Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Oh Monday!

Happy Monday!
 I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the week. (Whoo hoo to all of us MES teachers... we have another 4 day week next week!) Anyway, this blog post has a purpose. To brag. On myself. Really. I could have made this my FB status... but come on! FB is NOT a journal! This is. 

Here goes...

This morning I got up at 5am. I started my day off with a nice  kick butt SPIN class! It was SUPER WONDERFUL! I am not a morning person. I am actually a morning monster. Seriously. In fact, my husband has brought this up before in pre-marriage counseling. So, with this being said, this is HUGE for me! 

And the bragging keeps going...

Then I came home and made the bed. (Again, in pre-marriage counseling we made a pact that the last one out of the bed should make it. Yeah, that's ALWAYS me. Not today though!) Anyway, again, another HUGE moment. 

I countinued my morning with my daily Green Monster drink which leads to another pat on my back: 
Thanks to this wonderful spinach smoothie, on WEEK 4, I have already lost 6lbs!! HUGE! (for me) 
My breakfast. 4 weeks going strong!

I then got dressed and made it to MES 15 minutes early... GAH. You are thinking that some crazy spirit must have taken over my body over night. Nope. Still me. 

I continued my day by delivering some amazing lessons to some spectacular 4 year-olds. (22 to be exact.) FYI: When I say I did a great job... I mean I did EVERYTHING on my lesson plans. Yeah- sure I was reading some Dr. Seuss while many of them were napping, but I read 4 books today! (Record!)

I had an AMAZING lunch. All fruits and lean turkey! (Oh and Greek Yogurt) But, extra clean and healthy. No chips. Man oh man I love me some chips. However, this day was filled with too much awesomeness for chips. Let's not forget all of the H2O I guzzled  today. :) 

 I kept trucking through my day by attending some CCGPS training until 6pm. I served dinner, and now I'm blogging. I have managed to remind my husband that he is my rock, and I have even rubbed Dub's belly. All after washing the daily dishes. 
"Who are you and where is my mama?"


I hope you have enjoyed reading about Carley Cain. Ha! I promise I won't blog about how awesome my Tuesday is. But you better believe I will tell you about it on Friday if this week continues on this path!

Love love, 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Some of my "blogging buddies" have recently made a post advertising some of their favorite things. I knew I wanted to join instantly. I just really had no idea what to include. I spent a few days compiling a list of some my faves. Here goes!

First on the list, the most important item that helps me start my day off right EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
My wonderful Keurig. I love it! Truly the best coffee pot ever!!!!!
 What good would my Keurig recommendation be without a HIGHLY recommended coffee? Try this:
Seriously. This is the BEST! I do use many others... but this is my #1 fave. 
This next item is a must have on this list. I am sure that this poor lil guy has felt abandoned lately seeing as how I have had ZERO free time:
This is just a regular old school Nook. However, I LOVE it! When I was at the beach this summer I got hooked on a series. Well, I bought each book from my beach chair! I would really enjoy the NookColor, but I want an ipad for graduation, so I'll hold out. Do you have an Ereader?

 As you may know, I like to play outside. In the road. No, really. I have always loved being active. I'm super hyper and need somewhere to put all of my energy, so, I run! I am not really "good" at running, but I can do it. Here is my absolute FAVE running shoe I have ever owned:

BC bought me a pair of these for Christmas. I loved them so much I went and bought a 2nd pair, and BC bought himself a pair. I seriously want a 3rd pair for my birthday. They seriously are THAT WONDERFUL! 
As many of you may know: I love love love my dog Dub. He is seriously our baby. He sleeps in the king size with us, he goes EVERYWHERE with us, he is just the lil babe of the Cain fam. So, this is for him.
This is a dog toy. The brand is Kong. If you have a monster that eats toys... in one second flat... this is the PERFECT toy. You stuff it with treats and peanut butter and let them have it. They work to get the treat out little by little. Dub CANNOT destroy this in 2 seconds. In fact, we bought it over a year ago and he still has it. WE LOVE IT! It is much better than waiting for your dog to pass a squeaky toy!! Plus, it keeps his little active self busy! For a weim, this is important!

I also love cooking so:
This is a full set of Townecraft cookware. This is what I use. I won this set at a bridal show. I hosted a party to learn how to use it, and I learned that I could have bought a small car with this little set. However, it is TOTALLY worth it. It has a lifetime guarantee, and truly cooks the food itself! LOVE!

What are some of your favorite things!? I would love for you to share!!!

Love love,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, Well, Well, Look Who's BACK!

Greetings friends and family! So sorry I had to take some time off, however, I had take the much needed time off to work on my degree. :) College is almost over for me. Praise the Lord! 

This Monday, I am making the VOW to keep up to date with my blogging. Hey, speaking of the vow... My super wonderful husband and I went and saw that today on our wonderful President's Day off. All I can say is Wow! I laughed, and I cried, and all that gushy stuff. I recommend you seeing it if you haven't. My husband never complains about taking me to see a 'chick flick' he says he appreciates a good movie. (He just complains about the high prices. COME ON! $9.50 a person......) He even walked out and said he enjoyed it. The Notebook is still his favorite girly movie.  Anyway, I cried at all of the parts that I am sure was the only person crying at. For example, I did not cry when at the wreck. I cried when he gave her the box of medicine. I mean, I had boo-hoos coming down my cheeks. I wasn't really crying because I wanted something that sweet in my life; I was crying because I am so thankful that I have someone that sweet in my life. I know everyone has an amazing husband. (If he wasn't amazing... you would not have married him, right?!) But, BC is just really... amazing. I really love him. I also love the relationship that we share. For example, here is the "Valentine's Day card" he "gave" me. 

I made this sign to cover the hideous window on the back door. Plus I saw it on Pinterest. :)  He never really writes on it... well once on the day of a race he wrote on it... but... this pretty much made my day! Isn't he the best?!?

In the car on the way to the movie, we discussed what we would do if the other couldn't remember our love for each other. I asked Brandon not to wear the jeans he had on today when he was trying to convince me of our love. I was seriously joking. Seriously. But they are too big, and too baggy, and too light. Every time I wash these jeans, I am tempted to go against my husband's wishes, and chuck them in the trash.  I guess this is why he never sends them to the laundry room...
Oh, did you know that BC is the new hired walking billboard for Under Armour? He is! He doesn't get paid for this gig though... just looks really cool and super trendy!  
UA shoes, pants, sweat shirt, and glasses. Too much. I know.

Just to catch everyone up, I still cannot officially announce the BIG NEWS in the Cain House. I plan on making a very large announcement before the end of February. However, I can tell you that I am not expecting a lil baby Cain. That time will come when God tells us it's time. He hasn't told us that yet. But it sure is fun pinning baby ideas! 

We are also contemplating the idea of another weimaraner. I know, I know. Bad idea. Well, actually this particular breed is meant to have a sibling. Plus, we knew that we would want a pair. But big announcement A will be confirmed before announcement B (new weim baby) will be fully under consideration. But for now... Doesn't this make you want a little baby!?!

 But if we do have another weim, I suppose we will be in need of another recliner! 
This really is Dub. You know what they say about Weim eyes.... :)
I hope everyone has an amazing week! 

Love love, 

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