Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday: The First Day of Summer 2014

I wanted to take a second to remember one of the nicest people I ever met. Like legit 100% we should all try to be more like KP and always smile. Coach and I love celebrating May 21st, but will forever have a heavy heart on May 22nd. We miss you KP! We are sending lots of prayers to Potts Farm today!

Today on this Thursday I am thankful for: 

Three (plus several of dating) years of married bliss with this stud.

A handsome Coach that understands paying $20 more dollars for a pair of white pants that are a size smaller than the cheaper ones..... And understands that manicures and pedicures don't have an envelope; they are just as necessary as food.#SorryDave

 He gets me. Like 100%.

That with this marriage came a grandmother that I love. I love how her and Coach can discuss the Braves for a few minutes then we can pass the phone and her and I can discuss Y&R. She's the best and makes up for me missing my grandmothers.

That being a runner means I can down a massive plate of pasta and easily call it "carb loading." #ThatsNotRealCarbLoading

That we bought this beautiful house from a landscaper. Ummmmm..... thank you for these beautiful flowers and shrubs!!!! I love them.

These glorious but short few days that I can somewhat sleep in and still manage to lift weights and get a good run in all before 10am. I'll miss these days starting next week.

Lastly, this week was Future Trojan Stars Baseball Camp. One of the sweet babies said they had to wear their sunglasses on their hat because that's the way Coach did it. I think I witnessed Coach's heart melt a little! I'm thankful for this amazing community and all of the 'amazingness' that is here.

Love Love, 

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  1. My boys loved the camp. As far as this community, we are blessed to have such a loving and caring couple to join it. Love some Cains :o)


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