Monday, May 22, 2017

How My Dog and Daughter Became BFFs

I've been chatting with some fellow dog lovers recently and the majority of conversations end up with, "I can't believe how good Dub is with Calla!" It has been on my heart lately due to reading many posts about why people get rid of their family pet when a new baby comes. Not shaming anyone at all in this post! Hey... we all have our own battles to face. I just wanted to take a moment to shout out to my most favorite #DangGoodDog.

I must admit, I spent many many many prayers praying that Dub would adjust well when Baby Cain arrived. I really really really prayed when we were bringing a 4 pound baby home to our 70 pound... quite frankly.... out of control weimaraner. Prayer worked. It isn't always easy...  

I should take a moment to document the night we were sent to Augusta. See, we hadn't planned on being sent to Augusta which was two hours from home. We really thought we were just headed out for a quick doctor's appointment. That changed. Coach had to run home in an absolute panic to grab bags because I was already in the ambulance heading to Augusta. We had a super amazing friend that we knew Dub would let in the house to get him later. Well.... Dub was MAD! He was so mad he opened the fridge (Because yeah, he can so do that!) and ate literally everything in it! Shout out to the best friends that not only took care of our baby Dub but also cleaned the mess. 

but these two have become the two very best friends! (Plus, I really just wanted to share these precious moments between the two Cain kids!) 

For 5 years before Baby Cain joined the family... DogNamedDub was the baby! He was my favorite running partner, in every family picture, and always down for some naps! 

From time to time we did have to set some boundaries. We had to teach Dub to be gentle. I'll also admit I did let him kiss her. I mean... he's family! 
Eventually he learned that she was here to stay. He was fine as long as he was in the room with us. It helped he got a new chair out of the deal. 

Then this tiny baby started crawling, exploring, and becoming very fascinated with Dub! 

There were a few things I had to quickly and simply get over. Friends, get ready to be really upset with me... I am sure Dub and Calla have shared a few snacks in her life. No faster than I see her give the snack to him, she takes it back and takes a bite. Sorry. It is just a fact. It happens. I no longer worry about germs. We are family after all. 

Our neighborhood is now much safer with these two on watch. They both share the favorite spot in the house. Barking at cars and waiting on Daddy! 

Dub is always on watch when we are outside exploring. He never leaves her side. (Honest. It is insane how he is always near her!) 

He's part of the family. We simply wouldn't be the Cains without our DogNamedDub! 

He barks and it startles her. He runs and often knocks her down. He HATES when she grabs his paws.  She has gotten really really good at saying, "No! Dub!" when he is trying to steal her snacks. 
BUT.... the pup goes insane when he can't find her. They simply are Best Buds. 

I say all that to say this.... It isn't easy when you add a pup or a baby to the family. It does take work and lots and lots of patience. I promise... it is so worth it!  

This could be it's own post... 
If you are considering getting a Weimaraner, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research! They are absolutely beautiful dogs. They are precious puppies. THEY ARE CRAZY DOGS! Gah Dub has stressed me out to the MAX! He has to have exercise daily. Before we leave the house we have to "Duberize" (this is what our family calls putting anything and everything away before we leave). They could never be outside dogs. He rules the couch. He is happiest when he's in the middle of everyone. I have sleep trained my two year old that has never been in my bed ONCE.... however my Weim still gets up several times in the night and sleeps in the bed with us. I could go on for days, but bottom line.... he's pure perfection! 

PS: Why was it so hard to not post 7947 pictures in this post?! Crazy Dog Lady for sure! 

As always, 

Love love, 


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