Sunday, May 21, 2017

Children's Clothing

I don't think it's a secret that I am slightly obsessed with children's clothing. However, I am an even bigger fan of the traditional "little girl" look. I guess my style is to keep every little girl little for as long as possible. I simply adore a classic smock.

The only negative part of the smocked look: the cost. Sometimes I am blown away at the cost of children's clothing! I am constantly thinking I am in the wrong business. I am always looking for a good deal that doesn't break the bank, but I also want quality clothing.  Another thing that blows my mind is the amount of fraud out in our world today. If you're buying from online boutiques you really have to do your research and only buy from crystal clear businesses. I have a go to friend that I ask if they have ordered from there before I purchase.

So in hopes of helping another mama out, I bring you a 100% honest review! Let me introduce High Cotton Smocked.

I am a member of a Facebook group and saw a post of a precious outfit that I knew Calla needed for our many trips to the aquarium this summer. I messaged Kelly (to check this small business out) and she responded in a few minutes and was very friendly. Check check on my radar! I went ahead and ordered Calla's size. I received the most precious summer outfit in two days. (Check check check! I love some fast shipping!)

I messaged Kelly again and we started a small chat. Here is what she shared!

"We are just two Moms looking to get the cutest clothes for your little ones! Both of our names are Kelli/Kelly. We both have 4m old baby girls who are 7 days apart and both weighed 7lbs. Both of our husbands names are is scary. We only met a year ago when we bought houses next door. Oh and we all have Ole Miss in common. We have become best friends! We always want our customer service to be the priority!"

Y'all, how sweet is she?! I'm just instantly in love with this small business! Nothing beats good southern hospitality. As if it doesn't get any better... they now offer the most precious shoes and their prices cannot be beat!

We had a trip to the lake with family planned and I knew a little fish outfit was pure perfection.

I love the quality of this outfit. The price was amazing, and Calla seemed to be pleased!

The easy part was getting Calla dressed. The hard part was getting her to pose! 

The Cain family is slightly obsessed with The Georgia Aquarium. Some people are Disney pros. Some people are beach trip pros. Well, the Cains are well on our way to becoming Atlanta pros. (By Atlanta I mean Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, and Atlanta Children's Museum.) 

This outfit is pure perfection for visiting our friend Trixie. 

I've already washed this outfit several times and the colors are still great and the cotton is not faded at all. Nothing drives me more crazy than wash and wear! 

You gotta be comfortable when doing all the shopping! 

Nothing better than an outfit comfortable enough to get your power walking on.... 
Make sure you like High Cotton Smocked on Facebook!  Tell them Calla sent you! 

As always... 

Love love, 

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