Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I Want to Teach My Daughter

On my second Mother's Day I needed a minute to reflect... 

I recently read one of my favorite blogs and she really got me. She wrote about what she wants to achieve as a mom. She decided to write three big goals. On my daily drive I have really thought about what I wanted to set as a goal for me as a mom. What do I really want to teach Calla?

Today it hit me. 

Tonight I prayed that I am able to teach Calla to respect others and pour love into those around her. It is as simple as that. I hope Calla grows to love life. I want her to love smiling and share a positive outlook to others. I hope she is a good friend. I want her to achieve her goals all while standing up for what she believes in. Pretty simple, right?
Now, how do I do this?! 

This goal (and blog post) is a simple reminder to me. If I want Calla to grow to be something, shouldn't I model those traits daily? Are we as parents displaying what we want from our children? I know I can clean up my act for sure! I want all of this from Callahan, shouldn't I want that from myself too? Whew.....
Being a mom is tough!

But so absolutely worth it!  

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