Monday, May 19, 2014

Running Faves

Note: Although it would be super nice, I am not paid for these opinions. You should always ask a doctor before starting a new running plan.

I think we all have our hobbies. Or, instead of “hobby” let’s refer to it as an obsession. Well my friends, my obsession is running.

Run*ning- the action or movement of a runner.

Can I call myself a runner?  Many people ask me about running. Or, well, they mention the word run (running, runner, wanna run, I ran… you get the picture) and I jump all over the opportunity to share a passion. (I think I like that word better than obsession. Let’s use that shall we?!)

Here are some things that I have learned over the past year.

and yes... a year matters

1.    Running starts in the kitchen.

You gotta eat right if you wanna run. Stomach cramps always occur for me when I don’t properly fuel my body. If I eat crap, I know I’ll feel like crap when I run. Weekends are always tricky. My long runs are on the weekends. This is major motivation to eat properly.

2.    Water. Water. Water.

I can tell if I've properly hydrated in the first ½ mile. School days can be hard because I know I don’t drink as much water as I should. I like to drink Re-hydrate to help. But nothing is better than water peeps.

3.    Buy nice gear.

Coach and I 100% believe that you get what you pay for. We always try to save money to buy the higher quality of things. Shoes, running clothes, socks, watches. Just buy for quality. Plus, when I have nice new gear, I am motivated to put it to use! Hey… you spent the money… don’t waste it! (Note: After reading this, I feel it sounds a bit snobish... I don't mean that at all. I just believe that it's worth avoiding the blisters when you buy $$) 

4.    Find some motivation.

Friends, husband, dog, Pinterest. Just find someone or something to motivate you.

5.    Good music.

I am constantly adding songs to my playlist. I’ll never tell him this, but Coach has legit the best ipod ever. I love listening to some jams while I run. It is motivation to keep going.

Here are some things that I COULD NOT live run without.

1.    The Big Girl Garmin.
This watch is a dream. It’s just perfect. I am excited to put it on and go for a run. Sure it cost more than a small diamond, but whew….. Running with her is amaaaaaazing.

2.    My shoes.
My feet are 100% runner’s feet. Not pretty. But these babies are my fave. I also have about three other pair that I will run shorter runs with. But these are the new “Carley WILL run a marathon in 2014” shoes.

3.    Nike Pros and Body Glide
Just get some. I cringe when I think about all the runs I did before I knew about Body Glide. We buy 5 bars at a time. It’s amazzzzzzing.

4.    DogNamedDub aka: My Poor Running Partner

Dub is a decent running partner, but an even better photo prop. 

 Now that you're ready to like totally go out and kill 5 miles... you need a social media account so you can take craycray pictures like these, post them, and make your awesome-ly supportive husband roll his eyes. 
First day over 90* in 2014

As always: 

Love love, 

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  1. You know I LOVE it!! You're the bomb!! Cannot wait for you big marathon!! xoxo


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