Friday, June 24, 2016

A Cain Update.

The babe is sleeping and my bathrooms are clean so I decided to take ten minutes and crank out a short update on the #CainLife.

One. Home Sweet Home.
The Bridge is officially home.
Happiest girl ever. 

 Pictures are on the wall. Landscaping is complete. Ferns are hung. We got another grill and Coach is cooking again.
Thanks for the calls and texts from friends and family checking on us. We are absolutely loving life!

Confession:  I was worried that we would never see our Bffs again... Well, good thing they love the city! It was like old times the other night when Coach said, "MR will be here in ten minutes." Ha! Friends are my absolute fave.

Kroger is 4 miles from my house and another five miles is Publix. This is trouble. My envelope loving self has fallen off the cliff and small trips every other day must stop soon. Until then, we will just enjoy walking in Kroger just to "check out the coffee." Yeah, we have done that. More than once.
Oh, and Aldi. We have two of them about 8 miles away. I am so in love. Give me all the fresh and veggies for CHEAP.

I'm officially DONE with college forever and ever. Amen. Callahan is the next human that I have to put through college. (I'm throwing a side eye at YOU, Coach.)

Life is pretty dang AHHHHHMAZING. Prayers are being answered each and every day and I am so so so so so so blessed right now. GOD is so so so so so so good.


I cut my hair off. Again. The Pixie cut is back and I am so in love.

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