Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching Up & The Beginning of Christmas Break

Happy Christmas Break! Whew! I cannot believe that 2012 is almost over! Starting a blog is always the hardest part for me. I really wish I was better at writing and had more catchy introductions. I guess I’ll skip the intro and catch your attention in the body… here goes.
On the 2nd day of Christmas break I am sitting in my pjs at noon sipping on coffee with entirely too much creamer in it (but absolutely delicious!) and listening to the background noise of the History show Coach is watching. I feel zero guilt from my laziness because my house is clean, the dog named Dub is at the vet for his monthly visit to be groomed, and it is Christmas break.  Coach has a wrestling match tonight, so I suppose I should actually get up and take care of my personal hygiene before I leave the house… plenty of time for that though.
Since I haven’t blogged in forever I guess I should catch everyone up. Last weekend I attended a little brunch for the Coaches in our community. Our HC’s wife hosted us and it was absolutely delicious! She is so precious, and I am blessed to call her a family member now. My husband actually could not attend because he had a wrestling tournament in Savannah. Poor guy. Wrestling has him going going going. I may or may not be looking forward to the end of February. Did I say that? No.

Here are a few memories….

Our last week of school was amazing. I love celebrating Christmas with the kidos. Our Christmas tree was my favorite part. The tree was covered with all handmade ornaments. I seriously loved it!

 We had our Christmas party and instead of asking parents to bring in the goodies, we just ordered pizza from a local pizza place. I think I was more excited than they were. It was so good! My cross country team then surprised me with another party that included more pizza the next day. 2 days of pizza goodness. Soooo good.

 Friday was a half day for us. All of my kids were home safely by noon. This is when we first heard about all of the horrible news in CT. My heart breaks for the families, the teachers, the students, and the community. Words cannot explain the hurt. I won’t blog about it now because I still cry when I think about it. Maybe next week… My prayers are with those involved.  Although I love the Christmas break, I find myself looking for one of my kids at the grocery store, gas station, or out playing outside (we live in a small community, I always see one of my kids everywhere I go.) to just give them a hug and tell them I love them. I cannot even begin to imagine. 

After school Friday I made a trip half way to Thomson to meet my sweet and very talented friend Virginia. She makes the beautiful wreaths that I can’t seem to get enough of. I can make small wreaths, but as far as the big ones that are so fancy and gorgeous, I leave that to her. (Plus, I love supporting small local businesses.) I met VJ a few years ago when I was just a Coach’s girlfriend. BC and her husband coached together. I am blessed that we have remained friends, and that we have found an easy half way point to meet. I loved catching up with her in the Rite Aid parking lot! I am already looking forward to meeting her again soon! Here are the wreaths she made for me…. 

I made this burlap bubble wreath, but sweet Virginia saved the day by making this beautiful bow for me. Seriously, so talented!

You can like Mimi T’s on FB, she ships and also can meet me to deliver… I HIGHLY recommend her. I have NEVER been disappointed. Thanks, VJ! Love you! 

Last night I hosted a Christmas dinner for our friends. I love cooking, and I love having friends get together when we don’t have school the next day. It is just a time to relax and enjoy each other and the great family we have become. Silly me did not get any pictures. I often wish my husband was as concerned with pictures as I am. It can be hard to worry about the fresh bread not burning, the salad being crisp enough, AND the pictures…. Cough cough. I made fresh bread and spinach dip, salad, American spaghetti, (my famous dish only because I am good at cooking it for a large group) and Oreo cheesecake for dessert. I believe it was a success! 

I also put together a little 12 Days of Christmas for Coach. Here is my absolute favorite picture. I think I’ll frame it for my desk. My love language is gifts…. So this melts my heart when I see it. Gah, I love him! 

So far this Christmas break has been relaxing and emotional. (I have busted out in tears SEVERAL times for really the slightest remarks.) Now Coach naps on the couch, I watch my daily dose of Y&R, and enjoy the glow of the tree. 

Oh yeah… I cut ALLLLLL of my hair off! I LOVVVVEEEEE it!

Until next time…
Love love,

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