Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wonderful Day in the South!

Hello friends! I am just sitting on the couch, with the swim finals on the T.V. and  I think I want a swimmer's body. Anyway... (Do you see why I love my husband so much? He constantly has to follow my thought process. It can't be easy!) 

Today Coach and I had come company! 

Other than Penny, and locals, this was our first group of company! My amazing friends from Augusta came to see me! Amy, Vicki, and Mary Beth. They got up super early, drove the crazy back roads that lead you to McRae, and spent the say with us. We had a great lunch at a local pizza place. We usually ALWAYS go to a Mexican restaurant when we are all together, but ours is closed on Wednesdays. (Weird.) However, I LOVE pizza and salad, so all was well. Plus, it didn't matter what food we ate, the company and fellowship is all that really mattered. 

Afterwards, Coach took us on a tour of McRae. I think he really just wanted to show off the football field and the new score board. Ha! 

Then we came back and sat on the back porch and enjoyed each other's company and drank ice water. We also planned the trip to Savannah for the marathon. They are super excited... and I'm the one running!!

I seriously love them! 

When they left I kinda cried. I love that we are following a dream, and most people would NEVER leave their comfort zones of "home." This visit was just proof that we are always only a day trip away. Also, I decided to give some praise to God. Thank you, God for leading Coach in his first ever job in WW. This choice sent me in the Augusta direction. My choice to go to ASU gave me the opportunity to meet some of the sweetest, kindest, most supportive friends. I am so thankful for the laughs, tears, (and stomach ulcers from stress) that we have shared!

Sweet Amy has been taking advantage of her free summer time and made me this CUUUTE wreath and coaster. I have NO CLUE why she made them red & black. They don't really match anything in our house.... :) Joke.

Today was just absolutely wonderful. It actually started off with a great run, girl time, and is now ending with me feeling the good pain of a long run. 

Love Love, 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 I was recently awarded with my FIRST Blog Award! Thanks to Ashley @ Baseball-Diamonds and Hairspray. 

Here goes some fun...

1. What is your current beauty obsession?
  I am sad embarrassed to say that I am not all into the "beauty" thing. I am just plain ole basic when it comes to beauty stuff. I use the cheapest shampoo, I wash my face with soap, and I have one bottle of "product" and it is actually Kids' De-tangler. When typing this, I think I want to become obsessed with something. Ha! I suppose my make-up is my obsession as I will NEVER wear anything else. I LOVE Bare Essentials. I wear Bare Mineral make-up. All I use is the matte, the warmth, and the mineral powder.  That's all. I also use cheap eyeliner and mascara. I will spend $$$ on my foundation though. I HATE the feeling of make-up. I hate sweating and wiping my face and seeing gunk. Lame I know. Yes, I am a real girl.  So, I wear BM because it is light and refreshing. I feel like I have nothing on, but my skin looks clear and even. (Well, to me it does. You make-up pros may think other wise.) But, it is safe to sweat in, and they say to sleep in. But, my BIGGEST "struggle" in life is that I take 2 showers daily. I would NEVER go to bed without washing my face.
Oh, and I also LOVE this because it comes with a set of wonderful brushes and some cleaner. I LOVE cleaning my brushes weekly! 

2. What is one beauty item you wish you owned?
I haven't really thought about wanting a beauty item recently because I see things and listen to their claims, and then buy it. I use it a couple of times, and then forget I have it. However, after reading Ashley's blog... I kinda want this Clarasonic. I did a 5 minute research about it, and it says it is makes your pores appear smaller. I WANT THIS! Plus, it makes me feel better a person that I actually know loves this. 

3. What kind of posts are you favorite to read and write?
I really love writing about personal experiences, and what is going on in my life. 95% of my readers are from Facebook. I live far from "home" and this is a way to catch folks up on my life. I also love reading posts about people's lives and personal experiences. I LOVE to cook, so I love reading about recipes. The blog world is different from a cookbook because it is proof and often step by step instructions of recipes that real folks have tried.  I like to read about products people have tried, and I am currently obsessed with running blogs. 
Now that I blog and read other's blogs, I will start a conversation with Coach and it'll start like this..."So I was reading a blog and this lady did this, and she said this, and I wanna try it." Coach responds, "Do you know this lady?" 
Well, no. But I LOVE reading her blogs! Ha! Blogging is like reading a nonfiction story, that you can really relate to. (And isn't super boring!)

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
In the past I would journal, and make scrapbooks, and frame the 654,654 pictures that I took. So, I have always liked "writing." I went to a sewing class where Danielle and Dana were talking about blogging. Then I read some of their blogs. I was hooked. I wish I understood all of the fancy parts and knew how to make my blog super attractive. I also sometimes feel that I am blabbing... but Coach swears this is how I am. I talk around the subject. Sorry. 
So, now I can journal, share experiences, read experiences,  upload pictures (rather than framing), and keep everyone up to date. I'm pretty much hooked for life.

5. What color nail polish are you wearing right now?
Coral. Only on my toes. I usually don't paint my finger nails. Unless I am super stressed and bite my nails off (Yuck I know.) I will go get a manicure to stop the habit. Or, if I am feeling down there isn't much a mani/pedi can't fix. With that being said, I will religiously get a pedicure every 2 weeks. There are SOME weeks that I make a trip a week. Bad, I know. Waste of $$? Probably. But, it is just how I am. Coach knew this when we first stared dating, and he accepts the fact. (Just like I accept the fact that we live for football season.) It's why we work so well, we get the facts. 

Side note: When he introduced the desire to move to a small town 3.5 hours away from everything I knew... he said, I quote: "We can drive down one day and look for a nail salon and check out the grocery stores." I cook, and I get pedicures. 

And now I get to choose 4 great ladies for the Laine Blogger Award! I am going to choose some friends that haven't blogged in a bit, maybe this will be encouragement. 

1. Laura Beth @ My Sweet Little Life
2. Jessica@ My Year of Cooking and Crafting
3. Laurie @ The Rookie Wife
4. Jennifer @ Bliss to Bean

Love Love, 

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Family Tradition

We spent last week at the beach! I really love the ocean and the sand. I believe this passion comes from my sweet Grandy. Each time I visit the beach, I think of her. I miss her and her chocolate ice cream cones. Which may be why I indulged in 2 last week. They were in memory of her! :)

The Cain family goes to Daytona Beach. They have been going to the same place, same room, for 30 years! It is just a "Family Tradition." This is actually where we went on our extended honeymoon last year. It'll forever hold a place in my heart. There are TONS of beaches around, and I would LOVE to go some other places just to experience something new... but let's be honest... all I need is my Nook, a chair, sand, sun, and salt water.

This year was beautiful, and we had great weather. There was rain in the forecast each day, but hey... it's the beach. It would sprinkle on us after lunch for no more than 10 minutes. Blair and I would just sit it out.

Another fave part of the beach is the food. I love seafood. Thanks, Mama for raising me to try different things! Coach and I did so great with the battle of eating out. We had NOTHING fried! We LOVE our fried shrimp and fish! We stayed strong and had grilled  seafood at each place we went. (Except for the steakhouse we ALWAYS visit. We had fillet.)

I also took advantage of being so close to a mall with a Dillard's. I was able to stock up on my makeup! Coach stocked up on some more books from Books-a-Million. Who knew that I would have him reading so much! He read 2.5 books last week! Not to mention his great devotional book that he read every morning. Gah... I love him!

Love him.

Favorite Shirt Night :)
 On Saturday we were leaving and the cousins were coming down for their week stay. We decided to stay with them for the day (since is really is a short drive for us now)... it was so much fun! Or as Ansleigh text me.."SUHHHHH" fun. (Must be teen lingo?) That morning Blair was my date to The Cracked Egg. I have been wanting to go to this place since last year! Coach refuses to go out for breakfast of lunch since we go out for dinner. Well, Blair was easy to convince. I had the biggest waffle ever. It was delish!

There was ONE bad thing about this trip... I missed that lil Dog Named Dub! I am picking him up today, but he has to get a bath, so I am waiting on that phone call. Next year, we WILL find a dog friendly beach!

Have I mentioned I L.O.V.E. summer?!

Love love,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home: A Tour of the Cain House

Today has been a beautiful and lazy Sunday. Wait, this is the summer, so I have been lazy for about a month now. Just ya know... living the dream. We enjoyed a lovely church service this morning and at this very moment I am in the recliner Internet surfing/pinteresting/blogging, Coach is reading a book by Lou Holtz, and Dub is sprawled out between us; snoring. All of our doors and windows are open, and I can hear birds singing from outside. Pretty much a perfect day! I have been meaning to give a picture tour of our home, because I ABSOLUTELY love it! Is is fancy smancy? No. Is it old? Absolutely. Is it home sweet home? Better believe it!
Here is our little cottage. (Cottage is what the owner of the house calls it!) 

Here is the Dog Named Dub playing Watch Dog. Also, a close up of my porch. Can you tell I am going for Southern charm? 
You walk into the front door and instantly find our love for the almighty red and black. You can turn into right into the living room, or left into the hallway that holds our bedroom, the full bath, and the guestroom.

This is where I get to have all the pink flowers and girly stuff. I LOVE the pale teal that covers the walls. 

The kitchen is right off of the guest room. 

Now, for my favorite part of this little cottage: The back porch....

It is just a beautiful, cool, screened in porch. We LOVE it. I spend so much time out here. It is great for reading and enjoying my morning Spark! 

I am missing pictures of the bathrooms, the living room, and our room. Well, Coach is laying on the couch watching golf and refuses to move. It is also Sunday which means I am washing the sheets. So, you will have to wait until next time for pictures of those....
We have made some great friends here. I have even hosted a small dinner for another coach and his wife. I do miss Jefferson and all of my family, I also miss my sweet ASU buddies. But, this is home, and we love it!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING week! Enjoy the sunshine!

Love love,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

CrockPot Goodness... Chicken With Mushroom Wine Sauce

Although it is only June, we are starting to experience that "Don't-Know-When-I'll-Be-Home-For-Dinner" situation in the Cain House. Usually we can avoid this until August. This situation comes from being married to a man that is madly in love with me... and football. I struggle with this all the time! I feel that Coach and I should eat dinner together each night. We should also sit at the table, and the meal should be hot. Well, I am learning that this is a luxury from August to February. (And sometimes beyond.)   This past week TC hosted a Passing League in the evening. It started at 6:30 and Coach wanted to be there at 5pm. This leaves me deciding what time to cook? When to start? How long should I cook? What should I cook? Something heavy? Something light? Should I eat without him? Wait? Sheeeeessshhhhh...... I decided to compile a box of crockpot recipes and then have dinner cooking all day, then when Coach comes home, he can eat whatever he wants. Also, I can eat whenever I want as well... so no guilt, or starving. I decided to share this recipe, which I know will be the first of many.

What I LOVE about MOST of the crockpot recipes that I make is that you can add to them to make a bigger meal. For example, I made this chicken and then added pasta and baked veggies to it. However, it could have simply been chicken. My goal is to spend football and wrestling season cooking meals that can please, no matter the mood or appetite. 

Sadly, I have no pictures. Or leftovers for that matter. This recipe was so creamy and very pleasing. I highly recommend this one... Coach does as well. I have already been asked to make it again. I got this recipe from HERE. I really added my own twist, and doubled a few ingredients.  A sweet friend of mine from high school made it and posted about it on Facebook. So, I had to try! Thanks, Sarah!

Slow Cooker Chicken with Mushroom Wine Sauce

What You'll Need

  •   2 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream of mushroom soup
  •   2teaspoon dried minced onion
  •   2teaspoon dried parsley
  •   1/2 cup white wine
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  •   1/4 cup of milk
  •   2 (4 ounce) cans mushroom pieces, drained
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • seasoning salt
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
As far as the skinless chicken breast halves go, you know I love to throw frozen chicken into my pot. Just an easy concept really.

Are you ready for the super hard cooking instructions?

What You Do:  
Dump everything in the crockpot.  
Stir everything up a little.   
Cook on low for 6 hours. 

To add to this creamy chicken, I served it over pasta that I had. Sarah served her chicken over instant rice. I try to keep whole grain pasta on hand, so this is the reason behind my choice. I also knew we needed some veggies, and living here in the south there is a produce stand every mile. So, I had lots in the fridge that I wanted to use. I used THIS recipe for the vegetable bake. 
 The plus to using this as a side dish was that I added veggies to our meal, used some of the veggies I had in the fridge, and Coach loved it! I did not use as much cheese as was called for... and it was still delish. Coach loved it for dinner, and loved the leftovers for lunch the next day. Mission accomplished. 

Oh, and the bottom fell out about an hour before league... was called off. It's the idea that counts, right?! 
Love love, 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sorry For the Break... I'm Back! Catch Up on the Life of Carley Cain

Hello sweet Blog Readers! I have missed posting so much! I have just felt guilty about spending a large amount of time on the computer when there was so much work to be done. We moved! We are in our new house. Everything is going great! We are officially residents of a small town in south Georgia. I love it... but boy, I miss the city life often. In Augusta, I could go to all three of my favorite craft stores in a matter of minutes. I googled the closest location of the craft stores from our new address... oh each is about an hour and a half away. On the bright side, I am an hour and a half away from the beach as well! Wahhooo! We are planning a beach day soon. (Our neighbors also have palms in their yards. I love a good run looking at palm trees!)

Coach loves the kids and the community here. I do as well. It makes being so far from "home" a little easier. He also invested in a new grill. He loves it and we are planning our first "feed the players" meal for next week. We had some great kids help us unload the moving truck, so we promised a cookout. This grill was all I heard about for months. He actually sat and watch The Food Network with me and learned some great grilling tricks.

Speaking of Coach, he is doing great! We still constantly pray that we never have to experience MRSA again. We are actually about to head to the health store to pick up some liquid silver. It is suppose to be a natural solution. He has had his fill of antibiotics. With football in full swing, and wrestling immediately following...we want to avoid all germs as much as possible.

We recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We were busy packing and arranging for the big move, and Coach had postplanning, so we did not get to celebrate much on the actual day of our anniversary. Once we were moved, we went to Chateau Elan to see our favorite band, The Swinging Medallions. They actually dedicated and sang a song for us. We love them. If you ever get a chance to see them... take it! They are just so much fun! Not to mention, they have become close friends (sons) of the family! Since the "traditional" first wedding anniversary gift is paper, this is what Coach gave me.
I swear he has never heard me mention wanting to do this, he hates Pinterest, and this makes me LOVE it even more. He really is just the absolute best!

We spent the rest of Memorial Day Weekend in Jefferson by the pool. On Monday we drove home and were victims of the tropical storm. We were so thankful for the rain because neighbors told us the town seriously needed it. Telfair actually got the most inches of rain from the tropical storm.

On our third day here, I had to go to the eye doctor. I just had a bacterial infection in my eyes. GO figure, right!? I am fine, and the doctor and staff was so nice! I seriously fell more in love with this small town! We also visited the Baptist Church. Afterwards, we went to lunch with a group of people. You know how I knew we belonged here... they invited us to try the local Mexican restaurant with them. PERFECT!

The Dog Named Dub loves this house too! He loves the HUGE yard and all the free running around he gets to do. :) It makes a pup tired...

All in all, the moral of this catch up is... follow your dreams and just go with it. I know that Coach and I are far from home, we can't just meet up with our friends and family on short notice... but there is a reason we are here. Every single night I thank God for leading us here. It was not easy, and I am the biggest "worrier" ever. But, here we are, and all is well.

Stay tuned for more blogs this week.. I have so many ideas... and a great dinner in the crockpot that I want to share with you! Oh, yeah, and... I know you want to know about my weight loss?!?!

Love Love,

Life Is Like....

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