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Monday, July 29, 2013

Small Prayer Request

I wanted to take a quick moment to ask for a prayer. Today our county went back to school, and with an 8-4 workday... comes late football practices here in the south due to the insane heat. Our team takes the field this evening from 6 til...

This means some families will eat dinner without dear old dad for a few nights. (Usually about a month.) Coach and I don't have children yet, so my household isn't as effected. BUT... it is kinda hard knowing your husband is pulling some 13+ hour days. I got home five minutes after Coach left for practice (after running home to let Dub out.) It's hot, they are all tired, and Dub and I can only have so many conversations.... So this is why I ask for prayers.

We need to pray for our team. Pray for the boys and their safety. Pray for the kids driving home. Pray for the families that are missing a Coach while they fulfill their dreams of a winning season. I ask that you don't just pray for the Trojans,(although all prayers are loved!) pray for your local team. Pray for the cross country kids that will start running in a few days. Pray for the softball teams that are also finding ways to practice safely in the heat. Pray for the teachers that are preparing for another successful year. Pray for the bus drivers as they load the bus to get children from home to school, and back home safely. Pray for the administrators as they begin the stressful journey of another year. Pray.

Please do not take my post as a negative one... Please don't think that for one second I am "negative" about the season.... I LOVE football! More than football, I love how my husband is living his dream of being a coach and in the lives of many young people. This is God's plan, and we NEVER want to live a life without coaching! We both love it... and live for it! I know that no mater how long the days, how much time is spent on Saturdays breaking down film, how many times I hear, "Carley! Come watch this block!"  or how many nights without him (I am often in bed when he gets home.) I am 100% positive we are living God's plan for us. 
The Plan is His Plan. 

give me some photo credit here... Pretty pleased with this one! 

I was listening to the radio this morning and they made a clear and valid point... our teachers, staff, students, and athletes should ALWAYS be in our prayers... makes sense to me!

So I thank you in advance... and wish your local team lots of luck this season! (Unless they are playing the Trojans ;) Just kidding.
Is this life with children? Waiting at the window for his dad! 

Love love,


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  1. Absolutely LOVE the helmet shot! Very awesome! Prayers are coming your way lady and THANK YOU so much for the ones you sent up for me! You are so sweet and I hope your first week back in school is a GREAT one!!