Thursday, December 27, 2012

From the Bottom of My Heart... Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas with lots of family time and relaxation. I know I had LOTS of family time… and NO relaxation. I would never want it any other way!

Thursday Coach and I loaded up the car and headed to Jefferson to start the Christmas holiday. We had to wait until after wrestling practice, so we didn’t get to Jefferson until late in the afternoon. Although many people in our family are also teachers, my mom was still working, so Coach and I begged Penny and D to go with us to our favorite restaurant in Athens. We love Athens, especially when all of the trees are glowing with lights, and the city is calm due to the students being home and not on campus. We had dinner at Shokitini. We LOVE a UGA roll… ok… We LOVE two UGA rolls! Penny and D also loved it too, so I can’t wait to go back! 

Friday morning I went and picked up this little beauty! (My sweet lil sister, Rylie.)

We were on a mission to pick out a new bike. That is what Coach and I decided to give her for Christmas, and we wanted it to “fit her” so she went with us. We had lunch at Chick-fil-a and then want to Wal-Mart.  Never again. Coach almost smacked several folks… He then said (as we were leaving) that our children will get no toys for Christmas. If this is the case, then he will never have to go to the toy section of Wal-Mart at Christmas. Ok, sure. 

Here is what she picked out.

Friday night Rylie spent the night with us. This is always a treat! She is just so funny!!!! She could sit and play on the 'taaabaaalettt' for hours! She taught Coach how to play Temple Run. I believe he is addicted! Saturday morning we ran to Athens to pick up a few last minute gifts, and to pick up a Honey Baked turkey. Have you ever had one? Ohh… they are really good!  Saturday afternoon we took a family trip to Buford. My mom’s two brothers and their families came down from Missouri. The girls had never been to the mall. What better time to go than two days before Christmas?! We took them to Build-a-Bear. It really was not as packed as I was expecting, however it was a little stressful. I think it was as stressful to find the PERFECT bear outfit as it was to find a wedding dress. However, we made it out alive. We also got to visit a few stores, and eat some supper. Aunt Doni gave me a coffee from Starbucks  so I was down for anything. Even a ride on the carousel! (And two visits in Justice.)  Here are all three girls with their new bears! 

Sunday morning Coach and I picked up Rylie and went to our church. Southside is one of my favorite things about being in Jefferson. The music is amazing, the atmosphere cannot be beat, and I always feel like Jeff speaks directly towards me and the week that I have been having. I seriously cannot express my love for this place. I love living in the South, but I truly truly miss Southside. Rylie even sat in the 'big church.' She loved the music and even clapped when Jeff finished. Love her. 

After church Rylie spent some time riding her new bike in the driveway. We had to head out to Hurricane Shoals for family pictures later that afternoon. Did I mention that my mom had two brothers that live in Missouri? Well, they do. This is the first time EVER that we have ALL been able to spend Christmas together. I seriously do not remember the last time we all had a picture together. Well, I remember one in 1994. Yeah… this one was a bit bigger. My Aunt is seriously the best because she hired the photographer to come and tackle the task of getting us all in a functional family picture. She did great; we have so many memories to share now! Also, for once I wasn’t the one telling people to smile! Here is our massive family… 

There really is a funny point made in this picture. You see, when we were little we did this picture… 

** I know there is a picture of all 4 of us sitting like this with Taylor in the middle  ???

17 years later we did the same thing…

Please do not post this on awkward family photos…

Sunday night we had Christmas with Coach’s grandpa. This event is always lots of fun and a ton of laughs. Hearing stories from W.T. never gets old. This year we did it a little different. We always go out to W.T’s house, but with our family getting a little bigger, we had it at Christy’s house. (Plenty of room!) We also did not have the normal BBQ, stew, and Zaxbys. We decided to do different soups. I made my favorite loaded potato soup. Everyone said it was great… I love it. (Penny was worried because I don’t follow a recipe.) I wonder when I will gain some credit. Have I ever made her eat bad food?? :)


Monday was Christmas Eve. We had to be at my Aunt’s house at 11, and I wanted to be there first because I always try to beat Beth. Well, and because I am the favorite… ha. So we loaded up the truck and made the journey through the nasty rain.

Did I mention that Beth got engaged?! She did! Dustin actually proposed during family pictures so that the photographer could get the entire thing. Do you think he sees Pinterest? Well, after lunch she asked me to be her Matron of Honor! Duh! I said yes! I am so excited about planning a wedding! I can’t wait! I may or may not be staying on Pinterest a little too much looking at wedding ideas. 

Christmas festivities were out of control. Kids were tearing open gifts; adults were laughing and having the best time! I loved it! I also LOVED all of the goodies we brought home! I may have eaten an entire bag of fudge. Opps. (My goal is to get it out of the house ASAP)

Monday night we went to Mama Bette’s Christmas. We played the gift card game and enjoyed a traditional Christmas feast. I came home with a VS gift card and a Target card. I am one happy camper. We came home to rest for Santa to come!

Christmas morning was wonderful! Here is the proof….

Coach and I got our cars fixed. (So thankful! Car upkeep is…whew!) Blair got a trip to Vegas. Plus we all got tickets to the Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Jake Owen concert that will be in Athens this spring… I absolutely cannot wait! I got amazing new pajamas that I would like to live in, a new red purse and some great Christmas décor for next year! Seriously so blessed!

We are now snuggled up in our McRae home. Things are somewhat back in place. Coach is watching football, I am reading blogs, and Dub has found a comfortable spot right in the middle. Life is absolutely wonderful!

Love love,

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