Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Break 2012

Thanksgiving Break is here! Ahhhh…. How I love being a teacher and relaxing for an entire week while we celebrate Thanksgiving. Although 2 days are Furlough Days, I am still a happy camper. Never having a “grown-up job” I really do not see the lack of the pay. So I am LOVING the days off. I also LOVE being a “two teacher home.” Although Coach leaves at 8am for wrestling practice, it sure beats leaving at 6:45am. It is very nice having the time together. Even if that time is me working on a mesh wreath that he thinks is silly while he is laying on the couch, or me sleeping on the couch while he watches some television show that I have no interest in.  On the second day of our break, I have already fallen in love with my daily 3 hour nap, and drinking coffee out of a mug.  When Monday rolls around I will be in complete shock without this! However, I am truly thankful for the time off to spend around the house and with family and friends. 
(I downloaded this and printed it from Pinterest Here is the link. Loved the fall decor.)

This weekend we had our First Annual Trojan Trot and Corn Hole Tournament. It was a HUGE success. Coach God placed this fundraiser in my lap for many reasons:
1)      To show me that a community can pull together.
21)      To show me that all I have to do is ask. Many people are willing to help!
32)      That I have an amazing husband that is so good with the kids he works with.
43)      I have amazing friends that are constantly proving how blessed we are to live where we live.
54)      God always has a plan.

It was lots of fun and a great way to raise funds for our wrestlers. However, I am happy it is over. It was a wee bit stressful. Just sayin’. 
(I got this print from the same place on Pinterest.)

So far this week I have done some extreme cleaning, Christmas decorating, <light> yard work, cooking, and movie watching. All of our Christmas decorations are up. Our baseboards are clean, the shelves have been dusted, and the floors are nice and sparkly. I am ready for Christmas. I have decided that I love getting Christmas décor for a Christmas gift. My thought is that you get to open it on Christmas morning, then pack it away for a year, then when decorating for the next year, you remember the greatness, and get to experience the thrill all over again. I have loved all of the cookie jars, plates, and ornaments that I get to decorate with. My husband shows NO excitement while I decorate, but hey… this is the FIRST year that he has helped me decorate. There was no football game to run off to on a Sunday night. Muahhhhhahhhh. (This is my inner laugh that I use when I feel that I one up-ed Coach.)
After the Thanksgiving holiday I plan to give a picture tour of our decorated house. I want to pay the turkey his respect, and not post any Christmas details yet. However, I have not held back on FB or Instagram. Sorry turkey.  

I am also working on a MacDaddy Thankful Thursday post for the Holiday of Thanks. I will say that tonight I am thankful for internet and blogs to read while my husband watches his highly nerdy History shows. I may want to add that he is the KING of history facts, and now I know why. He is intently watching this 3 hour show. He even pauses it when I need to say something. #nerd

I wanted to share my current obsession. I am in love with my camera. I have been reading blogs, sites, and any other informative material to better understand my camera. Tonight I am learning more about aperture. I think that I can now take my camera off of Auto. <woah> I think the time has come to learn more about the beast because I volunteered myself to take family pictures on Thanksgiving for everyone’s Christmas cards. Yikes. This site has been very VERY helpful! Check it out HERE

Other than that… our lives have been super boring. This is always a good thing!
Here are just some iPhone pictures with some brief descriptions.
 Saturday night we went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I was one of those people that cried. #lame
This is seriously how he sits at the heater. What a babe!?

I did this all by myself! It really isn't perfect, but I LOVE it. (Yes, I know, I said I would wait on the Christmas pictures. But, I wanted to share a bit.)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 

Love love,

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