugh because I even wore a cotton shirt and knew nothing of Body Glide or Garmin. What runner commits such running crimes?!?!?

Anyway, with this little running I was doing (daily 3 mile runs) I thought I was in the best shape of my life. No.

Now that I've given you the background on what DIDN'T make me a runner, now I shall tell you what actually made me a runner. The desire to do more. I did finish a half. But I know I didn't train for it. I wanted that sticker. I wanted to earn that sticker. I wanted my body to be trained and nourished as a runner. So I began to register for more races. Smaller races. 5ks, 10ks.

 I started reading anything and everything about  running. I researched the right running shoes and equipment. My life was forever changed by Body Glide. Seriously, what did I do without this stuff!?
I even changed the socks that I was wearing. I eliminated cotton from every single piece of running gear I ever had. Coach bought me a Garmin to keep up with the miles.

I researched the proper training schedule for my lifestyle and ability. I made it 100% no matter what a priority to run. I also searched Pinterest for some amazing running inspiration.

I joined online running boards where people share advice and product reviews. All of this made me feel comfortable while running. So now I KINDA like running.

 Getting closer.

Then came the game changer. Nutrition. Fueling my body. I NEVER fueled my body like a real runner should. Once I learned how to fuel, I then fell in love with running. LOVE.

 I love Advocare products. I trust them. I love them. I know what to take, and why to take it. Rehydrate was a lifesaver.

Now when I run, I know I have the fuel  my body needs. I don't feel sluggish, and if I do, I know I didn't do what my body needed for fuel that day. It keeps me balanced.

I've now earned my sticker with more races, AND proper training!!!

I now LOVE running. 

This is how I fell in love with running. Most people ask me why I run. My answer is and always will be the same....

"To be smokin' hott for my husband!"  :) 

Love love, 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Spring Break can slow down just a tad! This week has been spent hanging some pictures, and planting some flowers. Here are some home updates. I fall more and more in love with this home each day!

What you see here is a spoiled dog. A spoiled dog on my new couch!!!!

So excited to be helping. 

Formal dining room. 

I love this pillow cover. It just matches so perfectly! 

One day, this wall will be covered with pictures. I just need some littles to take pictures of. ;) 

A new rug. Dub said he likes it enough to keep it. 

Now, my favorite spring break tradition is getting my flowers. I didn't get many this year because such beautiful landscaping has already been done here. My plan is to document everything that comes up this year, then add/remove what's needed next year. What's the rush?! We have forever. :)

We just wanted to document this beautiful dirt. Doesn't it look just so fullllll of nutrients?! 

I love this place. It makes my heart smile. 

Coach is cutting "HIS" grass. Thanks, D for teaching him so well! 

Who needs to buy plants when your in-laws are willing to just dig some of theirs up and bring them to you?!?!

For the rest of the break I plan to fully enjoy the Chaco weather. These shoes make me miss college. 

Love love,

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