Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Welcome back from a long week of pure bliss! The Cains had an amazing Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you readers did as well! The beginning of our Thanksgiving break was spent cleaning our house, watching movies, yard work, cooking, long naps, and staying up late. The last half of our break was spent running to see friends and family, eating too much food, not getting much sleep due to too much to do, UGA football, Corey Smith, and extra stretchy pants. Am I the only one that ate too much!? When the healthiest thing you consume for a week is sushi, you are in trouble! However, it was worth every bite! 

on the road again.

There were so many amazing things that happened this past week. I loved decorating this home we live it. I loved spending time with the love of my life. I loved seeing my family, and I loved spending time chatting with my friends. I also loved using my new favorite ‘Carley You Over Use These Words’ words. I may or may not be saying ‘outta control’ and ‘over the top’ way too much. Please excuse. #sorrynotsorry

We arrived in Jefferson on Wednesday afternoon. Coach had practice in the morning, so we left directly after that. We arrived in Jefferson about 3:30. Penny and I ran to town to buy Dub’s dog food (yeah, he has this special food that he doesn’t need, but likes??? And they only sell it in Jefferson. Yeah.) then we ran to Kroger. Not too bad. Then I went with my mom a few hours later. Outta control. Kroger was a mad house! I mean, I did not expect everyone to be buying food a few hours before the National Day of Eating Turkey. Time with my mom was great. We always end up laughing our heads off at everything. Again, outta control. That night we met some ok ok, LOTS of friends for dinner at our favorite restaurant. If you are from Jefferson, no need to tell you… Two of our friends have little boys that are 12 days apart. They are both the absolute cutest. I was on a mission to convince Coach that a precious little girl would be perfect to grow up behind those two cute boys. Mission NOT accomplished. This was the first meal of eating too much. (Thanks, Levoy for sharing fajitas, and not quesadillas.) For some reason, I have no pictures of this party. Strange.
Thursday was my favorite day of the break. Coach’s family tradition is to have Thanksgiving breakfast. I love this tradition. I love hash brown casserole, eggs, fruit, and quiche. Here are my favorite pictures from this event.

i love this tree

lots of just sitting around and laughing

so grown up.

This year I decided that it would be so fun to take some family pictures. Looking back I wish I had more pictures of my grandmothers and other family members. It is my new mission to take as many pictures as possible when we are all together. I want to cherish these memories forever! I also can’t wait to share them with my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. We had so much fun doing this! Who would have known that Cole, Ansleigh, and Lauren were such naturals?!? Here are just a few pictures. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s Christmas card! I cannot wait until December 23rd when my family reunites for pictures! I know that will be… well you know… (over the top!) 
my fave.

love them.

A few short hours later we drove to my family Thanksgiving. We are over the top loud, and I love it! I beat Bethany this year, so… you know… that’s all that matters about that!
The women in my family are outta control (Ok, I’ll stop) amazing cooks. I love love love my mom’s dressing, and my Aunt’s turkey is over the top. (Sorry.)

what is this?!

These precious little boys are just too cute for words. My mission for this day was to AGAIN convince Coach a precious little girl would fit right in. Mission NOT accomplished.

That night was the traditional “Black Friday.” Coach and I have gone for the past 4 years in a row. However, this year I was not as excited as I normally am. I mean, everyone was opening at 8pm Thursday night. I am usually still enjoying Penny’s Honey Baked Turkey for my fourth meal of the day. We decided just to go to Tanger to hit up some outlets. We got there at 10pm, bought from one store, went to bed by 11:30. I did wake up and run to Athens for some deals. I arrived in Athens at 1:00pm. Not so over the top this Black Friday. I decided that the year that we actually need something, is the year that we stop going. I never want to be on TV caught beating some kid up for a phone just to save a few $$$. So this year, nice, calm, and under control.
Saturday morning I was up at 6:45am to get ready to head to Athens. I may or may not have been bribed with Dunkin’ Donuts blueberry coffee, a new red scarf, and not questions asked about Christmas shopping limits. We were at the tailgate FREEZING at 7:30am. There was a nice lil win to end our week of pure bliss. 

I love this one picture. We have season tickets, and often the people around you do as well. All season long we have been blessed to sit behind this family from SC that consisted of 3 beautiful blond little girls. Two were twins in 6th grade, and one in 5th grade. They were precious. We would always chat, talk about the latest books, middles school drama, shopping, and lip gloss flavors. We would share food and drinks, and always make our bathroom/ concession stand trips as a group. Coach would always say… “I’m doomed! I’m looking at my future!” This weekend we were in one of our intense convos about shopping and Black Friday when one of the sisters said, “We didn’t go real shopping. Like, not in a big store like Target. We just hit a few boutiques.” Ugh… so stinking precious. We had to end our home season with a picture of our <hopeful> future. They were the best! I hope we sit with them next year!

Saturday night was filled with Shokatini with amazing friends. Ugh. I LOVE that place! Then a night of dancin’ my shoes off to Corey Smith… my absolute favorite.
Sunday we drove home, walked in, took a 45 min nap, unloaded the truck, set up our new chair,  (Thank you Penny! I’m so in love! It’s the new blogging chair.) ate frozen pizza, and went to bed. We were woken up by a kid trying to prank call his Coach. Well, let’s just say he got a text following his call with, “It was not funny. You woke me and my wife up. It will be painful for you tomorrow.” Just one of the perks of being loved!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! The Cains for sure did!

Side note: I have a family friend in need of prayers! This precious family added a new member to the already beautiful family a little earlier than expected. They are all the absolute sweetest and I am sure they would appreciate extra prayers. Thanks so much!

As always,

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