Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Another Successful Year

Happy First Day of 2013! 
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Coach and I have truly TRULY enjoyed our 19 days off from school. Although I will miss sleeping past 10am (what?) and drinking coffee in my pajamas until noon, I am ready to get back in the classroom with my babies. (Such a stereotypical teacher, right?)
Coach and I brought in the New Year very relaxed and with some of our McRae family. We had an absolutely amazing pot roast dinner, and just enjoyed adult company! I cannot thank them enough for being such wonderful friends.

Last year I made this post about 2012. I set these goals, and sadly I did not complete all of them. I DID however complete the biggest resolution of my life. <Insert dramatic shock> I went an entire year without any soda. This morning I was talking to my cousin/bff/sista and she said, "Wait, you didn't have Sprite or anything?" Nope. No. Soda. At. All. It was often hard... but totally worth it.

So, last night at 12am, I decided to have a Coke. Well, one sip in and I thought I was going to barf. If was too sweet, too fizzy, and too.... just blah.

I made the decision that sodas are just not for me. I think I will continue a lifetime without them. They really are just too expensive, horrible for your health, and have absolute no benefit.

I feel like I was more thankful and gave the glory to God, but there is ALWAYS more improvement for that Resolution.

I did not run a half or full marathon. I am most disappointed about this. I did run a 10K and several 5Ks. I also started a Cross Country program from scratch, so I can't be totally disappointed in myself, right? Do you know how hard it is creating a trail around a school and getting kids to run on it? Pretty much the same as running a half in my opinion.

Now, let's leave 2012 in the past and look forward to 2013. Coach and I have spent several conversations discussing our Resolutions for 2013 individually and as a family. I thought I would share...

Personal Goals for 2013

Completely drop sweet tea. I have never been a sweet tea drinker really, but when we would go out to eat since I wasn't drinking soda, I would order tea. I still am not the BIGGEST tea drinker... But I would like to not drink a drop. I frequently drink a cup of hot green tea, but I never add sugar. I'll keep this little beverage of choice, and leave the sweet tea for the other folks. Sorry McDonalds! You'll have to rot someone's teeth other than mine.  

Participate in the #EveryDayCounts Challenge. David Pollack tweets this challenge to all of his followers. The goal is to get in some cardio EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I am pretty good about getting my runs in when I am training for something. However, I am also pretty good at taking my Fridays off. (Maybe even a Saturday and Sunday here and there!) So, this challenge will force me to take no days off. I would LOVE folks to join me! It is super easy for those with a treadmill. I don't have one, so I have to run outside. However,  we do have one in our weight room at the HS.... good thing I know a coach or two that may let me in! The idea is to get at least one mile in each day. No matter what. No excuses. Of course you can get more in, but one mile... no matter what! JOIN ME!
(I started today!)
An average mile pace of 13:45. whew... lots of room for improvement in one year!

Finish another half. I would really, really, really like to do a full marathon before any baby Cains make in into the world. However, have you ever looked at the training plan for a marathon? Very very intimidating! I am also going to sign up for a few more local 5Ks and 10Ks. You can never do too many of those, right?

Eat as clean as possible and drink more water. I know I can do this. I have done it before. Remember this post? I just REALLY have to do my best to continue to take the proper vitamins, and eat the best that I can. I would like to only have 1 cheat day a month. I would also like to NOT drink my calories. This will be hard... 

Family Goals for 2013

Budget! Budget! Budget! We decided to start the "envelope" system. We are just going to start with "Entertainment." However, this week I have spent some time researching more ideas and tips to complete this goal, and I think I will quickly add "Groceries" to the system. We spend way too much money on groceries. See other resolutions for more goals...

Only spend $60 a month on entertainment. Coach agreed to this, and said I would be the one to break this. Well, I think otherwise! The new rule is, if we don't have it in the envelope, we don't do it. May be a little crazy here. May have to adjust this soon. However, this is where we are going to start.

Save enough $$$ to go on a really nice large trip. We are young, and have no children. Now is the time to travel. I think it is time we start saving and going.

Stop eating out during the week. I don't like to cook on the weekends. I really hate cooking on Fridays. To be honest, about Thursday I am sick of cooking, and just want to go grab something local. Well, this has to stop. I mean this will be hard, but totally worth the benefits.

Well, folks... there you have it. Wish us luck!

What are your goals for 2013?

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