Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WILW and a Some For Real!

I know I usually start blogs off with an, “I am sorry for the lack of posts.” Well, today I am not. I spent three hours working on a blog post the other day. It had deep, heartfelt meaning, and then WAM.  I did not save it properly. This is of course no one’s fault, but my own. I suppose on day I will sit and have to retype the thing. Not today.
I hope everyone loves their Wednesday after election. I am sorry I did not get to fill your news feed up with my “Georgia Voter stickers.” I am one of the freaks that didn’t switch the registration over in time. I had to complete an absentee ballot for JC. Sorry JC. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I decided to take a quick minute to say a few things that I am loving this Wednesday, and then catch you up on my life.
I am loving…
…The package from Dress Up that I received today. I am ready for an AMMMMAZING weekend. I will be leaving my 100 year old khakis and sweater sets at home, breaking out the little dress, and hip sweaters.
…The fact that there are only 7 days of school left until a week break for Thanksgiving. I love you children, but you are wearing me out.
…That I only get migraines like the one I had yesterday once every 5 years. I mean I had to leave work thirty minutes early, come home, and not get up for 5 hours. It was kicking my tail.
…That I have amazing friends that bring me soup just because she knew I wanted to try it.
…The simple fact that I have amazing friends in our new home.
…That I am buying Christmas gifts early!
… That I have NO idea what to get Coach for Christmas. Is it OK that I want to get him a nice trip somewhere we have never been just so I can enjoy it too??
…That  I have been playing Christmas music at school all week.

I know there are MANY other things that I am loving right now, but for the sake of this blog. I’ll stop. I actually come to you with great purpose. Lately I have been seriously thinking about my blog and the art of the entire deal. I have decided that although I am FAR from a constantly serious person, I want my blog to have some informative and serious works in it. My next New Year’s Resolution will to blog with meaning, heart, and passion. Sometimes the silly “just because” blogs are great, and they help my just say…. Whatever. However, soon I want to change the tone. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. Soon.
I will go ahead and put it on the table that I have a slight hint of baby fever. Trust me, there will not be a baby anytime soon. Well, unless God trusts us more that we trust us. But, Brandon and I have been seriously (well, I’m seriously discussing the topics for once, he is the not really acting serious one) discussing the topics about how we want to raise our child. Baby and parenting blogs seem to be my current faves. No worries, I am still reading all the others… Today I read this article, and I LOVE it. Teaching Your Children About Marriage. I also love all the feedback from it. It really has great points, and I love reading the different views. She talks about showing your children a healthy marriage. This is why I suppose we are not ready to have children. Yes, absolutely we have a healthy marriage! But, have we accomplished all that we want to accomplish before we have children? Have we set our marriage up 100% and made the foundation absolutely concrete? For right now, we just love being in love and being young. Dub is one lucky little dog to be receiving so much attention right now! No <human> Cain children anytime soon. We actually joke around and say we have a “BC Bucket List.” Before Children Bucket List. Maybe one day I will add that to the blog.

I hope everyone has a jam up Wednesday. I suppose I should go cook something… or eat cookies. No, not eat cookies. Seriously, who bought theses?!

Love love,

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